Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 416

Jehovah's Witnesses target refugees

But the ticket office is gone.

Apparently, my constant accompaniment and reporting on the Jehovah's Witnesses' childish ticket counter in Heidelberg has helped to ensure that Jehovah's Witnesses no longer have to stand behind this toy to publicly embarrass themselves. It is always amazing how naively Jehovah's Witnesses perceive the most stupid nonsense imaginable as a great blessing just because it comes from the Watchtower Society's big lying tank. For weeks, the Heidelberg Jehovah's Witnesses at least always stood behind a toy ticket counter on Fridays and thought that they would be particularly successful in this way.

Adult men and adult women drape themselves as exhibits of total exposure behind a toy ticket counter because the Watchtower Society wants it that way. When will Jehovah's Witnesses finally realize what simple means are used to embarrass them to the bone? The Watchtower Religion is an institution whose goal is to take everything religious to absurdity and sell the largest possible idiocy as piety.

But to ridicule the Jehovah's Witnesses is not enough for this religion. The Watchtower religion also makes them murderers and murdered. It tells these poor people that the Bible would forbid human blood, and no one looks to see if the Bible even talks about allowing or forbidding human flesh. Because only a biblical certificate that human flesh may be used for food can lead to the question of human blood. The doner kebab man doesn't ask "with everything?" either, if you haven't ordered a doner kebab at all. Only if human flesh were a question in the Bible could human blood also be a question.

The Watchtower Society has led Jehovah's Witnesses and many others to believe in a biblical ban on human blood, although cannibalism is never even mentioned as a question in the Bible. This deception, which in itself is a masterpiece of lying, results in Jehovah's Witnesses consecrating themselves and their children to death and, in an emergency, expecting and accepting death like rabbits in the snake's eye and absolutely defenceless. And not only that! Some people who are not Jehovah's Witnesses at all, but are only in contact with them, let their child die quite naturally because of this mega lie of the Watchtower Society.

Charles T. Russell's entire biblical research from the very beginning had the sole aim of trying out how much made out nonsense one could tell people and still make a profit with it. For as the son of a Satanist and Freemason, he knew the power of lying from within and set out to counter the childlike faith in Jesus Christ with something that he knew would be eagerly awaited by people who had not come to know Jesus personally. It was only a matter of carrying out the professional, experimental testing of a false religion.

We know from Masonic circles that finances are the least of their problems, and so Russell was able to get down to work with impudence. At the beginning of his lie theology, he still largely adhered to Christian values and proclaimed the calling of the name of Jesus. His followers, however, saw not only the chance, but also the necessity, to take the next step, namely to take the name Jesus out of the center and to put an invented God in his place. They had great success with it and said that they only worshiped the Jehovah God. To hide this blatant turn to Jehovah paganism, they devoted themselves to grand pagan themes that would distract from their satanic departure from the last breath of Christianity. The end of the world and the assumption of world supremacy were sufficient for this. Millions of people fell into their trap and happily paid with their money and their lifetime. And with their lives.

Over time, the Watchtower Society was not satisfied with the success of its lies, and Jehovah's Witnesses began documenting their satanic origins with demon illustrations in their writings. The financial cushion and the sustainability of their seduction had become so fat that they had to go new ways of infamy and deceit in order not to be bored. So Fred Franz introduced the idea that only a limited amount would be saved by Christ and the rest of humanity would have to be saved by the Watchtower Society. To do this, these people would have to give everything they had in money and time. A super idea! And the Jehovah's Witnesses swallowed this spook and this obvious Masonic fantasy. The losses the Watchtower Society suffered in such "times of new light" were small. This religion, as well as this, was not primarily aimed at numerical success, but at the maximum lie that can be expected of people without them leaving religion. And this has been evident since Russell's time. The ejection as useless renegade is the wall on which people are shattered who dare to turn on their brains.

And so not only the audacity of the lie is savoured, but also its broadband and severity of consequences. Invent a lie that directly claims human lives. This is the ultimate measuring instrument that mocks people to stay in an elitist club. And many parents let their children die for the human blood lie and were and are proud of it. There are even people who, long before they reached Jehovah's Witness status, let their child die according to the Watchtower Society's rules of lies. It would be interesting to know if these people are actually still on the way to this lying community or if they have turned away because of this terrible experience. And if they actually still insist on having their son die in order to become Jehovah's Witnesses, what must happen in them when they are excluded a few years later because of a flimsy thing, as the Watchtower Society likes to do?

Jehovah's Witnesses are targeting specific people

Today I didn't experience much in Heidelberg. Due to the heat alone, I didn't feel like staying there for a second longer than necessary. I saw a Jehovah's Witness looking into his trousers to pull them a little higher. After successfully setting up his perfect clothes, his Watchtower Rollator collapsed and the three wobbled away satisfied. However, they couldn't blur the impression that they were leaving prematurely because of the confrontation with the theses on my signs. "Jehovah's Witnesses let bleed to death!"

After looking after the three Watchtower vehicles, I turned and saw a Jehovah's Witness walking straight towards a young black refugee, handing him a Watchtower print with much salesmanship and warm words. The strategy behind it is simple and quickly explained. Once this refugee becomes a Jehovah's Witness, the Watchtower Society will have another faithful Witness in its hands who can be exploited for life because of his poor education. Should this refugee leave Germany at some point, he can be used wonderfully as a pioneer in his home country. This will be a lifelong symbiosis and the deadly lies of the Watchtower Society will reach many more people. Above all, people who have nothing, nothing at all to oppose these lies in terms of education.

The blatant impudence of Jehovah's Witnesses to draw a certain clientele to their side correlates very strongly with the many dead produced by their blood lies. Jehovah's Witness is like a man who does not fight but works with tricks and deceit. And the many bled to death children and adults are his work. The work of Jehovah's Witness.

If you see someone on the horizon with a checkered shirt, yellow tie and shoulder bag, take the umbrella up and hold it so that you can keep dogs and other animals at a distance at all times.


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