Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 255

Jehovah tiny small – No conflicts, no disturbances, no assassinations

The Watchtower Society very early established the sale (now the gift) of its literature as a religious practice in order to obtain police protection from the state. In the course of ideological humanism, the legal systems of most states have also bravely swallowed and digested this, so that even today an oversized idea haunts the minds of Jehovah's Witnesses: The Jehovah's sermon service is the practice of religion and is subject to religious freedom. Sermon service must be protected by the police and critics must maintain a minimum distance of up to 250 metres. Recruiting more victims is "true worship".

Jehovah's Witnesses react very clearly when facts from their religion are presented to them on laminated DIN A4 sheets. They become angry because they feel that their religious practice is being hindered and used to call the police. But I only do exactly what Jehovah's Witnesses do. I hold up something so that everyone can see it, but not to recruit victims, but to enlighten about the lies of the Watchtower religion.

So once in Wiesloch an angry Jehovah's Witness stepped forward a few steps as a policeman passed by, and asked angrily, bright red, "Doesn't he have to keep a certain distance?" The policeman asked: "Do you have an injunction?" Jehovah's Witness repeated the question and the policeman repeated his counter-question as well, just a little louder than before. Jehovah's Witness had assumed that I was acting illegally when I was standing a few feet away with my signs.

Exactly the same situation exists in the question of whether or not Jehovah's Witnesses may be photographed. For a long time the false information spread by the Watchtower Society that Jehovah's Witnesses should not be photographed remained, and even the police knew nothing about it. But in Wiesloch the situation has changed. We do not know whether the police had a meeting with representatives of Jehovah's Witnesses or not. In any case, Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch are now being photographed almost peacefully. Okay, the looks are deadly and some of Jehovah's Witnesses are still rumbling around. But they don't call the police anymore.

Two factors have been achieved by Jehovah's Witnesses' previous confrontation with laminated A4 sheets. First, Jehovah's Witnesses may be photographed because they go to the public to be seen and to achieve their goals. Secondly, the protection afforded by freedom of religion does not go so far as to automatically prohibit critics and require them to keep a certain distance.

These two facts contribute to bringing Jehovah's Witnesses down from their imaginary pedestal in the long run and helping them to bring normal reality closer to them again. Thus, through the confrontation of Jehovah's Witnesses with the Enlightenment – over the head of the Watchtower Society – something happened to Jehovah's Witnesses that was forced upon them by a Christian and from which the New World Society cannot escape. The power of the Watchtower organization could not prevent the confrontation with facts from the Watchtower religion held up on DIN A4 sheets from changing the long-standing behavior patterns of many Jehovah's Witnesses. The Watchtower Society had to abandon the fraud of Jehovah's Witnesses in two respects: Photo ban and police protection against criticism.

In these two points the power of the Watchtower princes over the local Jehovah's Witnesses has actually diminished and this is clearly expressed. Jehovah's Witnesses, who used to burst with sacred indignation when photographed, now – after years – finally hold still and dominate each other. They also no longer dictate what distance should be kept and no longer call the police so quickly when they no longer feel their religious supremacy. It would be interesting to find out whether these changes are limited to the local area. It is possible that Jehovah's Witnesses in other regions still react in the same way as the local Witnesses have done so far.

There were no Jehovah's Witnesses at Walldorf / Wiesloch station. In the Wiesloch pedestrian zone, a Jehovah's Witness stood in front of the Volksbank for just 11 minutes. Several other Jehovah's Witnesses went by at regular intervals to inspect the situation. None of them stayed. All Jehovah's Witnesses simply went further than if there was nothing and they did not even have the Watchtower with them.

It is a good feeling to have helped such a lying juggernaut as the Watchtower Society by perseverance (which is not at all my strength of character and which, in my opinion, comes from Jesus) at least regionally in matters of truth. The enlightened confrontation of Jehovah's Witnesses with many facts from their own religion has led to the fact that the Org, who just a year ago had me presented with a who-has-the-power treatise by two Jehovah's special witnesses, has to accept her defeat grudgingly, as a liar does. She remains silent and limits the damage as best she can.

It remains to be observed how things develop, and for that it is good to have publicly documented every single Watchtower lie enlightenment. These reports also protect against lies and insinuations.


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