Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 75

Wiesloch: Routine Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses need to tense up real hard not to recognize anything!

February 07th, 2014 – Jehovah's Witnesses are running the sermon service as a routine event. My appearances with the DIN A4 sheets should be included in this routine by routine ignorance. But directly the first Jehovah's Witness dived upon my arrival and hid behind an armored car and then quickly left. A Jehovah's Witness couple in front of the store texted a man who was an acquaintance, as it turned out later. This man, according to all I could see, is a Catholic atheist and a good candidate for the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses are so incredibly nice!

February 08th, 2014 – Jehovah's Witnesses perform their sermon service for a God who demands human sacrifice by bleeding to death. Jehovah's Witnesses are so hardened that even after a clear confrontation with the true facts of their own religion, they fail to recognize the religious cult murder by bleeding to death as deeply pagan. A man passed by and read the text: "Every single Jehovah's Witness supports the religious cult murder by bleeding to death" and expressed a cordial "nonsense". I replied: "This is an integral part of the Watchtower Society! And when you join a club that breaks little children's fingers, you take responsibility for it!" The man became instantly transparent, at least I had the impression that I had never seen anyone disappear so quickly.

Jehovah's Witnesses didn't last long today. They quickly cleared the field, probably because they realized that the people were clearly on my side.

The inhuman ability of Jehovah's Witnesses to suppress the cultic paganism of their religion is incomprehensible. They go into a society of blood sacrifices for a "Jehovah," and have only dealings with the proponents of bleeding who are also involved there, and they do not understand that they have fallen into the deepest paganism with this religion. They have forever slipped into a religious community that forbids contact with Jesus, makes people bleed to death for the Jehovah God, destroys families when they no longer function in their way, they are part of a public corporation whose leaders form bleeding enforcement committees (hospital committees) to ensure that no one can escape the ice-cold murder hand of Jehovah.

Every single Jehovah's Witness who bled to death and every single Jehovah's Witness who bled to death was supposed to be lead-heavy on the consciences of these betrayed people. But their consciences are watchtower-"biblical" trained and can no longer react humanely to the murder by letting them bleed to death. Just as Jehovah's Witnesses today support and affirm the cult murders in their own ranks from the heart, so, in the case of the world domination of the Watchtower Society, the Watchtower trained consciences of these people will consider the annihilation of "evil" to be correct and good.

For decades, the Watchtower religion has demonstrated publicly and worldwide what people can become if they allow themselves to be piously wrapped up in satanic doctrines. The overall concept of the Watchtower religion has only one goal in mind, namely to make Jesus ridiculous. Evidence or even evidence of this fact can be found time and again in the literature of the Watchtower Society, whose declared intention is to worship Jehovah, the God of Freemasons, Mormons, and many other detrimentally influenced religions.

Let's take for example the overworked sorcerer's apprentice, who as Watchtower-Jesus has to do some convulsive magic to influence wind and weather. The wickedness of making Jesus, who is the creator of the universe, an overstrained sorcerer's apprentice, reflects the satanic orientation of the Watchtower Society.

Or let's face it: Lackaffen Jesus! There stands the elitist wimp, as the Watchtower Society would like Jesus to be.

One of the most brutal blasphemies the Watchtower Society has committed is the . (Please click on the inner right margin of the displayed image. You can also use the right arrow key.)

Perhaps the Watchtower Society has a certain meaning and purpose, which it itself does not recognize at all: If there is even a worldwide organization, in addition to the usual anti-Christian mainstream and the usual Islam- and Catholicism-dependent fight against Jesus, which under religious signs despises Jesus according to all the rules of art, then this should be a hint for all good students who learned in school that there is no God and that especially this Jesus is the last nonsense. This hint quietly knocks on the heart door of the atheist and evolutionist and says: "If there was nothing wrong with Jesus, by far not as many people would break their heads as can be eliminated or ridiculed. Any effort by earthly organizations to erase Jesus from people's minds, or at least to change him to just an idea or a cliché, shows that everything the Bible says about Jesus is true. Any organized godlessness, such as the concept of Europe, is a signal that they are all going against this Jesus.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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