Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 251

Watchtower Lies – The Intelligence of Jehovah's Witnesses

If somebody has the deepest insight and experience, based on self-criticism and a healthy scepticism towards himself, and represents something sustainably, then only little can happen that overturns or disproves all this. But even then it can happen that a fundamental revision of one's own insights becomes necessary. Even if the suspicion arises that one is not quite right, a strict self-examination begins for the honest person. Psychology says that you are always your strictest judge.

Jehovah's Witnesses don't have a problem with this. The serious questions to themselves are reduced to a single aspect: if the information comes from the Governing Body, then everything is okay. Smile, rejoice, be friendly, take refuge, embrace, join in, engage, take up the fight. If the information does not come from the governing body, contempt is the order of the day, mockery, arrogance, insulting gestures, wrinkling one's nose, looking away in a piqued manner, ignoring, letting go of stupid sayings and finally – wishing a nice day. This is the pattern Jehovah's Witnesses live and think by.

Once you've reached the level of Jehovah's Witnesses, you won't want to miss this clear clarity anymore. It's easy to put critical thoughts aside immediately, because you're standing next to the other Jehovah's Witnesses who betray you. As a Jehovah's Witness, the individual is under constant observation, and the routine draining of all non-leading corporation-supported arguments is as necessary as hygiene afterwards.

Jehovah's Witnesses have a spiritual burka. They don't let themselves be looked inside and they show others a piety that seems almost more pious than the piety of the Seventh-day Adventists. Sects are overflowing in piety and slavish bondage. There is no room for self-criticism and findings and facts from the hands of critics have to give way.

I held the shield against Jehovah's Witness from Heidelberg: "Jehovah's Witnesses have to refuse bread and wine – Anti-Cenacle – Antichrist." First the woman gesticulated around and cried out loudly: "Oh, there he is again! He's back! Afterwards she read the signs, got serious, but after a few seconds she was outraged. You could really see how first the information went into her, upsetting her because she couldn't deny the fact. Then came the seconds when I could literally read in her mind that all her experiences with Jehovah's Witnesses confirmed my testimony. – And then came the moment of return from the human conscience to the Watchtower-trained conscience. As if steered by an invisible hand, Jehovah's Witness's face lifted again and she left with a carnival greeting – hello! – passed me to get away with her companion.

An atheist was pleased to express his agreement to my action. I told him: "I also have signs with me where it says: Atheism is only a religion!" He weighed down, but in the following conversation he could not deny the facts I told him and sadly turned away.

Unfortunately, the whole action only lasted about 20 minutes. But the attention of the passers-by was absolutely stunning. The people took me in like a kind of little sensation. I was very astonished, because normally people pass by and pretend they didn't see anything.


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