Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 217

Wiesloch without Watchtower

People asked where Jehovah's Witnesses are

Somehow, Jehovah's Witnesses seem horrified when they're seen through. As soon as I suspect on this website that they will most likely have to catch up hours and therefore do their sermon service by hook or by crook in the face of their unmasking, they do exactly the opposite the next day. I have experienced this reaction more often and I conclude that at least one Jehovah's Witness reads the Antichrist Watchtower and gives instructions to his Wiesloch troops.

Today only three Jehovah's Witnesses "came out of the abyss*" to disappear again immediately. Despite the most beautiful Watchtower weather, Wiesloch remained Watchtower-free.

Do Jehovah's Witnesses have so much respect for the announcement "Jehovah's Witnesses do not decapitate – Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" that they would rather renounce their preaching service? It seems that the response of the Wiesloch population is palpable for Jehovah's Witnesses, so they prefer to avoid their exposure by canceling the sermon service.

If a religion does not correspond to the simplest ethical standards, for example by generating deaths through organized bleeding to death, how can a person be so hollow and broken that he supports this religion by hook or by crook like yesterday? How reduced must a person be that he ignores in all public the evil filth of his religion in order to reach only the given hourly goal? Jehovah's Witnesses show fanatical hardness of heart live.

Sexual assaults

Just as the Watchtower religion has its Wiesloch Jehovah's Witnesses under control, so a thousand times occurrence of grabbers and robbers in several cities at the same time cannot be a coincidence.

The German state ignores not only the bleeding murders of the Watchtower Society.

*Jehovah's Witnesses are described by their own governing body in the Book of Revelation as the locusts from the abyss. These round locusts have a scorpion sting with which they inflict pain on a third of humanity. What a self-delarvation!

Supplement 17.01.2016

A fatwa is a religious recommendation for action that gets its dangerousness from the fanaticism of individual Muslims. We know fatwa as calls to kill individual imams. As far as non-Muslims know Fatwen, it usually concerns calls for the killing of certain people.

However, the range of fatwen also concerns quite banal everyday themes. The killing of certain people is only the tip of the iceberg. Fatwen affect all sorts of things – from slaughtering and cooking to clothing and the broad interpretation of the Koran.

An imam has enacted a fatwa that states that women who are not protected by full veiling act on men like raw meat on cats. And because of another Quran announcement that the Islamic community is fundamentally the better people and must determine the right behavior, Muslims are not only allowed to turn up their noses at lightly clad women, but Muslims are also allowed to treat non-varnished protected women like sluts to admonish them.

This Imam compares non-full veil-protected women with raw meat left unattended on the table. One shouldn't be surprised if the cats are amusing themselves with this raw meat. With this comparison, the young male Muslim is not only excused as a rapist, but fully legalized by Imam's grace.

Such a comparison – which at least comes from a centre of Islam – works like a call. A young, single Muslim, who has not much to expect from life, does not need to be particularly invited to get involved with the very practical measures of sluts. For the young, single Muslim this kind of interpretation of the Koran is not only a joy-giving affair, but he can also calculate good work points before Allah.

The deadly Islamic indignation over the Mohammed cartoons is an example of the function of disseminating directives by imams and their mosques. Islamic indignation did not break out until an Imam in Egypt called for it. This call was spread worldwide by the mosque network. More than 150 dead were the result.

The Cologne sexual crimes committed by Muslims are the direct result of an inhuman interpretation of the Koran and are realised through the highly effective Imam Mosque Network. The roots, trunk and branches of this seemingly organized behavior of Muslims lie directly in the Koran-Imam Mosque system.

The seemingly unorganized refugee problem, which made it possible to use the masses of slut measure controllers only in the known order of magnitude, is rooted not only in the imam system described above, but also in informal leadership bodies, which are to be regarded as affine to Islam and do not appear formally.

The goal of Islam is the assumption of power over the whole world. Currently, women who do not wear full veils are being persecuted. After that Christians are persecuted. After that all leftists and atheists hang on cranes, because they are the ones who are killed first after the assumption of power of Islam. Then there will be a crucifixion wave of Christians and Jews. After that there will be many European states that resemble today's Saudi Arabia.

The Cologne sexual crimes show very clearly how defenceless society is against the creeping development of Islam. This creeping development of Islam is realized by imams in direct reference to the Koran.

In a thick book two villages are reported in which exactly this practice of sexual assaults was a firm traditional component. These two villages found a fiery end.


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