Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 216

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch have to catch up hours later

Because of the many holidays and the bad weather of recent days, Jehovah's Witnesses must show "steadfastness" even though they face their direct exposure.

The steadfastness is the subject of the greatest boast of Jehovah's Witnesses. Lately, however, Jehovah's Witnesses have piled up from the truth like the thieves they caught. Today they stopped. Not because they are actually steadfast, but because they simply have to catch up hours after the holidays and the bad weather. The fear of kingdom psycho terror is greater than anything and gives Jehovah's Witness the absolute nerve to swallow toads.

When the Jehovah's Witness control elders begin classifying Jehovah's Witnesses at a lower hourly rate than "unreliable", the Jehovah's Witnesses concerned begin the gauntlet of contempt. They are viewed obliquely by the "reliable" Jehovah's Witnesses and, as instructed, the recognition of their fellow lies diminishes. Psychological pressure is an integral part of Jehovah's Witnesses' lives. The common Jehovah's Witness is always on the move with a slowly closing psychic thumb ferrule, which causes him permanent pain and closes ever tighter with time. Only the performance of sermon service hours can give Jehovah's Witness some relief.

Jehovah's Witnesses are used with their mutual "esteem" to be for each other's Jehovah's Witnesses a pain clock firmly built into the psyche. The Jehovah's Witnesses' hourly bluff is thus not a merit to their Watchtower God, but only the result of the Kingdom's psycho-print. Aren't Jehovah's Witnesses only on the run from the pain of disrespect and are therefore constantly to be seen on the roadside as advertisers? In any case, the wild embrace of the ladies with the Watchtower magazines does not suggest that there is no such competition between the individual newspaper stands. The Kingdom Hall reality is indeed the internal system of upgrading and downgrading, which also proves its worth in the hundred per cent ignorance of renegades. Many have killed themselves because they could not bear it.

In Wiesloch, the situation of Jehovah's Witnesses has developed in such a way that they have not been able to fulfill hours due to the repeated interruption of their activities. They were unable to avoid this during the holidays and because of the bad weather at the turn of the year. The question arises as to when Jehovah's Witnesses must submit their time sheets for examination. After what one has experienced today in Wiesloch as a Jehovah's Witnesses glut, either this hourly examination will be due shortly or it has recently expired. In the latter case, some 20 Jehovah's Witnesses are already under heavy pressure in Wiesloch.

When a Jehovah's Witness is accused of adhering to a man-killing religion, yet mildly smilingly sticks to his preaching for that man-killing religion, one must praise the success of the Watchtower Psycho-Print. Manipulation by the Watchtower Society is one of the most effective institutions of dehumanization in the world. The Watchtower religion's mental decoring mill does not have to hide behind beheading Islam.

It remains to be seen how long politics and law will continue to turn a blind eye. With Islam, the ceiling of silence has been aired a little by the thousand young Muslims at Cologne's main railway station. With the Watchtower Society the chance is extremely small that the manipulated bleeding murders are recognized as organized murders. Our social system does not like to look at facts so much. Modern man prefers to surround himself with esotericism and longs for high profits. In this respect, we are not only in the deepest wild West, but also in the deepest Stone Age. Those who can lie better get away with their murders with impunity.

Where do organizations come from that pretend to be religions and kill people in the most sacred way? The emergence of such concentrations of power is in stark contrast to the teachings of Christ. Jesus Christ taught the absolute rejection of the exercise of power. The people who hate Jesus have no other pleasure than to get rid of this teaching. Organized Catholicism was the first global instance that consciously led Jesus ad absurdum at this point. It was followed by Freemasonry, Islam, and for over a hundred years the Watchtower Society. People who have nothing to do with Jesus long for power and create organizations to secure it for them.

And the power to assert one's own small existence in the Watchtower Society comes from the fulfillment of duty imposed by the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses practice the practical application of power in self-assertion in the Watchtower system. They have a certain power to pull their head out of the Watchtower contempt and exercise that power without knowing that they have fallen into the trap of the anti-Christian concept of power. The sense of power of Jehovah's Witnesses pushing the preaching service is recruited not only from their imagined superiority over other people, but also from self-assertion in the Watchtower religion system.


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