Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 283

Jehovah's Witnesses play victims of persecution

The abuse of state facilities is watchtower standard

Jehovah's Witness in Wiesloch, who also likes to strike, had a real halo under the radiator of the shop he was standing in front of. I photographed him from afar. Unfortunately the pictures are slightly blurred, because I preferred to keep a big distance to him because of his physical attack weeks ago. After I had photographed him, which fortunately has been legally clarified for some time, I positioned myself a little closer with my signs. Caution is required with this man.

After seven minutes he looked at the clock as if he had missed an important appointment. He made a phone call and two minutes later a thirty-year-old man with a Slavic appearance appeared and picked the man up. The Slavic-looking man had an extremely mild smile on his face, and I knew intuitively that every little sound I made was at high risk of being beaten up by that man. After all, I managed not to leave the mark when the two of them passed me very close. Jehovah's Witness grinned broadly and shook his head all the time. I preferred not to photograph the exit, because I was afraid of the alleged Slav, who had addressed the Jehovah's Witness with "grandpa".

After this short scenery, I met a Jehovah's Witness who never conducts normal preaching with the other Jehovah's Witnesses. She only walks through the pedestrian zone and speaks to people. This lady is somehow too fine for normal sermon service. Her special method is a certain mystery to me, because I don't understand why this lady doesn't do a normal Watchtower sermon service. Very strange.

After seeing how she approached a passer-by to make another Watchtower victim out of her, I decided to say a few words to her. She immediately tried to shut my mouth by reacting like an aristocrat: "I don't wish ..." I continued my little announcement and made it clear to her in a few sentences that Jehovah's Witnesses have two gods in their religion. After another god is absolutely forbidden in the first commandment, the Watchtower Bible in John 1 comes with another god (the Word / Jesus). This second God may not be worshiped by Jehovah's Witnesses. In this way, they make Jesus a taboo idol.

Christians, on the other hand, have a single God. They have the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Christians are baptized into these names.

The tender lady, whom I then followed with my signs to warn people of her activity, led me through the strangest paths. Among them were lonely parks and I wondered what this lady was doing with them. I always kept a good distance of about 30 metres and many read my warning signs.

Finally we arrived on winding roads at the bottom of the Schleckerruine, where the noble lady of Jehovah stopped for a long time with her back turned towards me. Then she passed me very close and grinned at me. Again I followed her with my signs. Again the paths made no sense. But at the end we passed a big police station. Aha! But what the hell! I have the freedom to warn people against liars.

And indeed, the tender and so defenseless Jehovah's Witness, who had walked in front of me all the time and especially on the lonely parking paths, completely free of fear and calm, disappeared in this police station. A few seconds later a police officer appeared at the entrance of the police station and waved at me with a condescending gesture. Just as condescending and degrading, he addressed a few words to me. He spoke to me as with a scowling dog. The broad-chested women's defender had seized the police officer and Jehovah's Witness stood behind him like someone hiding harmlessly behind a tree.

My replies and explanations were null and void. The man gave me good advice to put my notes away and disappear. I replied: "Before you give me a police order, I will of course follow your good advice!"

I was still able to make a few remarks. These concerned the abuse of state institutions by Jehovah's Witnesses. These liars are actually leading whole authorities through the village on the Nasenring.

My shameful departure probably delighted the whole police station and I was scared away like a dog by several policemen by gestures (index fingers stretched out towards the horizon, similar to Hitler's greeting). But I can understand these people. They also have a certain sense of "we" and, like all other people, are subject to the group dynamic pull of treating supposed evildoers with good, beautiful, collective contempt. It would probably happen to me, too, if I wore a uniform. As a tram conductor in Duesseldorf, I experienced this change of being through the feeling of we on my own body. It is frightening how people (including me) can become herd animals and oppress others in a good, noble club.

The noble Jehovah's Witness was left behind in the police station and I would like to know what she had served up to the police officers. The Watchtower Society's greatest interest is in harnessing state institutions for its purposes. How much will the MURDER-ORG be able to make out of this incident as a concrete profit? I will report every little detail in this regard.

The bottom line is that I can be glad to have meticulously published every action on the Internet and to continue publishing it. This effectively protects me from false accusations. If that weren't the case, Jehovah's Witnesses would probably have eliminated me long ago with false accusations.


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