Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 198

Jehovah's Witnesses Bleeding Procession

In Speyer no Jehovah's Witnesses, only Christians

I'll be damned! In Speyer, the Jehovah's Witnesses still do not reappear with their book stalls after their multiple public disgraces! That's a remarkable fact, because the Watchtower leadership obviously can't make a difference if their Foot People don't want to participate. So the so-called channel of God is absolutely dependent on the simple Jehovah's Witnesses on the spot. And when he has noticed that something is wrong, the teeth of the Watchtower Society fall out.

Real Christians, on the other hand, do their thing completely autonomously. They are not dependent on any alliances or organizations. Real Christians also like to be photographed when they bear witness to their Lord, Jesus Christ.

In Speyer, Jehovah's Witnesses were replaced by a guy who obviously cast a spell over me. That came across very clearly. However, despite all the impressive reality, I can only express this matter as a suspicion.

The Christians who set up their book stalls in Speyer are very free and autonomous. Nor do they give the impression that they have given up their free thinking. But there are also groups among Christians who give the impression that brainwashing is a building block of their church. This must not be concealed.

But the Christians in the pedestrian zone of Speyer are open and consider every argument and every objection!

I received a tract from the Heidelberg Christians that I wanted to pass on in the encounter with Jehovah's Witnesses that followed immediately afterwards. A four-year-old offered me a Watchtower tract and obediently refused to accept my tract. The four-year-old reproachfully said: "We are Jehovah's Witnesses!" That means: We do not accept anything from anyone! I said, "And I am Christian." The mother of the child said, "We are also Christians." A little sermon followed from me in which I explained that Jehovah's Witnesses cannot be Christians and that Satanists envy Jehovah's Witnesses for the annual Jesus rejection celebration in which Jesus is solemnly rejected. Jehovah's Witnesses ceremonially let bread and wine pass by. They must not take of bread and wine!

In the further argumentation – the gray-haired Jehovah's Witness in the Lead had intervened in the meantime – I mentioned that I had a Watchtower representation of the Watchtower-Jesus, in which he is represented with erect limb. The gray-haired one just said "That's not true" and went on. The life of Jehovah's Witnesses is that simple.

A few steps further I suddenly found myself behind a Watchtower Troll troop and followed it in the usual way with the raised signs: Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death – and – Jesus never let anyone bleed to death. The dear Jehovah's Witnesses quickly realized my allegiance by the changed attention of the passers-by and turned right without further ado to avoid the public embarrassment. Jehovah's top witness of them gave me signs to follow them into the side street, but I only took a picture from afar. Jehovah's Witness marched towards me promptly to tell me that I had to delete this photo immediately. But faster than he thought, I stood nose to nose with him and I said to him very loudly and clearly: "Jehovah's Witnesses are ashamed of their God. They are ashamed when they are photographed "

In the following battle of words, I became even louder and shouted: "Jehovah's Witnesses threaten the police and the lawyer when they are photographed. Caught scammers!" That was enough.

Directly at this corner, three other Jehovah's Witnesses sat on the bench, two women smiling superiorly and a man looking humbly, and let the sun shine on their stomachs past the Watchtower Trollli. I, of course, stood up in front of them with my signs and wasted no further thought on the other Jehovah's Witnesses. Passers-by were finely warned, and Jehovah's Witnesses did not even begin to understand the damage they were doing to themselves and their organization by their pretended superiority.

And how they took their time! They wanted to avoid at all costs appearing as liars forced to flee and did everything in slow motion. The result was that the hike to the next stop and then to the kiss of goodbye seemed like a religious procession. I enjoyed this procession for an hour in the middle of the whole pedestrian zone of Heidelberg. I walked behind the Jehovah's Witnesses at a proper distance and people read my signs and drew their conclusions. It was just awesome.

The rest came out. In front of the Kaufhof there was the Scientologists' Circus. Here I held up the signs for about half an hour: Religion does not save. Only Jesus saves. But the two Scientology types didn't understand at all that they were in a religion and looked only like chickens trying to pick their grains. Look at signs, talk to people, look at signs, talk to people.

The Moor has done his duty. That's how you can put it. We are only his disciples who just did their duty. And yet the event itself is incredibly beautiful. The peace that Jesus gives is incomprehensible. The rest in Jesus Christ cannot be replaced by anything. No one is really happy unless he rests in Jesus Christ.

What you experience as a Christian cannot be imitated by any religion. Neither Catholicism nor the Watchtower religion can even rudimentarily trigger the peace given by Jesus Christ. Religion can only influence psychologically, but never give life.


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