Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 10

Speyer, 21 July 2012

Sympathetic and obdurate

21.07.2012 Speyer / Heidelberg – In the pedestrian zone of Speyer I met an old couple, who showed the watchtower booklets quite well hidden behind a corner of a house. I told them that they should not be frightened and that I only wanted to help them and those who were seduced by them. Both made a very cheerful, almost grateful impression at that moment. I walked five meters away and stood up with the cardboard sign. After a few seconds both Jehovah's Witnesses had disappeared. After half an hour I met them again as normal pedestrians, wanted to talk to them, but only received the harsh address: "Don't bother us!" I couldn't even say the sentence anymore: "Jesus as one (John 1,1) another God violates the first commandment."

At the end of the pedestrian zone in Speyer there is a large passageway. There 6 men had gathered, 3 older and 3 younger. The younger ones carried backpacks. They all felt very watched as they noticed me and went down the pedestrian zone after about 10 minutes, probably to separate somewhere and work through their propaganda morning.

On the way to Heidelberg I met two Jehovah's Witnesses, to whom I also gave the sign and drew their attention to the fact that they were completely separated from Jesus by their God, who forbids contact with Jesus. Moreover, Jesus as an another God is already a violation of the first commandment. They turned their backs on me demonstratively. I asked them if they had ever heard of the first commandment and then left.

In Heidelberg again no Jehovah's Witness was to be found far and wide.

Jehovah's Witnesses seem to be prepared for me here in the region. Probably they will be warned and instructed in the Kingdom Hall how best to behave. The callousness of the antichristian doctrine is thus once again emphasized. And yet I am sure that for every single Jehovah's Witness the simple confrontation with their actual separation from Jesus is salutary. The clear fact that they are separated from Jesus has been withheld from them for decades and will continue to be withheld from them unless other people go and enlighten them. One could now argue that they would have wanted it that way. But that cannot be sustained. They have been so badly lured into a trap that they can no longer get out on their own.


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