Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 340

Bruchsal: Jehovah God makes fun of you

Jehovah God can't leave because of the booth fee

The road to Bruchsal is long. Not because of the kilometres, but because of the ignorant penetrance of the Watchtower protagonists there. The Jehovah's Witness Leader from Bruchsal is able to deny the murder by swimming in his blood. Ultimately, however, the aim is to warn people of the Watchtower Death Trap. The personal merits of the Jehovah's Witness Leader cannot be taken into consideration.

The man openly made fun of me over longer distances, as could be seen from his gestures. The usual like windshield wiper movement and the like was connected with mimicking my sign holding. He was very funny and the poor little Jehovah's Witnesses had to laugh along. Hopefully they felt what kind of character they were dealing with in this Witness Leader.

The mocking laughter and the quick departure, as recently described, is not possible for Jehovah God in Bruchsal. He paid a booth fee! What a shame for Jehovah God to leave prematurely despite the standing fee. That is not possible. So he must constantly amuse himself and pour out his mockery over me. The sabre-rattling on one of the photos also belongs to this category.

Jehovah's tricksters in Bruchsal have simply relocated to avoid being harassed by the truth about them for as long as possible. This is all too understandable. Who likes to be looked at or even denounced for bleeding to death when preparing further murders? But today, Jehovah's death row recruiters met the truth again. – Why do Jehovah's Witnesses need cannibalism laws? To let people bleed to death. – That was the text on the signs, and the Jehovah's Witnesses routinely and skilfully ignored it. Only the passers-by took in the thoughts.

The train of thought about the unique situation in Watchtower theology, which starts from a cannibalism law never seen before in the Bible and inevitably points to long-suffering serial murder, is not easy to grasp. But in the course of the morning it was clearly noticeable that people understood this train of thought better and better. Thus, bit by bit, the hopelessness of trying to tell people the truth about the blood doctrine of the Watchtower Society fades away. At some point, the deliberately planned serial murder by letting the blood bleed to death will be known worldwide and the Watchtower Society will be presented with the bill for it. Then the dead will be avenged, who in good faith have preferred to serve God their own death to the saving blood transfusion. Then the organized work of the hospital liaison committees will undergo a new, different and more accurate assessment, and the people involved will have a more accurate view of what they have done and still do. They will see that they are actively aiding and abetting the murder.

Many argue that Jehovah's Witnesses only leave themselves to bleed to death. But anyone who has to watch in his family circles how someone is first driven into error and then into death by the Watchtower doctrine can no longer follow this argumentation. He realizes that the Watchtower murder begins with the sermon service and consistently leads to the deadly goal that befalls every bona fide person who gets his hands on Jehovah's soul catcher.

Recently one hears again and again that government authorities have known about certain grievances for a long time and have simply not reacted. The question about the bleeding victims of the Watchtower doctrine will become interesting. How long did which Jehovah's Witness know that people were killed by manipulation? How could it happen to which Watchtower theologian not to realize for years that Jehovah's Witnesses are not about cannibals at all, but that the whole transfer of blood rules from animal blood to human blood only has the sense of killing good believers?

One of the professional Tibetans who systematically graze the region between Mannheim and Karlsruhe sat right next to the Watchtower advertisers' stand. This formation cries out for an analytical description. I am a professional Tibetan. I beg for attention. So we are already two who basically do the same. But what about the Jehovah's Witnesses? They are also professional Tibetans. Only that they beg not only for money, but for the whole person, so that they can lead him, without wanting to know it, to spiritual, spiritual and in individual cases also physical death. What a difference! Whoever gives the little finger to Jehovah's Witnesses in good faith will in many cases lose everything. Beginning with his fortune, which he will bequeath to the Watchtower Society, up to eternal life, that he has lost through the indoctrinated rejection of Jesus.

All people who still sunbathe in the shoulder-beating recognition of Jehovah's Witnesses are called upon to do so: " Renounce this recognition and renounce all kinds of religion at all! Religion cannot save anyone. Only God himself can do this and he is reachable for everyone in Jesus Christ through honest prayer!".

The childlike, trusting prayer to Jesus saves your life! There is nothing and no one but Jesus who can do this. With Jesus there is salvation for which no one has to pay anything. For it is priceless. Jesus Christ paid the bill on the cross for all of us. Do not believe the advertisers who claim that you have to let yourself be bled to death for a God. Do not believe the Catholic power fetishists either, who claim that they are the priests with the fullness of grace! Jesus alone saves. No religion can change that. Not even the grinning Pope.


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