Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 184

Constitutional Court supports murder religion

Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death

Jehovah's Witness from Wiesloch, who usually had a kind of itching and scratching syndrome, was quite calm today. Only her hands kept slipping up and down the watchtower, which revealed a remnant of feelings of embarrassment. I secretly, but honestly, admired her new courageous attitude, without forgetting her forlornness. Jehovah's Witnesses make their salvation dependent on an organization! In this respect, they are like every single Catholic and every single Catholic. On this point, Jehovah's Witnesses are, so to speak, "in good company. So it is no wonder that the German Constitutional Court is taking the side of the bleeding murder religion. Purely legal, of course.

A court that favours a religion that prescribes cult murders in purely legal terms questions itself on a legal level! How credible is a court that turns a blind eye to the Watchtower society's prescribed human sacrifices by bleeding to death? After all, the bleeding dead and the bleeding murderers are firmly anchored in the Watchtower religion system. What chances do Mafiosi or Islamists have of winning the right to a killer union?

The decision

Quote Jehovah's Witnesses have achieved a partial success against the state of Bremen before the Federal Constitutional Court. The religious community wants to be recognized as a corporation under public law and thus put on an equal footing with other churches. Bremen had rejected this in a legislative procedure by the state parliament. In the opinion of the judges in Karlsruhe, the competence of the parliament laid down in Article 61 sentence 2 of the state constitution violates the Basic Law. In a decision published on Tuesday of 30 June (2BvR 1282/11), the Second Senate declared the passage null and void. Reason: It offends against the principle of the separation of powers.

Separation of powers

If the separation of powers is the yardstick in the legislator's relationship with the Churches and those that are allegedly other Churches, then the Church of Scientology must be immediately recognized as a Church or all laws relating to Churches must be declared completely null and void. In this case, equal treatment requires the immediate cessation of all church financial provision. All statutory duties of the state towards churches must be stopped immediately. Church tax was yesterday. The squandering of billions on Catholicism is illegal.

If the separation of powers is the anchor on which the ship of recognition of religions hangs, then bleeding murders and any similar contempt for humanity must no longer play a role in the assessment of religions. The protection of the individual human being is no longer taken into account in this legal system, which the German Constitutional Court strives for. The protection of the individual no longer plays a role in this state. And anyone who thinks that this is the future must correct himself on closer inspection. The protection of individuals has long since ceased to play a role in the rule of law in Germany. Example: Hartz 4 and starvation deaths. Example: Jehovah's Witnesses and the dead of bleeding. Example: poverty in old age and lots of suicides.

When principles rule, people die like Hitler did. If principles are given absolute power, then people die as in the Third Reich. When people in power sit in courts, principles on all levels are absolute. In this social phase, the impalement of the individual wins as a sign of principle enforcement and as a sign of the dazzling power of a constitutional court. Profiteers of this development are Jehovah's Witnesses who have always enjoyed brain shrinkage and blindness. Humanity has not existed in Jehovah's Witnesses for a long time. And the Watchtower Society is very happy about any social authority that also abolishes humanity for reasons of principle.


With the decision of the Karlsruhe Constitutional Court, we have set a course and thus a path ahead of us that not only accepts the dead for overriding principles, but also ignores them in principle. The law developed by the German Constitutional Court looks only at itself and its conclusiveness and sacrifices people for it. Exactly this supposed conclusiveness is the spiritual axis around which the Watchtower religion revolves. Have groups with the same logic been found here? Is the temptation of belonging to principles so great that the Watchtower Society and the Constitutional Court already drink from the same bowl?

If, in a large German city, many Jehovah's Witnesses are involved in a mass accident and are admitted to a large German clinic that has a large German blood bank, and if these many Jehovah's Witnesses are then dead because of the Watchtower religion, has the right been fulfilled in the eyes of the Constitutional Court? Wouldn't Islamist groups with their decapitation deaths also have to finally be recognized as churches? Isn't the Constitutional Court already a church?

Against the background of the joyful news that Jehovah's Witnesses had achieved a partial success before the Constitutional Court, the otherwise insecure Jehovah's Witness in Wiesloch radiated a strengthened attitude. But the truth about her religion has touched many people and every passer-by who disapproved of the Watchtower religion through his behavior and through his looks always caused a tortured smile on Jehovah's Witness who had become so self-confident. What a misery this is! And the German Constitutional Court promotes this misery as a matter of principle.


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