Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 382

Live senselessly – nothing works anymore, the game is over

If I had positioned myself at Hitler's time at the Altpoertel in Speyer with the sign "Germans gas Jews", people would probably have just passed by then as they do today. The German man has his transactions in mind, his good reputation in public, his reputatively polished inviolability, his best possible appearance and his safe return home, without having been disturbed by discussion or confrontation. You just don't want to think new thoughts! Because that carries the risk of having to live beyond the current support stocking and bank statement.

Just as a volume control is solely responsible for the volume and a camp commandant is exclusively responsible for the camp, so the German is exclusively responsible for his undisturbed, content, undisturbed, protected and in any case undisturbed undisturbed undisturbed quality. He wants to see and hear nothing. A six-year-old murdered by the Watchtower Society only disturbs!

So people run, run, march past me with a bull's-eye view, secured by a vice, and I can only distinguish them according to their degree of flexion. As the famous diagram of evolution shows, there are different degrees of bending of the upright walking human-like. Except for the hopping monkey, all degrees of flexion of the human-like pass me by. They all have one thing in common: they stare forward and wear blinkers. Whether Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death or not, nobody cares. And that on 30 January 2018 a six-year-old man from Walldorf was murdered by Jehovah "God" with the help of the blood doctrine of the Watchtower Society, nobody needs to know. Support stockings and bank statements are the only important things in life.

But before I could make this old experience with the passing good citizen again, I experienced again this senseless departure of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Whenever I point a camera at them, they gallop away like stabbed pink quadrupeds. These Jehovah's Witnesses can't even use the Watchtower Rollators, because behind the continuous pink quadrupeds the Watchtower covered wagons would only tip over and fall into the deep ravines of the canyon.

As pointless as the good citizen is on the way, as pointless are Jehovah's Witnesses holding their watchtower for sale and as pointless are they running away when they see a camera on the horizon. It doesn't matter that the Altpoertel Witnesses of Jehovah have been advertising the murder by bleeding to death for a long, long time and still do. Only their façade is important to them. It doesn't matter that on 30.01.2018 a six-year-old boy from Walldorf had to die according to the statutes of her religion. Only their façade is important to them. It doesn't matter that they serve a god who murders through lies and error. Only their façade is important to them.

When I sat in the car again and wanted to drive home, I saw the two hateful Jehovah's Witnesses again at the traffic light. They stood two corners away and showed the passing drivers their interesting literature. They had probably noticed me for a long time and were looking forward to seeing me there at the corner. They were happy like two little dogs who had been thrown a piece of old sausage. Hello men of deceit! You have been disfellowshipped from your home position because you cannot bear the truth. The great Jehovah's triumph of preaching, which was then still fulfilled in accordance with duty, does not help you. Like little boys who threw a rotten apple after the truth, the two were happy. A picture for the gods.

What is the meaning of life

Is the meaning of life the blind passing of a six-year-old who has been taken away by the Watchtower Murder Org? Is the purpose of life to promote a religion that promotes bleeding to death? Is the meaning of life the strategy of a public prosecutor who misses the ass of the Watchtower Society's serial murders? Is the meaning of life the strict avoidance of what might distract from the support stocking or bank statement? Is the meaning of life to acknowledge the watchtower creation of a six-year-old boy with laughter? The Catholics stand next to it with their shopping bags and warn the Jehovah's Witnesses about people with cameras.

When the senselessness of life was unbearable to me, I happened to read the first chapter of the First Letter to the Corinthians in the Bible. What it says brightened my mind, for I realized that the good citizens with the crouched step could not be everything. This permanent competition for material things, as it is also contained in the watchtower mesh, could not give me anything. When I read the first chapter of the First Letter to the Corinthians, another light shone for me. All I had to do was surrender to this Jesus.

The meaning of life is Jesus Christ. Try it out. A good scientist does not shy away from self-experimentation.

Jehovah's Witnesses ignore the accusation that a Jehovah's Witness shot her entire family, the dog, and then herself:

The Jehovahist ignorance documented in this video is devastating and reveals where the Watchtower religion comes from. The funny Witnesses of Jehovah's younger age have nothing better to do than surf the Internet. This is also the case in Germany. I see the picture of Jehovah's Witnesses in this video again and again in Germany. The ethics of Jehovah's Witnesses are fundamentally evil and disregard everything that could be good.


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