Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 223

Ice cold instruction from above: advertise!

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch and Heidelberg

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch

During election campaigns, Jehovah's Witnesses' business has not continued as usual. They preferred to isolate themselves by being absent and only returned to the public when the party magic was over. But currently Jehovah's Witnesses have no inhibitions whatsoever about standing next to the advertising stocks of political parties. From this I conclude that an order must have been issued from above:

advertise – advertise – advertise and advertise – advertise – advertise

Either the financial plight of the Watchtower Society is so real that it cannot do without a single day of advertising, or the Watchtower Society has enough money and has become even more greedy. We do not know. Most likely, however, is the variant in which greed and perceived need have condensed into a superordinate quantity that simply neglects individual doctrinal points and focuses on profit and power. The Watchtower Society, as well as not so much of honesty, finds it easy to discard its supposedly apolitical orientation in favor of maximized Watchtower advertising. Coal counts and it comes in through newly seduced people. The Watchtower Society does not want to do without this. After all, we have to buy the whole world, as Europe is currently showing us. Anyone who wants to have power in the world must ultimately have it. That is the global concept and these days the Watchtower Society, for example, is losing power in relation to power structures like Europe and other capital-bound mergers.

So far, the Jehovah's Witness ideology has weighed in the silent but burning hope that its ideology will help it expand its power. But in recent years the advantage of capitalist power growth over ideological power growth has increased dramatically. While the reign of money is brutalizing its effectiveness worldwide, the ideologically seductive Watchtower religion has lost ground. Like the murdering Islam, the Jehovah religion appears in the eyes of most people only as a problem. Therefore the Watchtower Society consistently shifts to the strategy of capitalism. And that means that once we own the whole world on a material level, we enforce our thing and let our Jehovah dance on the table.

Therefore advertising is announced until nothing more goes. Nothing counts more than the hours Jehovah's Witnesses spend. And if they stand next to the neo-liberals in the election campaign, it doesn't matter. And if Jehovah's Witnesses advertise in the cemetery at night, at least it can't hurt. The Watchtower Society has recognized what is really important in this world. And that is the most brutal marketing possible.

That is why Jehovah's Witnesses, on command from above, allow themselves to be disdained to stand next to the advertisements of political parties and to promote their New World future. The Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch, like their colleagues in Heidelberg, are quite satisfied with this regulation, for they hope to build a new world by promoting their ideology. In any case, the behavior of the ancient Watchtower slave was characterized by a whole new verve. The poor woman demonstrated the pattern sketched in the Watchtower time and again. All she needed was to point to a passage in her Watchtower with her eyebrows raised and her forefinger severely spread. Otherwise, she perfectly fulfilled the specifications of the Watchtower Society. She will certainly watch the television commercials today with a good feeling, because she has really fulfilled her duty today, so that she can be saved by the Watchtower Society – possibly.

Jehovah's Witnesses in Heidelberg

The exact same picture was seen in Heidelberg. Jehovah's Witnesses now stand unrestrained alongside clowns, beggars and political parties, Mormons and atheists, Scientologists and Islamists just to maximize their effectiveness. For power in this world can only be gained through possession. And this cannot be realized with the Watchtower Doctrine, but only through a maximally intensified propaganda activity, which brings money. More people must be drawn into the Watchtower religion at all costs.

It is therefore all the more beautiful to observe that the Watchtower Society can think of nothing better than the actually extremely cheap propaganda by means of the Watchtower Trollis. Jehovah's Witnesses put these things in front of them, cross their arms in front of their chest and look satisfied and think, wondering what they are doing good. But this is the cheapest advertising a company can come up with if it has a lot of unpaid staff. Of course, Jehovah's Witnesses don't notice this abuse of their goodwill. They imagine they are doing something to save them. Awesome! Jehovah's Witnesses really believe the Watchtower Society could save them!

Perhaps the Watchtower Society could make even more profit by hitting on celebrities like Scientologists. A Donald Trump, who converts to Jehovahism as American president, would be the sensation at all. This would really do the Watchtower Society good and it would have even more possibilities by adapting to the tactics of Scientologists.

On the pavement of the political parties lay a treatise that nobody cared about. Someone must have simply thrown it away, as it has become good manners in Germany's garbage dump. It was an advertising brochure of the true Messiah: Mahdi Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as). Soon I will advertise for the very true Messiah: Kruellhans Oberdiborchingen Brimborius al Hanis Fantasis Wurstbartis.


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