Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 258

Speyer: Jehovah's Witnesses behave very strangely

How to Protect Jehovah by Absence

Before I drove to Speyer, I informed someone by e-mail that I was leaving because of the unexpectedly good weather and would contact them when I was back. The consequence of this mail – I am bugged by Jehovah's Witnesses – was that the Jehovah's Witnesses' advertising stand in Speyer was not set up at all. There was quite a big event in Speyer. Something about agriculture. Jehovah's Witnesses preferred to stay at home to protect the good reputation of their murderous God. This decision must have come from quite high up and shows that Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer must have been severely thwarted by my clearing up attempte.

What a religion this is that boasts of having resisted many states and legal norms, but is avoiding publicly meeting a single person with DIN A4 sheets! Jehovah's Witnesses are too cowardly to confront their religion with facts. The crowd in Speyer, which was to be expected at the festival there, must have been too big for Jehovah's Witnesses to dare the confrontation. They preferred to accept the embarrassment that their stand remained empty. As you can see from the photos, a large gap remained where Jehovah's Witnesses usually have their book stalls. From this it can be concluded that the Jehovah's Witnesses' bookstall in Speyer was planned, registered and reserved for this festival. Otherwise this place would have been occupied by someone else. The city of Speyer will hardly leave such a central square unoccupied in the festival area. That is impossible.

The Watchtower religion seems to have suffered more damage from holding up facts in the pedestrian zone and from this website than we all suspected. The following video has aroused my suspicion that the effect of this enlightenment is greater than previously thought. This is in correlation to the fact that there are many videos on Youtube that take up the arguments of and present them in a refined and vivid way. That is ingenious! And it is from my point of view completely undeserved for me, because I do not consider myself to be the driving force behind the I do not have this discipline at all.

Only Jehovah's Witness, always standing at the bus stop Postplatz (Steig 1), didn't seem to notice what it was all about. This Jehovah's Witness gives me the impression that a Gauleiter has been lost to him. He must have been skipped somehow in the Watchtower hierarchy.

Who knows what will happen to our Jehovah's Witness leader with the Mecki hairdo. Did he underestimate the effect of simple A4 sheets? Did he dare to do too much and not see the border he should not have crossed? My reports from 2016 show time and again that this man's ignorance of the Watchtower religion had to be rejected. This was foreseeable even without clairvoyant abilities and the interest of the people of Speyer in dealing with the Watchtower religion must have declined alarmingly.

But Jehovah's Witness at the bus stop had something else in mind when I arrived. It must have occurred to him all of a sudden, because he didn't even look at the clock before packing his things and leaving.

I bet all the cash I can spend tomorrow that these educational campaigns, supported by reports on the Internet, have achieved their success mainly through word-of-mouth propaganda. It became clear early on that, despite all the distance they show, people still seriously start to think. A saleswoman in Speyer approached me years ago and reported that people were seriously discussing the Watchtower lies – at the box office. I was happy about that at the time and today I see it as a confirmation of the shocking behavior of the Watchtower Society: Only by stopping her book-table program can she prevent her Jehovah from being exposed.

Meanwhile, like last Saturday, two Jehovah's Witnesses patrol the pedestrian zone of Speyer in full Watchtower advertising gear, pretending not to see me. I walk behind them with upheld signs and am asked by a law enforcement officer if I have a special use permit. I answer: "That falls under freedom of opinion" and go on. The woman calls the police. 200 meters further I pass two police officers. They ignore me. The two Jehovah's Witnesses pretend not to see me.

It is absolutely blatant what has already emerged from the clearing up attempten. It has been clarified by the police that Jehovah's Witnesses may be photographed. It has been clarified by the police that the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses may be publicly criticized. The growth of the Watchtower Society is on its way to shrinking. The large offensive counter-reaction of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch impresses people in a negative way and turns into a single nerve. The ignorance of the Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses serves only their self-control. All in all, this is the success of the truth. Those who bring facts cannot lose, but can only be ignored or killed.

If somewhere signs of facts are held up against the lies of the Watchtower society, then this can only be done by individual types crazy by the standards of men. In my opinion and experience, an organization cannot stink against the Watchtower Org. I believe Jesus wants to work against the organized nonsense of people through individuals. Therefore I can only encourage those who feel the superiority of the false teachings and feel powerless. Nobody in this world will support you and help you. And when an org arrives and offers you help, it will turn into the opposite. Because they will give you instructions and put your conscience in the clutches of the mainstream. Do not hope for Christian churches, because they have more important things to do. Go your own way.


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