Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 393

Speyer: The watchtower goes down ... but it still shrugs

Dear people! What a day! With some inner doubts I drove to Speyer, ready to go somewhere else quite fast, if Speyer wasn't flooded by Jehovah's Witnesses. The first thing was the police car, which just delivered the location of our dear Altpoertel Witnesses to Jehovah. What was going on! It became clear, that the pedestrian zone of Speyer was equipped with a lot of police, because a citizens' initiative appeared, which does not want to see a nearby barracks used any more for migrants, but wants to lead the social housing construction, as the mayor of Speyer had already promised a long time ago. That's how much I learned from one of the men who stood in the burning sun.

Left and right of the stand of this citizens' initiative were their opponents positioned. Multicultural fetishists and Greens. So those who, or their political counterparts, have been saving the police money for years. To keep order, many police officers stood around until the bitter end. While I was riding my bike back and forth and enjoying the wind and the sunshine, the police officers in full kit stood at their spot for hours and trumped once more the much praised steadfastness of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

However, these guardians of order do the work on credit. They won't get their money for this Saturday work or leisure time compensation until ten or twenty years from now. What employee would ever make such a deal where he would have to wait twenty years without interest for his money? German policemen are used to this business practice because they don't want to lose their job. German policemen are in the blackmail grip of the green and left-wing Kaputtsparer. Or is Mrs. Merkel also involved? Ui! Then, of course, it is something else. – We will manage that, won't we?

With my folding bike, which I like to use in pedestrian zones when cycling is not forbidden, I cycled up and down the pedestrian zone of Speyer and started to look forward to an early evening. The headline should read: "Yay! Free from ten thirty!" But what then came was more interesting for worlds than the fast journey home. Under the overwhelming presence of the police, a scavenger hunt began and I attracted attention because of my regular appearance in the sights of the police. Jehovah's Witnesses tried to trick me and I drove or followed them (in the latter case with raised signs) calmly and without stress. The result was that the entire pedestrian zone got to know the murder by bleeding to death, which the Watchtower Society still commits with impunity today. And the police also kept an eye out. By the way and without attracting attention. It was funny. What kind of person must it be who stands out from the others and does his very own thing? Strange, but also interesting.

The fact that the police, for very practical reasons, are only badly informed about some things became apparent yesterday in Wiesloch, where I was forbidden by the police to interrupt other people in their conversation. The embarrassment of the Wiesloch police was perfect and for many police officers elsewhere there is also the risk of going totally into this mode of the tough stupidity. That's why it's a good idea for individual policemen to give each other the "nakedness" and read the upheld signs once. Does that damage their loyalty to the German state? No. They learn to distinguish for whom they should take the rap and for whom they should not. The Wiesloch police authority, in any case, is stalling for the, which sends its people on the street as Jehovah's Witnesses and wants to recruit even more murderers and even more murder victims.

Under the flag of great peace through an unspectacular journey home, I cycled towards the Cathedral, the direction in which the papal power manifested itself in stones, and unfortunately there were two Jehovah's Witnesses. Oh man! Too bad! But no matter. When I had set myself up with my signs there as well, some ordered or unordered comedians also passed by, who rejected me with a big gesture and a loud voice. The disgust I had expressed was so exaggerated that I could not and cannot imagine a normal person expressing himself in this way. But also a man with a baby in his arm came by and told me that there were two Jehovah's Witnesses standing on the market square. I could also go there. It was totally beautiful: This discrepancy between two-humped hormonally disordered centenarians and normal people, who passed by and gave the information where there are more Jehovah's Witnesses. I hope that the pleasure of such an event will become clear to the reader. Some stink of extra, others come across so real that it's just fun.

I went to the marketplace with the raised signs (I have to hold on to them) and actually met two milk-faced boys who were all grown up and important as they had been taught. My new sign adapted to the Watchtower reads: "Murder by bleeding to death РHow it all begins?" The two Jehovah's Witnesses, who will certainly get a woman off because Jehovah's Witnesses have a massive surplus of women, stood deaf and blind and their superior smile did not cover the whole country just because the puberty they had just undergone was vetoing it. Later, the two poor people met their colleagues. It was a model of a man with a mannequin of a woman. I sincerely hope that these two (which can also be seen in the photos) don't just fulfil the big clich̩, but are really together out of love. The two Jehovah's cheese witnesses looked at the beautiful woman with unbelievable envy and she herself made no secret of belonging to a handsome man and looked at the two milk faces as if she wanted to drag them both to bed immediately. She has this freedom because the Watchtower-Jehova forbids adultery. So you can grab two pale faces psychically by the scrotum and let them sniff at the horny breath of a woman by being totally exaggeratedly nice. They must not move! To be a Jehovah's Witness is awesome! But only if she has the ultimate beauty on her fishing rod.

The two old Jehovah's Witnesses had already disappeared after a few minutes and I followed the two boys with the Watchtower Rollator. They led me to the two old men who had positioned themselves at Altpoertel. When we, the two rollator drivers and I, arrived there, the four Jehovah's Witnesses made a short meeting consisting of a well organized departure. Brilliant! Finally free! But I sat down with the sign "Jehovah's Witnesses Bleed to death" indefinitely on my favorite bench in Germany. And I knew that the police were watching me in the rear-view mirror.

And look, kuck! Rub your eyes! After some time the young graduates of puberty came and rolled the watchtower vehicle towards the pedestrian zone to the assumed joy of their watchtower mothers. To the renewed amazement of the bored police at Altpoertel, I also set myself in motion and enjoyed photographing the two Watchtower youths extensively under the eyes of the police, who have to share green and left ideals. No cold hand reached for me and nobody told me not to photograph these people. Then a march followed through the entire pedestrian zone of Speyer and many people understood that Jehovah's Witnesses kill people by bleeding to death.

The two then met the beautiful one and his beauty and all the people who looked at him, i.e. me, could feel the spreading sexual fascination emanating from Jehovah's Witness. This sweeping niceness of Jehovah's Witnesses is stunning and I don't want at any price to be in the skin of Jehovah's Witnesses who get 90 percent of the women born into the community incapacitated to any sexuality. And do we know whether the two model beauties will ever have a fulfilling relationship at all? Imagine you are hot as a rat and your wife is also hot as a rat, but it must not be! Because of the watchtower! Ouch!

Some people manage to compensate for these problems, and they satisfy their instincts with pleasurable food. On my return from the departure point of the Jehovah's teenagers, I met again the two who had diluted themselves so early. All the more they appeared now at the Altpoertel and I started my camera in video mode, in order to finally get the battery once empty. Then I went through the whole pedestrian zone of Speyer again in sign mode and the people got a kind of repeat lesson in bleeding murder à la Jehova. It is a pleasure to watch the faces of the people. You can feel the crackling in the minds of the spectators. And Jehovah's Witnesses are only stretched in front of the watchtower carts. The comedy and tragedy of this scenery is far-reaching. When will the Jehovah's Witnesses finally realize that they are murderers and murdered?

I myself have felt the attractiveness of a Jehovah's Witness for some years and I have heard of some who have broken from similarly unfortunate temptations of Jehovah. Jehovah's Witnesses are super horny, hollow and cored inside and can never live out their sexual desires. And they let their men despair of them. Jehovah's Witnesses only have an ideal facade. And the ugly Jehovah's Witnesses play no part in it. Satan's play with sexual longings is perfect. Jehovah's Witnesses indulge in it. The slick bait smiles in the sunlight of artificial religion.

On the cardboard poster rolled around by Jehovah's Witnesses is written in white on black: "Jehovah's Witnesses". As the two older ones turned sharply on their way home, I came very close to them unintentionally and said, "Oh, there's even Jehovah's Witnesses! But I wouldn't have thought of that!"

The day was just beautiful and I hope that Speyer will hand over the barracks to his own people and not to the thousands from North Africa. Because the Resettlement Program is Masonic.


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