Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 147

Speyer: Jehovah's Witnesses are acting dumb

The human blood saying has the strongest resonance!

The situation in Bruchsal is devastating!

Why do the Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses recover and lie on the sofa at home? Has the economy not started yet? Are some spare parts missing or were they incorrectly labelled? German watchtowers in Klein-Wahnistan? Why is the watchtower machine not running in Bruchsal? Or did Jehovah's Witnesses not have time for sermon service because a bleeding person needed the bleeding manipulation until death?

There was no Jehovah's Witness in Bruchsal. Maybe they had read about my new signs: "Jehovah's Witnesses do not drink human blood!" and "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death!". This makes it clear: Because of drinking human blood, Jehovah's Witnesses do not have blood doctrine, because no one drinks human blood. The blood doctrine has Jehovah's Witnesses only for one purpose: to have a religious reason to kill people.

Sensation! There was a Jehovah's Witness in Speyer!

Actually, I just wanted to take a quick photo of the empty place where Jehovah's Witnesses always line up with their book stalls, but things turned out differently. A Jehovah's Witness stood at the corner of the unicorn pharmacy and reacted very relaxed and smug, even downright affable, when he read the saying with the human blood. He tapered on me and said that I should formulate it in such a way that one understands something. Strangely enough, 90 percent of passers-by immediately understood what was meant. The interplay between the positive statement (Jehovah's Witnesses do not drink human blood!) and the negative statement (Jehovah's witnesses bleed people to death!) caused people to pay much more attention and you could see that many people started to brainstorm. The following grin showed that they had understood. Only Jehovah's Witness did not notice anything. And when colleagues came by, he first went through a big underarm shrug action to indicate that he didn't understand the sayings at all.

A woman suddenly stood up very close on the left behind me and directly talking into my ear she asked: "What do you want with this nonsense? Do it like that all the time?" Then she walked away silent as a heroine.

Jehovah's Witness threatened to press charges if I photographed him. I had already photographed the pedestrian zone several times and I admit that he was on these photos. Jehovah's Witnesses make themselves into people of the public for hours and hours and yet they believe that they must be treated like a private person. Whoever confronts the public with something for hours cannot simply say: This is a private matter! When someone goes public, as Jehovah's Witnesses do, and when the great shame begins with a photo, the person concerned should seriously ask himself what kind of God he serves and what kind of organization he is working for as an advertising assistant.

The fact that the faces of Jehovah's Witnesses have to be made unrecognizable, just like those of criminals and Islamist fighters on television, throws a bad light on the cardboard comrades of the Watchtower Bleeding Madness. After his threat of legal consequences, I asked the Jehovah's Witness, who was already so far away that many listened to my question: "How many people have you bleed to death as a member of a hospital liaison committee?" His answer was incomprehensible.

The reaction of the passers-by in Speyer was spectacular. Many conversations took place and not one minute passed without several people observing the scenery concentrated on my signs. From all directions people looked at my signs and I kept looking around just to enjoy this attention. Only Jehovah's Witnesses once again understood nothing, so that they could play their old game of the superior knowledgeable (in between came again and again a few specially trained people). It is refreshing to see that the confrontation of Jehovah's Witnesses with their own religion has not only not lost a bit, but is becoming more explosive and topical. Sometimes I thought it would be boring, but the exact opposite is the case. The confrontation of Jehovah's Witnesses with facts from the Bible and their heresies is and remains mega-exciting.

Jehovah's Witnesses confront the public with their lures to the highest degree. It is only right and proper that Jehovah's Witnesses should be confronted with their own nonsense. This confrontation ends always in favor of the critics and to the detriment of the Watchtower doctrine. Jehovah's Witnesses are so poor that I want to call out to them: "Return to Jesus Christ and you will be comforted. Do not waste your strength on an earthly organization, but accumulate treasures in heaven. The Watchtower Society will pass away. It is already passing away. Partly with shame and very concretely in the pedestrian zone.


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