Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 322

Are Jehovah's people cannibals?

Thou shalt not eat thy neighbour!

In Speyer, other Jehovah's actors, who had probably heard about the disarmament of Jehovah's old men at Altpoertel, tried to get the situation under control again and strolled around as uninhibitedly as possible. However, those who speak German avoided the type with the shield "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death". Only Italian Jehovah's slaves shouting at each other did not avoid my proximity and pretended that I didn't exist.

In the night on today I had the idea to prepare some new texts and to drive to Bruchsal after my profilactic stay in Speyer at the Altpoertel. It had become clear to me that I had left the Jehovah's propagandists in Bruchsal alone for too long. And so I spent my time in Speyer, until I had the inner certainty that the Speyer lie scene could no longer be influenced by any further expenditure of time. The resistance of Jehovah's lie propagators is so high that you have to think very carefully about where something is still worthwhile.

Nevertheless the time in Speyer at the Altpoertel was not a wasted time and I drove with inner peace towards Bruchsal, where in my opinion the most brutal and hardest liars of Jehovah are staged. The Bruchsal underworld of Jehovah is an event in itself and can hardly be compared to the side worlds of Jehovah in other cities. The human manipulation by Jehovah's Witnesses is especially bad in Bruchsal and you can feel the concentrated stench of Freemasonry the closer you get to Karlsruhe. Bruchsal is one of the most depraved places when it comes to false doctrines and human seduction. You can also tell by how people react to my signs. In Bruchsal there seems to be only a handful of genuine Christians left. The rest, like Jehovah's Witnesses, is gutted and specialized in material things.

And yet one of the advertisers "The Party" came to me and gave me a cup to drink. I had the signs: "Why do Jehovah's Witnesses need cannibalism laws?" and "To bleed people to death!" The concreted facade of the Watchtower Lie Propagators got cracks, which, however, were filled again a few seconds later. In the course of the morning, however, one could always see from the faces of the Bruchsal book table guards of Jehovah that one or the other thought was shooting through their heads. Sadly, however, is the long-term experience that Jehovah's Watchtower disciples sacrifice their own thinking to Jehovah's murder orga again and again in order not to lose their status as princes of the new world.

Why do Jehovah's Witnesses need cannibalism laws?

Jehovah's Watchtower kids don't drink human blood. That's for sure. Jehovah's Watchtower children don't eat human flesh. Let's take that for granted. Jehovah's Watchtower children are not cannibals. But why do they have cannibalism laws? If cannibalism ever existed in Judaism, at least one commandment would have to be: "You shall not eat your neighbor!" In the Bible there is nothing about man-eating and also nothing about drinking human blood. And yet the annihilators have Jehovah's cannibalism rules in their religious program. Why?

The only sense and purpose why the Watchtower Society reinterprets the Mosaic dietary laws as cannibalism laws is to include murder in its fixed repertoire by bleeding to death. The equation of Mosaic dietary rules with cannibalism rules by extra-wrong Bible interpretation of the Jehovah's Masons has the only purpose of quickly and effectively killing people by demonizing blood transfusions. After the mental and spiritual erosion of humans, the physical killing by the religiously prescribed bleeding follows from case to case, which – incidentally – is perfectly organized. The basis of these murders of the Watchtower Society are the conversion of the dietary laws of the Old Testament into cannibalism laws and the overriding goal of the Watchtower to destroy people. In the Watchtower society, the annihilation of human beings is above all else, and the execution of this annihilation of human beings takes place via the track of misinterpretation of the Bible. The Bible is to be presented to all people as the dirtiest book in the world. To do this, Jehovah's Witnesses must do the dirtiest job in the world and spread the dirtiest lies about the Bible.

This dirty game is worthwhile only if it is organized under the most pious auspices. Jehovah's Witnesses are a prime example of fanatical piety and of the absolute will to please their Jehovah. But the Jehovah's devote ones do not realize that they are serving Satan, who wants to destroy all people. With their non-existent cannibalism, which must be regulated by cannibalism laws supposedly drawn from the Bible, they create a religious platform for the devil to murder people with impunity. This system of killing by religion has been so skilfully arranged in the Watchtower Society that no public prosecutor's office in the world has yet become aware of Jehovah's murderers.

Masonic achievement in the field of human killing by bleeding to death has no equal in the rest of Freemasonry. Human Murder in the Watchtower Society is the absolute front-runner in this regard in terms of Masonic Fraud and Masonic Seizure of Power. The Watchtower Society with its religious murders stands far above all public prosecutor's offices and legal systems of this world. Nobody molests them. The Watchtower Society continues to have undiminished power to murder people with the help of completely crazy cannibalism regulations.

In other words, the Watchtower Society overlooks all attorneys, prosecutors, judges, and courts with all its lying refinement. And in this way the chosen people of Jehovah become nothing but cannibals. It eats people.


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