Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 307

Jehovah's Witnesses Antichrist Superstar

JW are separated from Jesus in all matters

In Wiesloch, Jehovah's Witnesses continued to shine with ignorance, but also with thief-like disappearances. In Heidelberg, Jehovah's Witnesses also buzzed off very quickly. People were amused because they saw the situation comedy. Above all, the Jehovah's Witnesses' smug snootiness (which they share with the Mormons) floats.

Is the ban on Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia persecution of Christians?

After Jehovah's Witnesses were banned in Russia, this ban is often referred to as persecution of Christians. But Jehovah's Witnesses are in fact not Christians, but the exact opposite. They embody the anti-Christian religious delusion and even use structural violence against their own people, which often enough ends with death by bleeding to death.

In the following the facts about the antichristian nature of the Watchtower disciples shall be summarized as briefly as possible.

Jehovah's Witnesses have the ultimate Jesus contact ban

Jehovah's Witnesses are forbidden to contact Jesus. In this world there is no Christian who would have become a Christian or could be a Christian without prayer contact with Jesus. Because Jehovah's Witnesses see Jesus as a kind of created sub-god, they are of course not allowed to worship Jesus. To worship two gods is polytheism. This cannot be reconciled with the first commandment. To call Jesus the second God is a successful trick to keep people away from Jesus. (The separation from Jesus is the ultimate goal of the Watchtower doctrine.)

Jehovah's Witnesses Celebrate the Great Jesus Rejection Feast Once a Year

The mimicry of the Christian Last Supper becomes a great anti-Christian spectacle in the Watchtower Society. No one of the Jehovah's Witnesses may take bread and wine. Worldwide the spectacle of the rejection of Jesus is celebrated synchronously and the Watchtower Society joyfully reports how many millions of people participated.

The only ones who may take from the symbols are the so-called anointed ones. The Watchtower doctrine adapts to the circumstance that, again and again, an "anointed one" appears, claiming that these still advancing "anointed ones" are the substitute for "anointed ones" who have become apostates in heaven. What nonsense. Thus the whole Watchtower religion leads only to one God, who even after the final acceptance still rejects one.

Jehovah's Witnesses are not reborn

The Watchtower Society defines the class of the Jonadabe, the great crowd, just all Jehovah's Witnesses who are not "anointed;", that is, really 99.999 percent of the Watchtower hearing as not born of God's Spirit. While every Christian realizes that he has become a new creature by being born again of water and the Spirit, Jehovah's Witnesses remain a carnal class that also hopes for a carnal paradise, the Kingdom of Jehovah with giant tomatoes and pumpkins.

Jehovah's Witnesses have no certainty of salvation

According to the Watchtower Doctrine, the hope for Jehovah's Kingdom on Earth must be created by Jehovah's Witnesses after Armageddon in their own work. Then, of course, the Watchtower Society will rule this kingdom of Jehovah with an iron rod. However, there is no binding promise on which Jehovah's Witnesses can rely. Therefore, the Watchtower Society always speaks only of the "prospect" of eternal life on this earth. At times this doctrine has produced excesses, such as the semi-evolutionary perfection of the human body, so that no bowel movement will occur in this tomato and pumpkin paradise. Then men and the food available to them will be so perfect that they will no longer excrete anything.

A Christian has many promises of salvation in the words of Jesus Christ. And the astonishing thing is that Christians report that they repeatedly perceive these promises of Christ so clearly and so presently inwardly that they can and must seriously speak of the certainty of salvation. Jehovah's Witnesses do not know this certainty and cannot imagine anything about it. Their only chance of salvation, which they must increase to the absolute denial of self-constraint, is to remain in the Watchtower Society. So Jehovah's Witnesses are "rescued" by the Watchtower Society alone, by a fascist-organized clique of Masonic-influenced leaders. – Whoever idolizes an organization is a fascist.

Jehovah's Witnesses are baptized and sworn into WTS

The Christian is baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. A Jehovah's Witness, on the other hand, is only accepted into the Jehovah's earthly organization, in which he sinks as a small cogwheel.

Jehovah's Witnesses Have No Fellowship With God

A Christian is in constant communion with Jesus Christ. Jesus is in us and we in him. Jehovah's Witnesses only have fellowship with their peers, and even under the most severe conditions, such as that parents of abused children are threatened with exclusion if they insist that child abuse be reported to the police.

Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death

The Mosaic dietary laws become pure cannibalism laws in the Watchtower doctrine. While there were never cannibals among Jews, so the Bible consequently says nothing about cannibalism, the Governing Body has put together a package of regulations that allows Jehovah's Witnesses to jump over the blade as early as possible. The assumption of a blood transfusion becomes an act of cannibalism. And when a Jehovah's Witness considers on his bleeding deathbed that he would rather accept the blood transfusion, he is manipulated until he finally bleeds to death without having accepted the saving measure. The Watchtower Society has set up hospital liaison committees for this purpose, which it has deliberately planned and organised as killing agents. The planning, organisation and deployment of such hospital liaison committees with the aim of enforcing the cannibalism regulations in an ice-cold and fatal manner is systematic murder.


Systematic killing takes place at two levels in Jehovah's Witnesses. Firstly, very practically through the use of hospital liaison committees (physical killing) and secondly spiritually through the brutal separation from Jesus Christ (spiritual killing). Of course, the ban of the Watchtower Society in Russia is only a helpless and blind reaction of a state. But this prohibition is not persecution of Christians.

Resist when Jehovah's Witnesses in disguise and not in disguise speak of the persecution of Christians in Russia that allegedly struck Jehovah's Witnesses! Jehovah's Witnesses cannot suffer persecution because they are not Christians!


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