Merkel Clarification No. 473January 24, 2020

Vigil against poverty in old age

Scaring left-wing control people

After the attack on November 21, 2019 in Wiesloch I had to deal with the conflict of conscience whether I could so easily stop my attempts at enlightenment just because I was a coward. The psychological effect did not miss this attack. It is difficult to look some people on the street in the eyes. Fear instil some people. Wanted, planned, conscious.

All the more pleasant was the chance for me to go into the pedestrian zone, completely separated from the Jehovah's Witnesses problem, without having to surrender to the left, the Greens and especially the antifa. I was invited to the Vigil against poverty in old age in Heidelberg, and I was immediately sure: I'll be there!

On the way to the vigil I passed three Watchtower trolley demos, but I didn't feel anything about just walking past them. If Jehovah's Witnesses are using left-wing extremist violence, they may have reached the point of dropping them. When Jehovah's Witnesses engage in political activities using the least radical means, they put themselves on the sidelines. They are moving to the same level as the Heidelberg left-wing control people. Aggression is their lifeblood. Dark looks and permanent staring are their social actions. But they have not yet taken up their weapons – today.

No right-wing extremist pensioner seen

The vigilantes were all a pleasant, soothing surprise. They're all people you can talk to. Not nailed down, not stubborn. Just to meet people like that makes me grateful. There was nothing, but also nothing to indicate a right attitude or anything like that. In contrast to the left-wing control people, who had lined up opposite to us, there was no hatred from the vigilantes.

When left-wing extremists feel they are protecting the constitution

Opposite stood a strange mixture of leftists of different origins. There were those who had violence written all over their faces. There were those who displayed their millionfold superiority. There were several who seemed to be completely uninvolved, but who probably would have given up the randomness of their presence at a certain signal. For me, who had experienced violence in Wiesloch, a latent threat was already perceptible in this collection of left-wing control people.

From the remarks and statements of the vigilantes it became clear that they did not quite recognize the radical leftist threat. They hoped to be protected by the fact that they did not belong to any party and did not appear under a certain political orientation. On the surface, this was true, but it is likely that the gossamer peace was only due to the tactical calculations of the left-wing controllers. It would of course have backfired violently if left-wing radicals had attacked a vigil against poverty in old age.

All the more astonishing to me was the experience that some of these control people, who like Jehovah's Witnesses ate wisdom with spoons, could effortlessly maintain the hatred in their eyes. Would it have fallen off their faces if they had started to jump? I suppose so. The leftists draw their self-importance from a tremendously important position in society. They have the task of making sure that no one dares to criticize the Merkel system. Like the henchmen of other dictatorships, they have given themselves the task of considering everything that does not share their opinion as an enemy and, if possible, criminalizing or even directly judging them. With square timber or brass knuckles. No matter.

In between, a few brightly smiling Jehovah's Witnesses trotted by. Did they talk to the black man who disguised as a woman in a transparent dress, as a female Jehovah's Witness? You could see that he was not even wearing proper underpants. How can one follow a religion that has extreme parallels to the Greens and the Merkel system? Jehovah's Witnesses, like the left-wing control people, are a million times superior to the rest of the world.

It remains to be hoped that the vigil "Fridays against poverty in old age" will still be held often and that the usual antifa violent orgies will not occur.


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