Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 36

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch deny their own doctrine

Second attempt in Wiesloch

Today the town festival was prepared in Wiesloch, so no Jehovah's Witnesses were present at the dead Schlecker branch. I did not expect Jehovah's Witnesses in front of the Volksbank in the pedestrian zone either, because I know it from Bruchsal and Speyer so well that Jehovah's Witnesses do not show up when festivities take place or are prepared there. In my mind, I was already on my way to Heidelberg when a Jehovah's Witness stood in front of the Volksbank. The confrontation with my signs prompted her to wave to her husband, who was 30 meters apart on the other side of the road and also advertised equipped with the Watchtower. The two of them held the watchtower turned at right angles so that passers-by from both sides could see the advertising situation from a distance.

I went to the man of Jehovah's Witness and told him, "Your wife was waving at you. You'd like to come over once, please. At the same time, he read my sign and waved. I was not informed. His interlocutor, also a Jehovah's Witness, said they would not refuse the wine. Many would even have a vineyard. How great must the glare be when one realizes from the Communion wine that the wine is generally rejected by Jehovah's Witnesses? I also could not make her understand that it was not about the general rejection of wine, but about the rejection of bread and wine at the Anti-Cenacle of Jehovah's Witnesses. She did not respond to the bread. Probably no Jehovah's Witness had a bakery in Wiesloch.

About 15 to 20 minutes we discussed and I have to say, the old Jehovah's Witness was not unfriendly. However, he kept presenting me as someone who was simply not informed. But the conversations with the passers-by were very stressful for him, because I could convince him that every saying on the signs is a fragment of the Watchtower doctrine.

The old sad denier of his own teaching and his wife went away and I thought I could go to Heidelberg now to perhaps visit Jehovah's Witnesses there. But in a sideway I saw two more Jehovah's Witnesses working on a woman. The lady was very polite to the two Witnesses and also had a watchtower pressed against her eye. She saw my shield "Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the destruction of Christianity" and remained calm and friendly. But the more obtrusive Jehovah's Witness made fun of me, one should not blame me. Only when I presented him with the corresponding parts of the Watchtower Doctrine from the Book of Revelations (Jehovah's Witnesses are the Scorpions from the Abyss) did he realize after three questions whether he had not read that, that the situation was more serious than he had imagined. The two Jehovah's Witnesses left abruptly and the woman was kind enough to leave the Watchtower to me after she had looked to see if the two had noticed either.

Dear Passerby, be calm if Jehovah's Witnesses ever hated you for giving me the Watchtower. Remember that you are doing these people a disservice with meaningless kindness.

Somehow the two Jehovah men managed to lose me. But after a few minutes I caught them talking to a passer-by again, who tried to wrap them up like the previous one. Of course I held up the sign again, the two witnesses said goodbye hastily and went towards the new shopping centre at the roundabout. Until then I went with the sign "Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the destruction of Christianity" in front of their stomach at 40 meters distance behind them. The people approaching me were not badly surprised. In the multi-storey car park of the new shopping center, the deniers of their own Watchtower doctrine disappeared and I could not see any Jehovah's Witnesses in the lower part of the pedestrian precinct after several more walks.

The Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal, Speyer, and Heidelberg at least still have the guts to stand by their own teachings, and can still be affected by their own teachings. The Wiesloch Jehovah's Witnesses, however, are so brown that they simply deny their own teaching if it becomes too embarrassing for them. This is dirty and audacious, thoughtless, irresponsible and a big lie action. The old denier in front of the Volksbank even said in answer to my question who his Lord is, Jesus is his Lord. And when I asked who Jehovah was to him, he said he was the Creator. I hadn't heard that variation before. It must have been developed to prepare the Wiesloch Jehovah's Witnesses for the confrontation with me. Everyone knows that the Watchtower-Jehovah is the Lord of Jehovah's Witnesses and not just "the Creator. This Jehovah is represented as a shepherd in the Watchtower scriptures, this Jehovah assumes the role of Jesus. The shepherd is the lord of the flock. How can Jehovah's Witnesses suddenly claim that their Jehovah is "God" only their Creator?

The day was very interesting. I hope that the Jehovah's Witnesses will realize that they will not get far with a simple wave of the wrist and a smiling hint that I am not informed. Every passer-by immediately sees the absurdity of the Watchtower doctrine. The entire stubbornness of Jehovah's Witnesses cannot change that.

Supplement from 08.07.2013

On Saturday, the 06.07.2013, I was in Plettenberg and addressed 2 Jehovah's Witnesses there in preaching ministry. They responded to the question who their master was, exactly like the Wiesloch Witnesses. Jesus be their Lord and Jehovah the Creator! The Watchtower Society is trying to circumvent Jesus' claim to be our only Lord (Judas 4) by suddenly giving its true Lord (Jehovah "God") only the attribute "Creator". But this Jehovah is represented in the Watchtower scriptures as a good shepherd, which in the Bible is the role of Jesus. The shepherd is the Lord of the flock. The Watchtower is clear in this: Jehovah is the Lord of Jehovah's Witnesses. Jesus cannot be their Lord, for no one can serve two Lords!

Proof: Jehovah's Witnesses have 2 Gods (Please click on the picture there!)


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