Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 266

Jehovah's Witnesses is useful to clear up

People warn against lies also

Today someone asked me when I was leaving if I wanted to go back to Jehovah's Witnesses. I affirmed and was asked if there was anything more meaningful than that. I answered: "I keep asking myself this question."Slight blushing. He must have noticed that his ideals are not easily transferable to other people. However, this question did not unsettle me a little and I spent the whole day dealing with it. In the end, I had to/have to realize that the question of meaning was answered quite independently of any argumentative considerations. The whole thing is comparable with a treasure hunt, which despite great hopelessness brings full bags and boxes in the end. I cannot explain that.

Wiesloch's Jehovah's Witnesses know when and where to expect me. Only one of them overslept and had to stop his worldwide sermon after about 15 minutes. After my third or fourth conversation with passers-by, the watchtower collapsed and was no longer seen.

In Heidelberg, a friendly Jehovah's Witness threatened me with a charge of taking photographs. "If you take out the camera again, then ..." Unfortunately, she didn't listen to me when I told her that she had given up the right to her own picture as a Jehovah's Witness "preaching in public". The Jehovah's Witnesses quickly changed location and the photo-shy Jehovah's Witness went to the police.

As we walked from A to B, Jehovah's Witness relaxed with a friendly conversation that several people heard in front of the red traffic light. However, the facts that Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to have any contact with Jesus and that they can only solemnly reject him in their annual Anti Abendmahl did not reach this woman. She stressed that I had never been a disruptive factor for her. She could not describe her ignorance more beautifully. Anyone who is in a religion that bleeds people to death has to buy impenetrable blinders in order to survive brainwashing.

A man with a red shopping bag came up and took two pictures of me, shook his head and said something about police.

In Heidelberg, the thematization of the Watchtower doctrine as a lie is slowly taking hold. Some glances at the encounter without signs tell me: "I recognize you again. After all, you are the ... continue "

A Rosicrucian Mason approached me and touched God and the world beautifully. As Jehovah's Witnesses count themselves among the knowledgeable, Masons believe in themselves, in their goodness, and in their glorious knowledge. But there is one thing I have to give the man credit for: He listened when it was time to listen. Therefore I assume that my urgent advice to ask Jesus himself who he is has arrived with him. We cannot carve any Jesus, but we must ask him ourselves and accept his answer.

He accepted the information that Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and Adventists originated in the Masonic sphere and were under its influence. He could not or would not say anything about it. The Freemason shone with mainstream knowledge, but when it came to detailed things he made a rather naive impression. His main argument was that Jehovah's Witnesses would enjoy their life lies after all. I replied, "If that's why you don't care about Jehovah's Witnesses – I care about them."

Some people ask if there isn't anything more meaningful than trying to enlighten Jehovah's Witnesses about their life lies. I don't have a convincing answer to this question, although I experience it again and again.


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