Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 377

Jehovah's blood murder on quiet soles

Germany is a fascist protecting area

It's still incredible! The Deutsche Bundesbahn has not yet commented on my inquiries. It protects the Watchtower Society in accordance with the status of a public corporation granted to it by Germany. If Germany says: "Protect me the Fascist Blood Murderer", then the Deutsche Bundesbahn must obey. And then the Bundesbahn personnel appear with the highest possible snootiness and threaten massively with police violence. That certainly makes you feel at home in Germany.

The images show that Jehovah's Witnesses, like caught thieves, are searching the distance when confronted with facts from the Watchtower religion. Hello Deutsche Bundesbahn! Please make yourself clear what you are supporting! What enjoys the sovereign Federal Railroad protection in your holy halls is advertising personnel for the serial murder by bleeding to death. What reasons do these people have to pile up like thieves, if they belong to only one religion? How do these poor people know so well that they better go into hiding now?

Does one have to drag the German public prosecutor's office with a postal nose ring to the Watchtower serial murder before the high gentlemen fulfil their duty? Every public prosecutor's office is legally bound to take action on suspicion of murder. What do the German public prosecutors do? In any case, they do not protect the people who live in Germany and they do not really uphold the applicable law. Who pays whom what? Who is a friend of which lobbyist? Which judge was or is in a beating brotherhood? Which upright person was prevented from becoming a judge?

Give the Nazi what the Nazi is. Apparently there are several institutions in Germany that still have a lot to forgive to Nazis. To murder people by religious tricks is highly fascist, and Germany holds its hand over it. The German Federal Railroad, subordinated to the German state, falls back into the Jewish transport times and protects the blood murder fascism of the Watchtower Society.

But the above pictures show Germany, show the Deutsche Bundesbahn and show all public prosecutors that the annihilation of human beings inspires these people. They intuitively know who they are serving. That's why they pile up like caught thieves.

The encounter with Jehovah's drums in Speyer (the last time Renate struck) is quite similar. The man first looks to see if he could meet me in the underpass. When I then step forward and begin to photograph him, he makes his exit. This happens very compulsively.

They had several excuses why they pile so blindly left when we meet them. But Renate did the experiment and avoided everything that had to be used as an excuse. For this she had to take this blow.

Renate is now the second person to be beaten in public by a Jehovah's Witness. In order to cope with this fatal situation, the Watchtower leaders claim that Renate is a liar. The spreading of this rumor, this slander, is so thoroughly and with highest importance level advanced that one notices: Jehovah's knees begin to tremble. Even Christians who we know well incorporate this phrase into their vocabulary and are not afraid to suddenly describe a sister of faith they have known for decades as unbelievable. The question then arises as to what connections there are between Christian congregations and the Watchtower leadership. How does the slander of the Watchtower Society continue into our closest Christian circles? Will the evildoers who simply parrot the slander of the Watchtower leaders at some point realize their mistake and apologize?

Much is preached from the pulpit about the Third Reich and about all the mistakes one can and has made in such a situation. But that especially the church superiors and the prominent persons in favour of their role in the pious system then also closed their eyes tightly is mentioned less often. And also here again it is the leading circles who carry on and support the rumour about Renate.

The Watchtower Society now only has the ability to perform actions of the highest criminal energy to evade the ever-tightening noose. Now there are two witnesses in public who confirm that the tale of the peace-loving Jehovah's Witness cannot be true. That's me and that's Renate. Both violent events were reported on these pages.

Who will then want to ask about the two witness rule that so successfully protects child molesters within the Watchtower Society? From the point of view of the Watchtower leaders in Renate's case, the two witness rule must be prevented at all costs by defaming the second witness as a liar with all severity. Otherwise, the piety of bleeding to death can no longer help itself.

At this stage of maturity, two groups of people must seriously ask themselves something, namely whether lies and defamation can help! The two groups are a) the Watchtower leaders and b) the church leaders of the Christians. Do you church leaders of Christians really want to hold the stirrup of a religion that has been murdering with impunity for many decades?

And will you Watchtower leaders take all this sin upon you. I suppose: yes.


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