Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 68

Jehovah's Witnesses: Fiasco in Wíesloch

They disappear like thieves.

What can happen when you meet Jehovah's Witnesses? It can show you how wide the gap is between the factual disgust and the love for one's neighbor that comes from Jesus. The Jehovah's Witness with the purposeful smile known from the cheap children's cartoons did not smile at all today when I confronted her with my sign from the first second of her mission. She looked left, she looked right, but never at my text, because she knew she would get into trouble. This self-casteful isolation can be found in most Jehovah's Witnesses. In Essen, a Jehovah's Witness stretched her hand up as a devil's symbol and said, "Back to Father! She did not respond to our request. She just walked on. The motto of these people seems to be: It doesn't matter if they catch you. All you have to do is move on. This attitude can be found among Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch. They continue their prey at all costs, without considering what they have encountered in the meantime. They have surrendered to the worldly Watchtower power, of which they know that it has completely reinterpreted the concept of responsibility. They go the way that is very obviously connected with Satan and don't give a damn whether they and their victims perish or not. This sacrifice offers them enough support. They don't care who they are trapped by. The main thing is that they can sacrifice themselves. This attitude was also the only inner support for the SS and the SA.

In Wiesloch there is a mega-dreamy Fau among the Jehovah's Witnesses who always puts on a child's smile when she needs it, as one knows it from the cheap Heidi cartoons. This play with facial expressions is so perfect that it looks very repulsive even from its fictitiousness. But when this woman calls the police because someone has photographed her, she drops her sales face and the evil radiates unhindered from her eyes. This perfect Jehovah's Witness had no reason to laugh today because I stood in front of her with my sign from the first second she appeared: Jehovah "God" is Satan because he forbids contact with Jesus.

This Jehovah's Witness, I call her "Witness super funny", this time initially pitied a man for 20 minutes and then put massive pressure on him. She and her later husband did not let the man out of the trap. The man finally looked at my sign several times after about 15 minutes and I got hope that he knew what these people wanted to do to him. During this time two men came to talk to me about my action. It was an uplifting experience to meet two Christians who saw through the process without much description and were pleased to see that someone was resisting this insanity.

Mrs. Super funny and her husband left the pedestrian zone quickly after they had to let the man go. Again and again they looked around for me, probably to decide whether they could start a sermon service attempt in front of the Schlecker branch. But that didn't happen anymore and they cleared the field quickly because they knew exactly that they couldn't do anything against the simple factual statements about their religion with their "resolutions of Jehovah". They behaved and behave like the one who seduces as many as possible in the end, although or precisely because he knows that he is on the spiritual losing side.

Minutes later Fau Unwirsch stabbed into the pedestrian zone and rolled up the watchtower to the thickness of a pencil to hide it better. I had met Mrs Unwirsch by chance weeks ago directly after a discussion at the Penny at the box office, where I pointed out to her once again that she too would have to answer for the religious murder by bleeding to death, because she gave her binding consent to this human sacrifice when she entered the Watchtower religion. She made a gruff, refusing gesture and in me disappeared every hope to be able to help this woman. This woman does not make an unsympathetic impression at all. This impression, however, disappears immediately for those who criticise her for her religion.

Mrs. Gruff galloped through the pedestrian zone, because she knew that she had no chance to do the planned sermon service without thinking. After she had ignored me by every trick in the book, I approached her from a distance of 10 meters in a calm tone and made some content-related reproaches, which she really didn't seem to hear:

  • What kind of God is this who in the first commandment strictly excludes having another God, but then himself in John 1,1 introduces a second God tricky? It can only be Satan!
  • What kind of God is this who forbids contact with Jesus? It can only be Satan!
  • n the Watchtower literature the devil is always depicted hidden. Be honest with yourself! You know who you serve!

This woman's hasty reaction signaled only one thing: she will never voluntarily obey her conscience, for she belongs to the satanic association Watchtower Society. She will continue to regard the bleeding to death of other people as a service, she will continue to have the second God Jesus in her religion, she will continue to violate the first commandment every day with this second God and she will not give a damn how much others care about her and follow her. Her equally stubborn husband, whom I had the pleasure of meeting earlier in a conversation, received her like an angler catching up on his tattered bait. He had probably sent her ahead to find out the situation.

Some time ago, the Wiesloch Brotherhood of Bleeding to death Lasers swam on a wave of self-satisfied takeover power and sprayed the feeling that Wiesloch was about to be taken over. Meanwhile, they have realized that there is something else besides Jehovah's fiction, and that the justification of the Jehovah's religion is not automatically achieved through the deification of the Watchtower Society. They still try to install this deification of the organization in other people, but they feel that their world takeover struggle is nothing more than utopia.

It remains to be clarified to what extent the isolation of good people can maintain the structure of the conspiratorial Jehovah's Brotherhood. It remains to be clarified whether the state recognition of this bleeding religion as a public corporation is involved in unnecessarily prolonging the suffering caused by Jehovah's Witnesses. Many a judge deserves to be chanted out of the bedroom of his residence at night so that the good man reconsiders his decision.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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