Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 236

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Anti Last Supper accusation

Also this old lady has not been allowed to take biblical communion for the rest of her life, because in the Catholic Church the wine is only eaten by the priest. Catholics do not get a drop from the symbol of the Blood of Christ. One must bear in mind that all Catholics of this world are not allowed to celebrate a biblically valid Lord's Supper throughout their lives.

Likewise, all Jehovah's Witnesses, like Catholics, are separated from bread and wine. However, Jehovah's Witnesses go one step further and solemnly reject bread and wine when they celebrate the celebration of death once a year. They call their death feast a memorial meal. But it is only a celebration of death that Satanists could not have imagined more beautifully. Jehovah's Witnesses solemnly reject Jesus once a year and are proud of it. The Jehovah's Witnesses' celebration of death is a central point of their anti-Christian theology.

So Jehovah's Witnesses not only recruit new candidates for bleeding to death, but they also want to get people to participate as Jehovah's Witnesses in the rejection celebration of Jesus. The Anti-Cenacle Meal of Jehovah's Witnesses. "Jehovah's Witnesses must refuse bread and wine to my signs – Anti-Cenacle – Antichrist" Jehovah's Witnesses reacted with an embarrassed grin, which however later became more and more arrogant.

A Buddhist talked to me for a long time and inconveniently, only to get to the point that we were all gods after all. I told her jokingly and friendly: "God! Go there! And showed her the way to the horizon with her hand. But I also told her: "No offense – I only took you at your word." And it's like this: Whoever has come to know Jesus does not need any other gods.

A man photographed me and then got artificially upset: "I've never seen anything so dappish!" His gestures were like those of a chimpanzee trying to ward off a leopard. I asked: "Did you know that Jehovah's Witnesses must refuse bread and wine? " The man called: "I knew that! But I've never seen anything so dappish!" Who should understand this logic? How can the behaviour of this man be explained? Was it the European Ecumenical Envoy?

The attention of the Speyer visitors in the pedestrian zone was enormous. I stood there for three full hours holding up the signs and couldn't decide to finally leave because of aching feet. Jehovah's Witnesses were playing a kind of encircling game, but they were doing themselves a lot of harm. Because the passers-by didn't have to look out for long to see the connection very vividly. The Watchtower Trolleys formed a kind of commentary trellis, which people could use to easily recognize what I criticized.

Today I met many young Christians in Speyer who were travelling in the pedestrian zone. They spoke to me several times, sometimes quite provocatively, and the conversation always ended with the common confession of Jesus. It is frightening that even Christians do not know the abysses of the Watchtower doctrine. One can't blame a man for never having seen something as dappish as my protest. However, we do not know what he really knew and what he did not know.

The advertising of Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer today became a factor that greatly contributed to the exposing of the Watchtower doctrine. The fat man with the hat, who could clearly see that he was only looking for a powerful position with Jehovah's Witnesses, became smaller and smaller and slipped deeper and deeper under the book table. Jehovah's Witnesses sat or stood at the end like wax figures and did not move. Probably they were all at home spiritually and enjoyed the pre-soup.

And contrary to all the evil experience so far, I do not give up hope that Jehovah's Witnesses will think about everything and draw the necessary logical conclusions about their organization. An organization cannot save. Only God Himself can save. And God has made Himself accessible to everyone in Jesus.


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