Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 394

Blocked Jehovah's Witnesses make the windshield wiper movement

If only the police had been here.

For some time now I have had a kippa and since then I have been experiencing the thoughts of someone who wants to wear a kippa. Questions arise that make your hair stand on end. I got to know and understood two things through these conflicts:

  • Known: the fear of raging Muslims
  • Understood: the rigor of the Israelis

Anyone who is permanently threatened by being attacked by people who are completely strangers develops a determination over time that is expressed in Israeli politics.

A woman who asked me why I was concentrating so much on Jehovah's Witnesses gave me a great opportunity to put the kippa on as counter-evidence. I really enjoyed that. It's a huge experience to catch yourself and your thoughts and feelings completely new with such a small round piece of clothing. The fears that arise in you, the question of what others think of you, the reach of Jewish fate and the shocking lack of freedom in Germany due to Muslim street dominance.

Muslim headscarves, veilings and beards can be seen at every corner and as a matter of course. How high is the inner and outer obstacle to putting on a kippa for fun!

In between, I thought about it: In the country where we live well and gladly, I don't dare to wear the kippa. And that against the background of our National Socialist experience! Thank you, Aunt Merkel, for arranging this so beautifully.

The two witnesses of Jehovah's old mortars probably received instructions from above never to go to their stand again on Fridays. Today I had so much to do with my kippa problem that I didn't want to sit on my favourite bench in Germany anymore. My disappointment with myself, my cowardice and my lack of freedom due to Merkel's measures occupied me too much. Fortunately, the two hardest Jehovah's Witnesses from Speyer passed by in their car, so that I didn't drive home frustrated.

I stood at the stand of these hard-core Jehovah's Witnesses and held up the sign: Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death. The response was good. A passer-by, however, said he was doing himself and society a favor by insulting me. Then the two Brutalo Witnesses of Jehovah came and passed me. I stopped for a while and spoke to a man who was deeply concerned about political developments in Europe. The main question that moved this man was: What will happen to my children? What future will children have in this Resettlement Program-Europe? Will the screaming leftists and greens build their lucky sandbox in which no one else will have a place?

I will be very glad when Mrs Merkel will have left her position of power. This woman is the epitome of the creeping illness. Germany is developing into a broth of many chefs and the chef's wife grins at it. The people who lived here long ago were called German citizens and had their rights. Today, the former German welfare state is responsible for aunt Merkel's high spirited morality and the consequences are already incalculable.

As I stood at the alternate stand of the hardest Jehovah's Witnesses, a woman yelled at me why I had to stand there. I answered with the question, what advantages would she have if six-year-old children had to die for a religion? I repeated this question more and more loudly, because the woman simply moved away. But the Wiesloch police, who recently prohibited me from shouting to people, didn't come and pick me up. It is shocking how people, especially the good, well-groomed, fragrant, secure, self-respecting, achievement-reaching people, simply let the subject of Jehovah's Witnesses drip off on themselves. There a religion murders world-wide for decades in series and the good, good, good humans pass by and look on it, how expensive the cream cheese became with Lidl. What a world!

Soon there will only be cheese from halāl slaughtered goats. Thank you, Aunt Merkel.

The Jehovah's witness of hatred on his seat rollator made the windshield wiper movement extensively. Later he said: "He's got a shot!" I answered: "I haven't bleed a human being to death, I don't belong to any religion that bleeds a human being to death." I said this so quietly that the Wiesloch police didn't have to pick me up.

Towards the end of my morning in Speyer I had a conversation with an intelligent woman. Unfortunately I am not allowed to publish the recording. Who knows. Maybe she will get in touch and release the video. It is very helpful to plausibly explain the Watchtower Society's serial murder to people.

It may even be lucky that Aunt Merkel is driving all of us into fear through Islam drop by drop. Because this way we can not only better understand the behaviour of the Israelis, but accept it completely. Because then we will understand what Islam really can do. Freedom is where one can wear kippa without being bothered. Please write me where that is.


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