Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 2

Suspected watchtower elders left standing in awe with their mouths open

16.06.2012 Today again at the Kaufhof in Heidelberg. I made the short lap around the Kaufhof, this time the other way around, and came across a Jehovah's Witness completely unexpectedly. Strangely enough, they are now standing alone. Yesterday, too. I held out the cardboard for her to read. Jehovah "God" is Satan. He forbids contact with Jesus. Then she realized that all passers-by were involved in this situation as far as they could get close enough. That was enough for her and she went away. In the following conversation – I went with her – it turned out that she was hard of hearing and probably also visually impaired. She was wearing sunglasses. After this incident there were no more Jehovah's Witnesses to be found in Heidelberg. So I drove in the direction of Wiesloch (Way home) and stopped on a parking strip to put on my jacket, because it got cool around my kidneys. I had forgotten my kidney belt. As I was smoking a cigarette, I saw two Jehovah's Witnesses with thick bags coming up the sidewalk. They turned in front of me and obviously discussed their next move. I hastily took my cardboard out of the backpack I had attached to the chopper and went after them. I shouted "Hello" and held up the cardboard. Jehovah "God" is Satan. He forbids contact with Jesus. Never before have I experienced what happened then. The smaller one could still keep cool, but the bigger one grabbed his chin and stood there with his mouth open. This posture increased until the end of the conversation. I asked who his master was. He stammered something from the universe. I asked more energetically: "Who is your personal master?" No answer! So I left the two of them standing and halfway to my motorcycle I turned around again and shouted: "Be sure to pay attention to who your master is!"


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