Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 94

Wiesloch: Jehovah's Witnesses delivered as ordered

They go to cafes and chat up old people.

On the way to the watchmaker I turned around again unfavourably. They were already standing behind me and taking their positions when they saw that I had noticed them. I gladly accepted the invitation and placed myself in the middle of their sphere of influence with my DIN A4 sheets. I gave a little sermon to the self-confident Jehovah's Witness with the grey hair, the Sunday outfit and the broad grin of superiority and he kept looking right and left, right and left. When he didn't look away, he grinned.

A passer-by insulted me at the top of her voice. There would be freedom of religion. But she no longer understood that I was standing there on the very basis of this religious freedom. Jehovah's Witnesses were pleased. This woman's contempt literally fell out of her face. If contempt were material, the street would have had to be cleaned. Freedom of religion seems to mean that all lies must be accepted as a private matter and that one must not point to these lies.

In the course of this hour an organized watchtower handover scenery was offered again. Jehovah's Witness said strongly bent to the left: "But you have to do something for it!" I interfered: "Yes, you have to let people bleed to death for it, and once a year you have to ceremonially reject Jesus at the Anti-Communion!" It was the grandmother, who had accepted the Watchtower almost without previous conversation, to see that she was ordered.

The witness, who had let go of her speech with a conspicuous bow to the left, let herself be carried away in the further process massively to insult me. When I pointed out that I had not become insulting at all, I had the impression for a moment that her husband wanted to physically attack me. However, he only approached me and threatened me with the police again.

At that moment a man with a bicycle came and ruled me that I should stand on the edge of the road. He was a magistrate and immediately called the police if I did not follow his orders. A nice elderly lady interfered and tried to support me and mediate between the officer and me. But she was so peace-loving in her desire to settle the conflict that she agreed with the man that I should not be standing in the middle of the street. I reminded her that we were in a pedestrian zone and the cyclist moved on, scolding loudly. He would come back in half an hour and then wear his uniform!

The left-bent Jehovah's Witness then handed over a watchtower to another handicapped person and then walked past me clapping her hands and happily said: "I have nothing more!" She wanted to draw level with Guenter and Karl Heinz, of whom I had reported last week that they were extremely more successful than Jehovah's Witnesses. This results in two facts: Jehovah's Witnesses actually read these websites and they behave like children in a sandbox. Two watchtowers, one to an ordered customer, one to a disabled person, were supposed to meet the demand to be as successful as Christians! What a sad self-testimony!

Mainly I stood then pretty comfortably in the sun and held up my sayings. All facts from the Jehovah religion confirmed by the Watchtower Society itself. Many read and reacted positively. Some asked more about who, why, and where ... a beautiful day. The facts about the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses came to the fore.

An amused atheist invited me for a cup of coffee. Of course I won't have ripped out his atheistic self, but I was allowed to give him something to think about.

In the café I saw a Jehovah's Witness just covering up an old defenseless lady with Jehovah advertising texts. He took heart at the sight of me, and then pressed a watchtower into the lady's hand. I asked her if I could have the Watchtower. She made sure that the Jehovah's Witness didn't notice and gave it to me. Jehovah's Witnesses use the courtesy of the people to spread their religion of lies.

The day was extremely eventful. No comparison with anything you can spend your free time doing. Ghost train, bungee jumping, ballooning, gliding, playing tennis are just boring for an hour of education about Jehovah's Witnesses. The Jehovah's Witness, who had turned so much to the left at the words that something had to be done about it, also claimed coldly that she would pray to Jesus. I turned to her "friends" and "colleagues" and said: "They worship Jesus!" Shortly afterwards the gray-haired Jehovah's Witness, to whom I had said a few words at the beginning, disappeared into thin air.

No one needs to be particularly intelligent or studied to expose the lies of Jehovah's Witnesses. Just taking the Word of God seriously is enough to convict Jehovah's Witnesses. Jesus is the truth, no religion can shake that.


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