Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 370

The Watchtower Society has the power

Jehovah's world domination begins in Speyer

... on the sidewalk in front of the Deutsche Bank at Altpoertel. A beautiful subculture has already formed there. The Altpoertel witnesses of Jehovah have everything under control there. They publicly cultivate friendships with Catholics. They are just waiting for the big Armageddon bang. Then they have to bring rubber boots to wade better through the blood. Through the blood of the Catholics.

Sometimes the Kingdom of Jehovah, the world domination of the Watchtower Society, takes a short break. This was the case again today, when Renate appeared unannounced at the Altpoertel and requested an audience with Jehovah's Nazi witness. Jehovah's Nazi witness got pissed off and let his spit fly when he said: "Talk to you?" Then he exchanged a few slanderings about Renate and me with a few Catholic passers-by and went home at a goose step.

Renate spoke with the Catholic and told her that I am not the evil one, but believe in Jesus as she did. Unfortunately the Catholic could not do anything with it, because the faith in Jesus was an uninteresting term for her. She probably only knows one thing: Stay in the Roman Catholic Church and everything is okay or irrelevant. That is of course a nice solution. But the Roman Catholic solution leads in the end only to the death of forlornness. Only the Roman Catholic priests have become fat.

In the more southern federal states we have traffic signs that indicate where we are going in all directions. I never understood that, because there are so many other directions besides the direction these signs indicate. And how should one drive in all directions? Isn't that a kind of explosion? A person who goes or drives in all directions distributes himself evenly in his surroundings. That is nothing other than an explosion! What's that all about?

Today, however, I have finally been able to understand, at least in a suggestive way, how it works to spread out in all directions. Jehovah's Witnesses and their Roman Catholic girlfriends gave me tutoring and demonstrated the act of spreading out in all directions. And I have doubts whether Freemasonry did not initiate these traffic signs. Those who are used to naked lies in such simple things and drive in all directions without hesitation will never understand Catholicism and the bleeding doctrine of the serial murder society. In Speyer and elsewhere, people are thus optimally prepared for a fundamental life of lies. They travel in all directions and have a religion.

That religion can save no one does not occur to the All-directional man. They do not know and do not want to know that apart from God himself nothing and nobody can save. If people would come to their senses and realize that only Jesus saves, all traffic signs would have to be dismantled and replaced by non lying traffic signs. Then one would also have to abolish the Roman Catholic Church and pursue the bleeding of Jehovah's Witnesses as serial murder. This is too costly. Who should pay for that!

The raging refusal of the Nazi witness Jehovah at Altpoertel to speak to Renate cannot be without reason. The man, like all Jehovah's Witnesses in the region, must have been warned. The Jehovah's Witnesses who left the Watchtower Society because of the talks with Renate must have been introduced to the remaining Witnesses as horror. Never talk to this Renate! Better spread out in all directions. That's what Jehovah's old mortar witnesses practiced today and let me understand the most pointless traffic signs.

We walked a few more times through the Speyer pedestrian zone and met two women who looked dangerous to Jehovah's Witnesses. But because they carried their files in their hands so that they could not be recognized as Watchtower advertisements, I did not photograph them.

On the way back, we passed two Jehovah's Witnesses, who were placed in a place that promised about as much audience as the South Pole underpass. Miraculously, however, there was a young man who talked intensively with these two witnesses. The whole time we had a strange feeling and we decided to leave the ladies and the young man to themselves. It was only at home during the photo editing that I realized that our suspicion was not unfounded that these Jehovah's Witnesses had only been set up as a message. They were to tell us that the Watchtower Society has the power and that their slaves are working for them always and everywhere.

There's Jehovah's Witnesses spread out in all directions. But at the next corner there are already the next ones. The younger Jehovah's Witness could not suppress her curiosity and looked over at us for a moment. She looked directly into the lens of my camera. Afterwards she felt better, but she had betrayed that they were only there because of us.

So the perfectly organized Watchtower Society tells us how pointless our desire is to enlighten Jehovah's Witnesses about the Watchtower lies. The basis of the Watchtower religion is not God, but the gloatingly grinning worldwide brotherhood. Together they manage that, the brothers. They do not need God for their worldwide project. They still have enough human material to burn.

This is a secure feature for Masonic control of the Watchtower Serial Murder Society. They burn people.


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