Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 152

Jesus does not let anyone bleed to death

Jesus never advertised for a newspaper publisher!

What a day! The weather, the partial solar eclipse, the sign, the passers-by, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the tailoring and repair of my backpack, the weather, the suns... – oh, I had already mentioned that. What a day!

Since I no longer hold up the signs on both sides, but just hold them up in front of me, I feel much better, because nobody can mend my stuff, nobody can complain, nobody can disturb my simple standing there. And the people are nevertheless immediately attentive or even more attentive. It makes a difference whether you get in people's way so that they have to dodge you, or whether you make yourself a silent offer so that people have the freedom to look or not. The situation is much more relaxed and nobody can accuse me of being a missionary. That's forbidden by the Jehovah Ecumenicalsis!

At first I walked past the Jehovah's Witnesses, who were already eagerly looking for me, and smiled at them with all my heart. I don't know if it was the weather, the repair of my backpack or anything else – it was beautiful. Jehovah's Witnesses smiled back crookedly. It was fantastic. On the way back from the tailoring, I took a few souvenir photos through the reflection of a shop window. Jehovah's Witnesses discovered me after some time and grinned at me broadly: "We discovered you! We discovered you!"

Then I humbly stood on the side of the street with the sign: "Jesus never let people bleed to death!" The implications of this statement are seemingly clear and unclear to Jehovah's Witnesses at the same time. They do not manage to check their organization to see if it really follows Jesus. If they did this test, they would quickly realize that the Watchtower Society is doing the exact opposite of what Jesus said and did. Recently, I have been repeatedly struck by the idea that the Watchtower religion is a decidedly Masonic counter-religion. The Masonic God is Lucifer and is worshipped by the name of Jehovah. The teachings of the Watchtower Society pursue the exact opposite of what any child can recognize in the Bible. For example, if one reads the brochures "Daily Research in the Scriptures", one can easily comprehend how the theologians of the Watchtower Society write a rubbish that deliberately deviates from the actual sitemaps. In a section where the word "write" appears by chance, the actual topic is omitted and only reflected on how to do Jehovah's sermon service by postcard.

After some time I held up the sign: "Jesus never advertised for a newspaper publishing house". The facial expressions of Jehovah's Witnesses changed visibly into what is called recognition. The reference was beautifully clear to them, they could not prevent the application of this sentence to themselves, and the people who passed by reacted so amused and entertained that the overall situation became unbearable for Jehovah's Witnesses. They left, although only a quarter of an hour had passed.

Through this sign "Jesus has never advertised for a newspaper publisher" I came into the delight of being able to talk to a Muslim about Jesus. I was totally excited because once again it was confirmed to me that Jesus is alive. In the assessment of my own life story, which came up in me through this conversation, I could wonderfully see how wonderful it is to have been able to recognize the one whom God sent. It is fantastic to realize that one could do nothing to it oneself and yet is saved, that one has not understood anything and yet is aware that one can no longer measure it, that one has not achieved any achievement of adaptation and yet belongs to the body of Christ. Not as a registered member, but alone in Jesus Christ.

If Jehovah's Witnesses were on their toes, they could, for example, hold up signs with the text: "Jesus never held up signs!" That would be a gag! But I say: Jesus did indeed hold up signs. Not in the form of a laminated DIN A4 sheet, but in the form of parables. Jesus let go of short stories that basically had no effect other than holding up a sign with a fact from life. One example is the following video.

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