Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 290

Watchtower Group Cult – washed with all Selter's waters

Jehovah's Witness makes a point of Mary Our Lady

Those who missed the apparitions of Mary in Lourdes could have got to know the Blessed Mother personally today in Wiesloch. A Jehovah's Witness from abroad had actually slept through all the planned watchtower appointments today and said to the sad Jehovah Wiesloch woman: "I didn't come to the pots today. I didn't come to the pots today. Then she put on a smile for Mary and was completely there for her Wiesloch Jehovah conspirators. The consolation that jumped out of her face was so well acted that I could hardly keep up with the enthusiasm. And the poor Wiesloch Jehovah's Witnesses let her sprinkle them with water. The Virgin Mary's behaviour kept her going until the end.

In a Christian community this actress would have no chance.

But the day in Wiesloch began without Jehovah's Witnesses at Walldorf-Wiesloch station and the rush hour went smoothly. And also the pedestrian zone seemed to be free of Jehovah's Witnesses, until a slave of the Watchtower lie fulfilled her disgraceful duties at the shoe shop. The woman marched at my sight immediately at a goose step towards Woolworth and met me 20 minutes later, after circumnavigating the city centre of Wiesloch, again at the Volksbank in the pedestrian zone and we repeated the process. She marched at a goose step and I happened to be strolling in the same direction. But we didn't see each other again and Jehovah's Witness disappeared.

After this fleeting double encounter, after a long pause, a second very similar event occurred, except that this time two, then three Jehovah's Witnesses were involved. They got away like the caught thieves, came back and repeated their quick exit. Would Jehovah's Witnesses want to go through their artificial flight reflex until a law against upholding facts is enacted? Do Jehovah's Witnesses really hope that their Mistress, the Governing Body, will find a basis to pass an anti-critic law?

The old Jehovah's Witness in front of the post office, who was totally insecure from the start, behaved quite differently. That was because she had an appointment with a foreign Jehovah's Witness, who must have enjoyed the highest Bethel elite reputation in Wiesloch. When this Bethel Elite witness finally appeared, the old insecure Jehovah's Witness could hardly be comforted. And the Marian face of Bethel Elite Witness Jehovah's didn't change anything.

The old insecure Jehova-Wieslocherin had always been looking for her protector and had walked away a bit by Watchtower's grace and I unlocked a few centimeters each time. In the end, we stood so close together that I could comfortably deliver a little sermon on the true nature of the Masonic-invented Jehovah Satan. I was also able to give a few clear words to Jehovah's Witness of Our Lady. But this woman had been washed with all Selter's waters. She kept up her behaviour and was a great comforter for her poor Wiesloch clientele.

Several inhabitants of Wiesloch clearly signaled to me that they were glad to see me there again. The resistance against the rampant seduction of the Watchtower has become a desired part of the Wiesloch scene for many Wieslochers. The exaggerated presence of Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch seems to annoy people in general. And I am sure that the permanent Jehovah advertisement of Wiesloch will indeed have a negative effect on the attitude towards life of the inhabitants of Wiesloch.

A policeman came up to me and his behavior told me he was surprised to see me. My appearances must have made the round in the Wiesloch police authority, so that this policeman was recognizably impressed by the realization: Oh! There he is! He walked past me as unimpressed as possible and finished his errand in the house from which the policeman had come, who had forbidden me to hold up the signs. What must Jehovah's Witnesses have done to ensure that the police department of a county town knows so much about me? After all – and this must be remembered – Jehovah's Witnesses also influence the Google search engine. There the is downgraded in regular intervals. And nobody knows. Watchtower society, police and Google act in exactly the same way: No emotion, no answer, no responsibility.

The long Jehovah's Witness with the Three-Can Hairspray Fissure, the fat, always wrathful Jehovah's Ball Witness and the whole club surrounding these lying "Truth" propagandists play, day in, day out, the old game of Jesus' denial. They have a counter god named Jehovah who is also worshipped by the Mormons and Freemasons. With the Masons, this Jehovah turns out to be Lucifer as soon as the Mason ascends to certain high degrees. The Watchtower Jehovah is and remains the "God" who forbids human contact with Jesus. Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate the rejection of Jesus once a year in their commemoration of death as a satanic counter-dinner. They solemnly let bread and wine pass by. This is one of the most obvious features of Jehovah's Witnesses' belonging to Satan. And the confrontation on the street shows that Jehovah's Witnesses act so arrogantly in the supposed safety of the swarm. In the swarm they are arrogant and look down on everything else.

Suppose there is no God, then Jehovah's Witnesses are "only" a terrible bloodsucker organization that exploits people as volunteers for the dissemination of their primitive literature. But if there is a God, then Jesus Christ is the one who revealed Him to us through Himself. In this case, the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses is an anti-Christian force conceived and maintained by Freemasons.


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