Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 248

Jehovah's Witnesses – highwaymen, shadow boxers and dry swimmers

Spiritual death – free to take home

Walldorf / Wiesloch railway station

Slowly Jehovah's Witnesses come over in Wiesloch like shadow boxers and dry swimmers. It seems that the Watchtower Society in Wiesloch is not interested in gaining even more followers, but only in showing presence. If this is the case, half the rent has already been won. The Watchtower Society deals with tactical measures, tactical organization, and tactical behavior that Jehovah's Witnesses must practice. This status is good because it makes the Watchtower Society in Wiesloch forget its core business, which is to lead even more people to spiritual death.

The spiritual death spread by the Watchtower Society is the prescribed separation from Jesus. Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to have a personal relationship with Jesus or even pray to Him. Are there no Christians left in Wiesloch who could be separated from Jesus? Or has the Watchtower Society noticed that the Enlightenment about their deadly religion is now having an effect? It is a fact that the manoeuvres that Jehovah's Witnesses carry out in Wiesloch are reminiscent of sandbox games or boring as hell because they are associated with dead ignorance.

The ladies of Jehovah's on the Walldorf-Wiesloch railway embankment giggle and laugh and make fun of disappearing within a few seconds to reappear elsewhere. Their supporters behind the railway embankment are waiting for the passengers of the current train and then make off like caught thieves. It all seems like a strategy game or a kind of pastime.

During the strategic exercises of the Jehovah's Witnesses – disappearance and reappearance – the trolleys are certainly a relief to them. But the trolleys only contribute to the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses can be recognized from afar and are internally shut down. The trolleys have now become a warning signal for other people. When you see Jehovah's Witnesses playing their strategic moves with their trolleys, you don't know whether to cry or laugh. The abysses of spiritual petrifaction open up. And Jehovah's Witness becomes childish.

The game of hide and seek that Jehovah's Witnesses play with me is entertaining. But the trick they consider victorious is one to one like their other behavior. The basic motto of Jehovah's Witnesses is: Lie must be in order to dissuade people from Jesus. You just can't get caught. Jehovah's Witnesses practice this as a game at Walldorf-Wiesloch station. They practically practice lying as a means to their ends.

And if you observe the donkey pulling the cart while the leader of the mission is giving instructions, then you can already assess the different characters quite well. The criminal energy that lies dormant in all of us is being used practically in this religious community and is constantly being optimized. According to the Watchtower Society, Jehovah's Witnesses are the locusts from the abyss that inflict pain on a third of humanity with their scorpion sting. This is the official teaching of the Most Holy Authority of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Wiesloch City – Shopping Centre

Jehovah's Witness still believes he can't be photographed. This shows that he skipped some meetings of Jehovah's Witnesses. With arrogance he makes gestures and calls things to me. I go to him and tell him that he is being lied to by the Watchtower Society. And I tell him that I was charged and arrested in Heidelberg for photographing Jehovah's Witnesses. I tell him that I wrote a instatement in the form of a web page, due to which the charge was not pursued further.

There are almost no pedestrians at the new Wiesloch shopping centre. People shout to me from passing cars that they like my action. People in the buses lift their thumbs. I look away for a moment, turn around again, and the Jehovah's Witness has disappeared.

Wiesloch – pedestrian zone

A personalie of Jehovah from Walldorf-Wiesloch station arrives at the Schlecker-Ruine at the same time as me. The Jehovah's Witness discusses briefly with the Jehovah's Witness who has been there for some time and both then leave. The Jehovah's Witness at the station, the head of operations, the other Jehovah's Witness, teaches Jehovah's Witness all the time.

The spiritual skeletons remain in front of the Volksbank. This does not affect anything anymore. Even if Jesus appeared to them, these women would only scratch their heads bored. – If at all.

I have some good conversations with passers-by. But after about an hour I get bored and I sway between going home and staying. The two Jehovah's Witnesses just stand around and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. Most of the time they hang the Watchtower magazine like an old sock they brought with them but no longer use. They are no longer noticed by the people. Yawn!

The Watchtower Society avoids the confrontation at Walldorf-Wiesloch station like the plague, because it fears a negative impression. In the Wiesloch pedestrian zone she doesn't care anymore. For Jehovah's Witnesses only the presence factor counts here. You want to defend the terrain, even if you have to build a barbed wire fence. The sermon service of Jehovah's Witnesses has failed and exists only as the leaving of a scent mark. As the dog pisses against the tree, Jehovah's Witnesses stand in the Wiesloch pedestrian zone so that people don't forget where they are.


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