Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 256

Jehovah tiny small – Spider seeks flies

When the sun rose in Speyer at the place where Jehovah's Witnesses always stand, I realized that I wanted to sign something that would help prevent TTIP. When corporations have politics in their pockets, it gets tight and dangerous!

At the other end of Speyer's pedestrian zone there was a funny looking Jehovah's Witness. He seemed to me like a funny little cook, who seems to be unable to do anything, but then comes up with a tasty miracle. This Jehovah's Witness even approached me to ask me questions. But this openness only had the purpose of slamming the spiritual door shut and demonstrating to me that under no circumstances are Jehovah's Witnesses willing to learn or question anything. The man showed me that thinking about the Watchtower lies is only possible over his corpse. A Jehovah's Witness is always right and there is no other testimony than: A Jehovah's Witness is always right.

This little Jehovah's Witness, who aroused much sympathy through his person and looked at himself in the shop window and smoothed his already quite greasy hair once more, let me look into the darkest part of his soul when he let the dogmatism of the Watchtower Society drip onto the street inhumanely and without any objective reason. Cruel how a man can sell himself to an ideology and then be capable of nothing more than serving this captivity.

If nothing more is possible than to think only what one has to think in the Watchtower-Org, then man becomes the undead and lives only from his obsession. No power can touch him any more and Jesus – as I have come to know him – does not surprise anyone. Whoever, like this little Jehovah's Witness, has dedicated himself to the Watchtower Satan will never again be reached by Jesus. Death looks directly from the face of Jehovah's Witness and no one can do anything to warn this person. The clear facts of his religion passed his heart and he enjoyed showing me his nailing as his only possible way of life. The forlornness that every Jehovah's Witness experiences through the Watchtower heresies was at home alone in this Jehovah's Witness.

Today, several masters of sniffing were running up and approaching Jehovah's Witnesses directly to conduct conversations of being interested with them. What a beautiful world of all-round isolation opened up. If the voluntary limitation of thinking and feeling came from God, Jehovah's Witnesses would actually be close to recognizing him. However, we all know that God would never artificially limit people's thinking and feeling. We all feel doctrinaire rape at the sight of Catholicism, Islam, the Watchtower religion and other sick sects. We intuitively feel this disease spread in these ideologies.

Today the Spectaculum took place in Speyer, a festivity at which people can take themselves back to a time of knight's armour and court ladies with large up and down bouncing breasts. The audience of this festivity also brought with them the necessary naivety to be considered good prey for Jehovah's Witnesses. The less education a person has, the more lies can be successfully implanted. Fortunately, the motivation of the medieval tourists did not allow for a Jehovah's infiltration. The stupid atheistic faith of these people was too strong. – We have only one God and that is us!

It took the two superficial Jehovah's Witnesses, who had spun their spider's web near this medieval festival, about 20 minutes to realize that the warning from my upheld signs simply poured pure wine on too many people about the Watchtower doctrine. With their heads proudly raised, these Jehovah's Witnesses made themselves thin and left the field voluntarily. Seeing the power of the Watchtower headquarters collapse in between is a good thing. It's a pity that the Jehovah's Witnesses affected have nothing more in their hearts than the brutal Watchtower hardness that allows nothing more than captivity in this sect.

Jehovah's Witness, who often greets people like Angela Merkel, from above down, although she sits, had worked his way further with his new buddy towards the other end of the pedestrian zone Speyer. But after a short time he left with his Jehovah buddy. I had a conversation and could only follow them later. That is, I didn't expect them to line up anywhere, and was surprised that they had set up at the place of the total nailed up.

Here, the two great Jehovah's Witnesses seemed only to take a break. And I don't understand that at least in such a pointless situation, they don't avoid holding up signs by just walking. No, they have to prove their permanent presence and rather refrain from preventing the enlightenment of the people. Accordingly, I enjoyed that many people could still be warned about the lies of the Watchtower Society. And the buses drove past the horizon and a car driver honked his horn in anger.

Several times these two great witnesses clenched Jehovah's fists, which, by the way, I only noticed during the processing of the photos. What is going on in the minds of these one-way street people! Jesus will know. It's his business to deal with it.


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