Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 50

We have found the truth

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch in Group Trance

From 9 in Wiesloch. The Jehovah's Witnesses are still asleep or not shaved yet. Around half past ten, a Jehovah's Witness finally appears. The one who makes harmless the hardest and always reacts like a stubborn girl when she gets resistance. She wouldn't let a passer-by out of her conversation. It was easy to see that the woman refused several times and made an attempt to finally move on. When I came closer with the sign "Jehovah's Witnesses let people bleed to death for their God – Religious Murder!", the Jehovah's Witness walked away as if snapped. I called after her: "She walks like the devil! So Satan always disappears."

After that, no Jehovah's Witness seemed to want to show up. A certain end of the autocratic passers-by fishing seemed to have been reached. But a rather new Jehovah's Witness stood at the Schlecker branch. We met this witness for the first time a week ago. She wanted to check my camera. Now she stood with her back against the wall and reacted relatively calmly to my appearance. But I also kept my distance in order not to drive the shy lady away. After a few minutes she had the Jehovah's Witness ignore mode back on again and spoke to an interested man.

Some time later, the small, fat Jehovah's Witness joined me, whom I had already proven once that Jesus must be the Supreme Man. He stood with them and took notes of whatever was written down there.

In between I had various confirming feedback from passers-by. A young passer-by later told me that a friend had a car accident with a Jehovah's Witness who bled to death because of her religion. I called her and asked her to write me this story.

After the ignorance of the Jehovah's Witnesses had reached its peak, an older Jehovah's Witness with a bicycle joined them. I had just spoken to the interested interlocutor of the photo-shy Jehovah's Witness and told him that he should not have the full text that the name Jehovah was invented by Catholic monks only in the Middle Ages. "Jehovah's Witnesses believe in a Catholic art god!" He only meant that they were all nice people, and the attractive Jehovah's Witness nodded.

Within the discussion it was quickly about the Jehovah's Witnesses encouraging each other to leave. I told Jehovah's Witness Bicycle, older semester, when she took out her promotional material that she was in a multi-god system. She said: "Oh, then Moses probably received the laws in vain?" My attempt to explain to her that this Watchtower-Jehovah is just destroying the law with the second God Jesus, whom he introduces in John 1:1, died away in the snobbish self-rotation of the Watchtower system: She laid her hand on my shoulder and said: "We have found the truth!" Then to the witnesses: "Is this the one who ..." I fell into her word: "This is exactly me!"

No herb has grown against the wall of the snootiness of the one who has found the truth. Thousands of ways to recognize the absurdity of the Watchtower Doctrine strike Jehovah's Witnesses out and sunbathe in the imagination to be the only one to have found the truth. They give up their thinking so that they can remain in the community of the autocrats. They have found a home for which nothing else has to be done but to refrain from all normal thinking. By eliminating their own thinking, they have become superhumans, perfect, self-perfecting dignitaries of the doctrine that God lies himself into one's pocket by forbidding other gods to have beside Him, but then tricky in John 1:1 introducing another God, the Watchtower Jesus, whom Jehovah's Witnesses must have in their religious system.

A little Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch are slowed down in their cheeky activity. But they rigorously refuse to question the truth they think they have found. The one who waves the cardboard sign can uncover as many of the hard-core lies of the Watchtower Doctrine, they don't care. They feed on their conspired brotherhood, on the group dynamics of Mafia-structured dogmatism. Who else can help them? They reject the one who could help them, the God of the Bible: Jesus Christ!

Lost lawbreakers

Jehovah's Witnesses have had a second God, the Watchtower-Jesus, pressed upon their eyes by viewing him as one another God, and par tout do not want to see that they are trampling on the first commandment (You shall have no other gods beside me). They break the first commandment every day for 24 hours. The Watchtower 1 August 2013 writes on the back:

Jehovah also dislikes the prayers of people who deliberately violate his law.

Jehovah's Witnesses are seduced into breaking the law and their spiritual mother announces corruption in thanksgiving. So this Watchtower Jehovah is a God who seduces people into sin and rejoices in attesting to their forsakenness.

It continues to be written in this watchtower:

So we have to fulfil certain conditions so that God listens to us.

How bold this Watchtower-Jehovah is presented as a God who imposes unfulfillable conditions by enacting laws that strictly forbid a second God on the one hand, but then order the having of a second God in John 1:1, does not strike Jehovah's Witnesses at all. And most people who meet Jehovah's Witnesses also have no clue that this Watchtower Jehovah is playing an impossible cat-and-mouse game with people. The logic much invoked by the Watchtower Society is not only weak and holey, but deliberately deceptive. The sentence quoted above in the Watchtower of August 1, 2013, should truthfully read rather: "Moreover, God dislikes the prayers of people who deliberately misrepresent His law and lead people not only astray but to death with deliberation and control."

Jehovah's Witnesses sit deeply in a self-selected spiritual trap and their captivity is not maintained by the superiority of the Watchtower logic, but only by that pride fueled by the Governing Body to have found the truth. For Jehovah's Witnesses, giving up or honestly questioning this imaginary lead over other people is out of the question because their entire self-confidence depends on this imaginary lead. If they were to engage in re-examining all the facts, they would have to violate the most fundamental edicts of their Mistress. Already at this threshold they have the unmanageably high risk that the Watchtower Society will let them jump over the blade.

How can we live forever?

The Watchtower 1 July writes on the back:

Whoever disobeys God – like Adam – will not be allowed to live forever. Only people to whom God forgives their sins will get eternal life. ... So that God can forgive us, we must do something. We must concern ourselves with His Word and thereby get to know Him. The Bible shows us how we can lead a better life and what is necessary for God to give us joy and eternal life.

The desire to do something to make God enjoy you is lost effort and a pointless endeavor when someone has entered into the watchtower-essential breaking of the law. Whoever for religious reasons permanently breaks the first commandment because he has accepted the Watchtower Jesus as one (another) God, has no chance anymore to do anything to make God enjoy him. But even the one who does not carry out this permanent breach of the law cannot do anything to please God except to accept Jesus in faith. For in him we are just, that is, only he who accepts the righteousness he gives us can stand well before God. No one can please God by his own actions, but only the purity and holiness of Jesus can please God in us. The method of earning God's favor by doing something is pagan, anti-Christian and Catholic, because it is connected with the righteousness of works.

However, anyone who breaks the law fundamentally and sustainably and does not stop doing so because he has the Watchtower Jesus as an additional God at the expense of the first commandment in his belief system, will no longer have his own good work available to him in two respects, even if he only hopes that his good work will help him to maintain his good standing before God. For Jesus says anyway: "Without me you can do nothing. So Jehovah's Witnesses are no further away from salvation than those "worldly men" who are also non-Christians. But Jehovah's Witnesses are additionally held stupid enough by the imagination of having found the truth, so that even then they can't recognize their permanent breaking of the law if you explain it to them directly. They cannot decipher the words, they cannot decipher the words. That is the loyalty they must keep to Jehovah Satan.

Jehovah's Witnesses are of no use if they deal with the Bible, because they cannot even understand the permanent violation of the law, which they have to commit continuously for disciplinary reasons. They must regard Jesus as one (another) God and permanently break the first commandment! The so-called "leading of a better life" promised by the Watchtower serves only the imagination of being something better, but cannot change the forlornness of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Before God only the relationship with Jesus counts. The Watchtower doctrine has distracted us twice and three times from this and closed all doors to those who would fall into its trap and think that Jesus is not God and that this is the truth that must be found.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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