Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 45

Jehovah's Witnesses casserole in Essen Frohnhausen

Watchtower Society in Need! – Jehovah's Witnesses are panicky everywhere!

On the motorcycle trip to North Rhine-Westphalia I had to refuel again. On this occasion I wanted to buy a roll and was shocked that this roll should cost 45 cents in Niedernhausen. So I drove a few meters further and looked at the very small market of Niedernhausen, in order to buy me there a bread roll. The shock: Jehovah's Witnesses had a fat advertising stock on this super small market with about five or six stalls. When I stood in front of this advertising stock and looked for words, the young Jehovah's Witness began to make reading offers like a businessman.

My accusation that someone who bleeds people to death for a God can only be a heathen and is in deep paganism visibly shook this businessman Jehovah's Witness. Next to him stood three women, two of them middle-aged. In the further discussion, I mentioned that Jesus could not be the Lord of Jehovah's Witnesses, because the Watchtower literature explicitly states that the Lord of Jehovah's Witnesses is precisely this Jehovah. One of the ladies then said: "That's nice that they read these things!" I reacted very seriously and pointed to them and said: "What a sarcasm that is! What a dirty sarcasm!" That worked on this lady and she could barely maintain her facade.

Jehovah's Witnesses casserole in Essen Frohnhausen

On Saturday we drove with the motorcycle through the area and met completely unexpectedly in Essen Frohnhausen a Jehovah's Witness casserole. The market place was dominated by Jehovah's Witnesses. Does the Watchtower Society have any pressure to act? Are the success figures collapsing? The picture on the market square in Essen Frohnhausen was overwhelming.

In the morning I had provisionally described a DIN A4 sheet with the text: "bleeding people to death for a god – Jehovah's Witnesses". A younger Jehovah's Witness began to laugh after reading this text. I asked her several times how to interpret that she was laughing at this text. The laughter got stuck in her throat and she became thoughtful, unlike the others in her group.

Crisis meeting in Essen Frohnhausen

The Jehovah's Witnesses in Essen Frohnhausen seemed to be in crisis. Apparently, they have never experienced anyone interfering with their business with clear arguments.

Before we continued in the direction of the pedestrian zone in Essen Zentrum, my friend spoke to another Jehovah's Witness. I very much hope that this man will positively acknowledge our clearing up attempte. He already noticed how untruth is at home in the Watchtower doctrine. But according to his training, he always tried to cover this up.

Satan as Father of Jehovah's Witnesses

In the pedestrian zone there was already an older Watchtower couple ready for us as ordered. In the eager conversation she forced on my girlfriend, the woman showed her devil-signed hand upwards and said: "To the Father!" I was shocked and delighted at the same time, for this self-trayal was exactly in keeping with the assertions I made about the Watchtower Society. I responded by addressing my girlfriend while Jehovah's Witness was still finishing her talk. My girlfriend had also seen this gesture. Jehovah's Witness took no notice of our excitement. It remains questionable whether this satanic gesture "went off her hand" consciously or unconsciously. The man stayed out of everything and was not reachable.

During the rest of our walk in the pedestrian precinct of Essen, I saw several more Jehovah's Witnesses and shouted after them: "Jehovah's Witnesses have two Gods!" The Mormons were also present with an information stand. They had a bowl of Haribo candy on their table, so my enthusiasm could hardly be restrained. We talked to an older Mormon woman who mentioned in between that the Mormons were the only true ...

When I told the Mormon woman something about Jesus, you could see that she became more attentive. But her intention to draw us into Mormon nonsense remained undiminished. The sects, the only true ..., scratch and scrape in public for people who want to be seduced as if the last days had begun for the sects.

In the cult scene, the attentive spectator notices a boiling battle for people that lacks serenity and self-confidence. The sects show an increased pressure to perform and a real panic. The Watchtower Society is betting against enlightenment on increased activity on the part of its slaves. The Watchtower Society tries to compensate for the loss through increased seduction. This shows that the Watchtower society is not interested in the individual, but only in numbers and sums. With Jesus only the individual person counts. You and I. With the Watchtower Society only the quota counts. The measures of the organization are decided according to the prospect of success, not according to what people need.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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