Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 120

Jehovah's Witnesses – Sermon in Wiesloch

... they lasted eight minutes

How could it happen that Germans were convinced that it was good to kill all Jews? How could it happen that Jehovah's Witnesses are convinced that it is good to bleed people to death for their religion? Who other than Satan bleeds people to death for a religion? How can it happen that in the world mutual slaughter becomes more and more brutal? Who causes murder among men but Satan, who also shows himself in this Watchtower-Jehovah?

The Jehovah for whom Jehovah's Witnesses are making the newspaper rack on the street fits perfectly into the pattern of pleasurable annihilation that dictators, Islamists, and perverts love and practice. The purely external pacifism of the Watchtower soldiers counts for nothing, because they murder daily and worldwide by a wrong interpretation of the Bible. They lead people to death for religious reasons and are as undisturbed as Kim Jong-il in his large human extermination camp in North Korea. According to Jehovah's Witnesses, they have nothing to do with the people of the world, but they are even more refined in their killing than the people of the world. They dress the organized religious murder in perfect piety and call the bleeding enforcement committees they set up hospital liaison committees. Jehovah's Witnesses are the masters of public murder and have successfully eluded jurisdiction to this day.

He who murders with an axe is no more or less than he who murders by a misinterpretation of the Bible. In Jehovah's Witnesses, the murder is organized worldwide and disguised as a religious act.

A little sermon

Standing between the two favorite places of Jehovah's Witnesses, I gave a little speech. The Jehovah's Witness in front of the post office disappeared quite quickly and the psychologically unstable Jehovah's Witness, who always plucks at herself, was also quite quickly gone. The brutally tough Jehovah's Witness stayed with me as a listener.

For about ten minutes I had time to talk to Jehovah's Witness, and the beautiful thing was that many people were listening. I appealed to her sincerity regarding the works of Jehovah's Witnesses. Jesus says, "By their works you will know them. What kind of works do Jehovah's Witnesses have? Only murder by bleeding to death and self-sacrifice as a newspaper rack.

My sermon caused Jehovah's Witness to turn away and try to endure her predicament. The simple facts are successfully blocked by Jehovah's Witnesses 24 hours a day. Now when someone stands up in public and disturbs this repression by enumerating the simple facts that must be recognized with minimal sincerity, Jehovah's Witnesses suffer from their own lie. It is the great embarrassment before God and the people that Jehovah's Witnesses must endure and deal with.

This Jehovah's Witness now has some work to do to regain the Watchtower balance. She must destroy the facts she cannot suppress with arguments by further fueling her desire to serve Jehovah. The psychic achievement that Germans proved in their loyalty to Hitler is the vehicle she must use in herself toward the Watchtower Society. This is where flawless fanaticism takes place. That is applied fascism in our time. Anyone who wants to belong to the Watchtower Organisation cannot do without this fascism.


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