Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 178

Jehovah's Witnesses are not steadfast

But the walls of their spiritual prison!

On the weekend of July 10-12, 2015, no Jehovah's Witnesses were to be seen. A congress took place, which I attended on Sunday. The Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt was frighteningly empty. The atmosphere was so lala, uninteresting. A Jehovah's Witness approached me and invited me to a drama lasting several hours, which was to be performed on Sunday afternoon. I thankfully refused, not without telling her a few antichristian facts that Jehovah's Witnesses regularly celebrate.

Then I met a Jehovah's Witness from Wiesloch. He pretended not to recognize me. And that, although he should have felt very safe in the crowd of his accomplices. But he embraced another old sweaty Jehovah's Witness all the more warmly.

I heard a conversation between two Jehovah's Witnesses. Tenor: People are getting worse and worse! People are getting worse and worse! Yes, yes, yes!

Imagine you have to fry in the heat for three days and your only pleasure is to look better than your peers. I met a Masonic-infested crowd. Almost none of them know who brought them this. The pride to be something better was the main participant at the Jehovah's Witnesses Congress in Frankfurt with the motto: "Imitate Jesus!" I told Jehovah's Witness: "He who has not Jesus in his heart cannot imitate him, but can only imitate him." The woman depends on her religion like every Catholic.

Religion does not save! Only Jesus saves!

Today, July 17, 2015, Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch were on duty again according to regulations. But they left after only a few minutes. The announcement "Religion does not save! Only Jesus saves!" really seems to be the bomb. Jehovah's Witnesses and ecumenists are allergic to it. Apparently this announcement hits the bull's-eye and the pious right between the eyes.

Never let piety fool you! Not even by red robes and red shoes and a smiling pope! Turn directly to Jesus. Then he will make sure that you imitate him. But not only that! You become a part of him and keep your personality. There is no pretence necessary and no re-education.

Jehovah's Witnesses rely on tactical maneuvers all their lives. Those of them who don't keep up with these tactical maneuvers become very strange. They are constantly scratching or developing the compulsive idea of killing themselves prematurely. Jehovah's Witnesses constantly flee from the truth. Before Jesus Christ. They find no rest. How could they? After all, they belong to a religion that produces bleeding deaths.


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