Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 350

Speyer: Masonic lies have to go away

Always the same game at Altpoertel

It's always the same! But it never gets boring. As soon as the two old Jehovah's witnesses see me on the horizon, they throw their watchtowers into their briefcases and storm away. I gave a few sentences to the one on the left who is always seen from the observer. With a stony face he got on his bike and drove off. The behaviour of the Jehovah's Witnesses remains incomprehensible. They experience their sheer defeat and work on experiencing it again and again. They are like someone who always steps into the same nail and therefore takes exactly the same step again and again. These poor people do not seem to feel any pain. This painlessness is their best protection. If they could still feel pain, i.e. recognize their defeat, their penetrance would not be possible at all.

I have just heard that in the Wiesloch area the Jehovah's Witnesses not only massively increase their activities, but also perform at very unusual times. But they only harm themselves. For someone who has not yet recognized the plague becomes sensitive through the incredibly heightened preaching of Jehovah's Witnesses. He becomes sensitive to the wacky behavior of the Watchtower people and he will realize that they want to slay quality with quantity. Anyone who lies in court won't benefit from a megaphone. He will not be able to defeat the truth by increasing the number of lies. Jehovah's Witnesses in the Wiesloch Room harm themselves by wanting to compensate their spiritual weaknesses with increased hours.

With each new day the passers-by recognize the problem better and with each appearance of the Jehovah's Witnesses the people become more aware that a spiritual battle takes place here or at least a plague tries to assert itself against criticism by more lies. With every alleged victory of Jehovah's Witnesses through increased sermon service, the audience is unintentionally shown how great the need for critical debate is. And I notice this again and again. People who used to slant their mouths when reading my signs are now showing a completely different interest in these actions. This is not because they have miraculously learned something new, but mainly because they have observed the Watchtower Society's completely exaggerated measures to maintain its power and have formed their own judgment. The plaguing multiplication of the hexcasts from the abyss almost prompts them to recognize my resistance as right and important and even to wish for it. It is wonderful to be on the side of Jesus. You don't have a plan, but things can't go wrong. So I also see the silences of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. In the end it harms itself and has no excuse.

In Speyer there was a dangerous situation right at the bus stop where I always sit on the bench. A transporter overtook a cyclist on the right with full throttle. Then there was a lot of turmoil and on the way home I thought about how easy it is to kill people by car.

Small interim balance

The Watchtower Society concentrates all available forces from the surrounding cities in and around Wiesloch. The Watchtower Society orders the Deutsche Bundesbahn to remain silent about why it unilaterally supports the Jehovah's Witnesses in their stations. The Watchtower Society always lets its hand puppets appear in Speyer in the same way and go to the dogs.

The behavior and strategic reactions of the Watchtower Society show quite clearly that people are staying away in and around Wiesloch. The Watchtower Society behaves like a wounded bear.

And as ordered by the Freemasons, the Bahai aunt appears as a heresy substitute for the weakened Jehovah's Witnesses and does her stultification work.

Jehovah's Witnesses! Look!


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