Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 109

Jehovah's Witnesses Wiesloch embarrassing

Like thieves, Jehovah's Witnesses wait for their opportunity

When it comes to witnessing to God, no one acts like a thief or a drug dealer. Jehovah's Witnesses do just that, sneaking around corners inspecting if this exposing Christian has finally disappeared. It's so embarrassing to see Jehovah's Witnesses stage a scene that could be shown in file number XY: As long as the observation was on, nothing happened. Jehovah's Witnesses actually behave like thieves waiting for their opportunity. How evil the infiltration, the brainwashing must have invaded their souls, that they sink so low and behave exactly the same as thieves, cheaters and bankers who bet on food values!

Assuming that there is no God and the greatest miracle that cannot exist without God would have happened and everything would have come out of chance and out of nothing. Then Jehovah's Witnesses would only be an earthly, carnal danger. Then stupidity and cancer, if they appear together, would have to be called Jehovatitis. If, however, there is a God, which alone the impossible, but nevertheless scientific assumption of chance out of nowhere requires, Jehovah's Witnesses are Satan's spiritual column of pushers. They have let themselves be blinded and kindly offer to anyone to have their eyes pierced as well. How many of them have blinded themselves, they prove statistically and are proud of it.

Jehovah's Witness shown above (please click on picture) always flees immediately if she has to fear that facts from her religion will be made public to her. She perceives clear, true facts as an attack and protects her lie literature by disappearing quickly but without haste. She and her husband, white-haired, sympathetic and not stupid, give themselves the "honor" to hide from facts like thieves getting caught. They agree. I don't want to know what hate prayers and death wishes they have requested and continually request from their Watchtower Jehovah for the disruption of their lies. Jehovah's Witnesses are spiritually and spiritually crippled people, and they hate deeply and with a sense of triumph.

On Friday, 01.08.2014 the situation in Wiesloch was completely under the motto: We are thieves waiting for their opportunity. Jehovah's Witnesses went in pairs through the Wiesloch pedestrian zone and grinned at me friendly. None of these lost people complied with the mission of their mistress, the Watchtower Society, and put up their advertising material. Friday in Wiesloch has become a kind of open-air tactic game, as I am very often in Wiesloch on Fridays and the Jehovah's Witnesses are still looking for a strategy to deal with it. They're not even aware that they're the thieves in this game who don't dare to go through with their plan when it comes to light. They sneak around and find the situation and disappear again.

The Watchtower Jesus gives the example. He is on the run from the truth and the Jehovah's Witnesses are the true followers of this light-shy Watchtower creature. He wears a Satans-S on his cape and his face expresses exactly this foolish audacity of Jehovah's Witnesses, mixed with the perseverance of a desperate man. He is in the mind of Jehovah's Witnesses only a subgod like Satan, Satan equated and without any earthly power that the Watchtower Society must execute for him. Without the Jehovahists, Watchtower Jesus is nothing. The 144,000 Jehovah's special witnesses must help him out and, in combination with him, make himself the "Great Christ. Jehovah's Witnesses believe in a mediator between God and man, who is an organization, and they wear spiritual glasses like the tank-crackers in comic books.

The cheapest version of a god is the amulet that a child worships and a child is faithful to. The Watchtower-Jehova embodies this amulet perfectly and has been stylized by the greed of profit of the Watchtower publishing house to a freemasonically boiled down counter god. This Jehovah of the Watchtower Society is the amulet for adults who let themselves be drawn to the lowest level. They have never known Jesus and believe that a religion can save and must be the right religion. These followers of an amulet are optimally seduced, reduced to less than the minimum and arrested to a God who expresses himself through an earthly newspaper publisher.

The constant question of whether to laugh or cry at Jehovah's Witnesses reveals the true intention of this Masonic-inspired religious publishing house Watchtower Society. The Watchtower religion is a man-made construction designed to ridicule Christianity. Just as Christians look like funny, stupid, absurd, pitiable eccentrics to people who have not come to know Jesus, so Jehovah's Witnesses are driven into the absurd on a humanly logical basis, so that their elitist attitude reinforces the prejudice against Christians once more. The average consumer, who can be manipulated by the media, is influenced by this tactic. It is frightening that so many people see Jehovah's Witnesses as Christians. They do not know the tragic, anti-Christian background of the Watchtower doctrine.

The bottom line is the fact that religion cannot save and that only God who turned to us in Jesus can save. He who opens his eyes can see it. The Watchtower Society uses all its organizational power so that people continue to care only about their shopping, only about their pleasures and do not think about Jesus at all. Jehovah's Witnesses are the tool of the Watchtower religion, which with its human embarrassment is meant to caricature what true Christians are in the eyes of Watchtower Masons. Jehovah's Witnesses are used as cheap copies of Christians to increase contempt. And they don't realize it.


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