Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 211

Jehovah's black hole – his Witnesses fear the opinion of the people

Yesterday I was early at the station Walldorf/Wiesloch. There Jehovah's Witnesses like to stand on the pedestrian bridge in the middle of the rush hour. What a sensation it would be if the crowds read: "Jehovah's Witnesses do not decapitate. Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death." Since I use this text, Jehovah's Witnesses are becoming increasingly rare in Wiesloch. And when they show up in the pedestrian zone and see me, they pretend they have something completely different in mind.

When I position myself and pull the signs out of my jacket, Jehovah's Witnesses immediately grab their things and walk away. This text is probably so clear that even the Jehovah's Witnesses' art of repression is no longer sufficient to build up the necessary ignorance. Jehovah's Witnesses still seem to be reachable through these facts.

After all, the Watchtower religion is the only religion in the world that produces the dead, along with beheading Islam. One point is absolutely bad and worth considering: While the beheading Islam rather accidentally murders like a lawnmower, in Jehovah's Witnesses death by bleeding is decidedly theologically planned and perfectly organized. This makes the murder by bleeding to death even more reprehensible. In this type of religious murder, the religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses works together in a hierarchically perfectly organized top-down fashion.

While beheading Islam murders more like a freaking youth, the Watchtower Society murders ice-coldly and organizes and plans from A to Z! The only thing they cannot control is the occurrence of a corresponding emergency. But the probability of accidents and illnesses occurring in a population group is a very reliably calculable factor in itself.

In the fact of bleeding to death by the rules of the Watchtower Jehovah, Jehovah's Witnesses can no longer pull their heads out of the noose with their usual arrogance and ignorance. Irritating is this embarrassing grin from them when they pull out. Before they rethink their advertising assignment, which is at least there to generate further bleeding candidates, they prefer to expose themselves to the brutal conflict of conscience, to meet my admonition, which condemns their entire construction of life as great senselessness. They do not, however, manage to tackle the problem in principle. Jehovah's Witnesses in this matter are comparable to the scientist at the laser, for whom a warning sign was erected: "Please do not look into the laser beam with the remaining eye!"

The fact that Jehovah's Witnesses so consistently go far when they see the signs "Jehovah's Witnesses do not decapitate, Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" but also points out that they must have received a shaken amount of negative feedback from non-witnesses. This, of course, may also be a reason for Jehovah's Witnesses to refrain from any attempt to celebrate their infamous steadfastness. By withdrawing immediately, they want to prevent more people from being enlightened about the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses is the only dead-making religion in the world besides beheading Islam. This variant can then be explained no differently than dictated from above. If that is the reason for the rapid disappearance of Jehovah's Witnesses, then it was ordered to do so by the Governing Body.

What if I had been impressed by ecumenical cries and the staff of the police authority they had commissioned? Or from accusations made to me on this website by commentators that I would stalk, hate and condemn Jehovah's Witnesses? Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch would then still hold the position of being able to sunbathe in the Wiesloch public in the pious light of the steadfast. The polite greetings of the passers-by are considered by Jehovah's Witnesses to be consent in principle. Many unneeded and uninformed could then still be drawn into the death religion of Jehovah's Witnesses.

My hope is that the deadly facts of the Watchtower religion referring to Satan will spread and more and more people will understand that the Watchtower Society stands shoulder to shoulder with beheading Islam. The facts must continue to be named and made known. When will a public prosecutor wake up? And even then it is not certain whether the state will turn its apparatus on. For he would then have to endure the embarrassment of having turned a deadly religion into a public corporation.

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