Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 412

Jehovah's charlatans grin – they immediately understand the blood lie

But then they fall back again

When I arrived at Bismarckplatz in Heidelberg with my signs, Jehovah's Witness read the signs and understood immediately. For several minutes he could no longer control his features and grinned so broadly that space distorted. My signs had clear logic: "Only cannibals can be forbidden from human blood!" – "So the Watchtower-Jehovah "God" is only a cannibal god!"

After a few minutes of struggle between the thinking man and the wacky Jehovah's Witness, the wacko who exercises Jehovah's power as a Witness and gets recognition won. It would be fatal if this man had bought his new tie for nothing. Therefore, he had no choice but to banish logic from his brain in order to make room for the Watchtower blood lie again. Despite all the clarity that brightly illuminated the screaming nonsense of the Watchtower doctrine, the man returned to the stable he was familiar with, like all Jehovah's Witnesses. These people, fully conscious and cognizant, always return to the previous mode of a spiritual slave and then get themselves under control again.

Returning to the watchtower lie was not easy for the Jehovah's Witness at the ticket counter he brought with him and he still had to walk up and down restlessly later to somehow get along with himself. The crying absurdity of the blood doctrine, which forbids human blood, although the eating of human flesh was never allowed, did not seem to get out of his mind anymore. Hopefully the man will think about these things at home, too, and over time he will realize that the religious façade of Jehovah's Witnesses is not worth embarrassing himself so badly in public.

The advantage for the Watchtower lies is of course the fact that there are enough people who like to be blinded by the piety of the Jehovah's Witnesses. There will always be an audience that thinks Jehovah's Witnesses are really bad, but is willing to be impressed by the superimposed, extravagant charisma. There will also always be the audience who, having sprung from the hands of the papal deceiver, seeks a new place of spiritual decline and gratefully accepts the offer of Jehovah's Witnesses. And there will be an ever-increasing number of audiences who, out of green-left, veiled self-adoration aspirations, will demand the great achievement of tolerance that consists in letting children die for religious freedom. This is the latest contemporary trend and at the same time the most infamous thing Green Links has produced alongside Gender Madness and Refugee Welcome. This godlike self-glorification of modern man exposes humanism as dirty and inhuman.

With the support of the Zeitgeist from left-wing Merkelgraces, Jehovah's Witnesses can persevere in their own spiritual wastes without being disturbed by the strong smell. They perceive this stench more as a kind of stable smell and condemn all who hold their noses to it. This sitting in one's own lying swamp is the basis of the Watchtower religion and this has a lot to do with a kind of nest warmth. However, this supposed nest warmth is not really nest warmth, but comes from the accumulation of bleeding to death over decades.

The inflammations that occur in such a sick environment have to be paid for by the state because Jehovah's Witnesses have an above-average frequency in psychiatry. This excessive use of psychiatry by Jehovah's Witnesses is very striking. It can be said that the spiritual home of Jehovah's Witnesses must not be abandoned, because otherwise it will cool down and its inhabitants will become lonely, but it cannot be maintained either, because otherwise man will inevitably fall ill. And this psychiatric need for treatment does not result from a human predisposition, but from the Watchtower lie and its consequences.

If we look at the Jehovah's Witness as a spiritual watchtower diaper bearer, we understand at a stroke why they cannot be lured out of their reserves in direct confrontation and why, once it has happened, they immediately return to their old warm diapers. They cannot live without this comforting warmth and do not understand that it is much better to live without these diapers. When the Jehovah's Witness has reached a certain stage of development, it will not be possible to remove the diaper without tearing open wounds.

So it came to this effect that the person behind the ticket office "TICKET TO HELL" in Heidelberg was busy for a long time to understand the insight about the Watchtower lie of the human-blood-free cannibalism first quasi by mistake and then to suppress it in this inimitable Jehovah's Witness way in an awkward way. A human being who is not a man-eater at all, lets himself be banned from human blood and stands by it and advertises for it. And he doesn't even notice that he stands up for the serial murder that has been committed successfully and with impunity by the Watchtower Society for decades with the help of a religious lie.

Jehovah's Witnesses live out their fascination with the typical smell of their spiritual diapers and defile the whole world with them. How beautiful it is when such a person can detach himself from it at some point! But the indoctrination of the Watchtower Diaper Society keeps these poor people stuck in what they did themselves. They cannot do without their own diaper warmth.

These are hard words, but it is indeed the spiritual situation of these poor people. Jehovah's Witnesses only feel comfortable in their "nest warmth" and do not realize that this "nest warmth" emanates from their own legacies. Who will check his own legacies to see if they are human or gold legacies? Jehovah's Witnesses never. The smell they know gives them proof and the comforting warmth keeps them in the Watchtower Diaper.

Jehovah's Witnesses is not at all disturbed by the fact that this mental-faculty wellness situation produces 9,000 bleeding to death a year worldwide. They can't overlook their own legacies, so they also serve as a privacy screen. But like a person who understands the connection "Only cannibals can be forbidden from human blood!" – "So the Watchtower-Jehovah "God" is only a cannibal god!", but then in just a few minutes at least to appear again in the old diaper, can only be explained by the fact that these people love their spiritual diapers more than the truth.


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