Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 81

Jehovah's Witnesses win interested parties in Wiesloch

A Public Stage Drama by Jehovah's Witnesses

On Fridays, no Jehovah's Witnesses have been active in the pedestrian zone for some time, because they know that they are providing me with a platform to enlighten passers-by about critical points in their doctrine. It is an interesting phenomenon that Jehovah's Witnesses have been avoiding appearing in Wiesloch at the time of my actions for several weeks now, because the power of the Watchtower Society has found limits here. A Christian with an A4 sheet of paper sets limits for the Watchtower Society. Public! Such an unpleasant restriction must of course be countered in a well-organized way by a God-held organization. The Watchtower Society is particularly proud of being well-organized and they like to distinguish themselves from other religions through this track.

Today the Watchtower Society demonstrated its power, which it holds in its hands through good organization. A Jehovah's Witness was positioned at the very beginning of my tour in such a way that he could not be overlooked. I stood up with my written announcements. After some time, the long blonde Jehovah's Witness came to the Jehovah's Witness, put her Watchtower literature together, but did not hold it up! What a process! Didn't the woman want to do sermon service? Later it became clear to me that she had not come for preaching at all, but that something completely different was planned.

The male Jehovah's Witness had all this time clearly radiated a kind of malaise that I could not explain to myself. However, he had held his position with iron, always looking stealthily at my DIN A4 sheet, but always looking away quickly enough so that nobody could suspect it: He read it! When the blonde long Jehovah's Witness joined him, his charisma became more businesslike and his normal Jehovah stubbornness developed. The not quite understandable situation was that both of them, contrary to the previous routine in Wiesloch, went through their performance without any impression from the trained critics. The explanation for this later came from a Spaniard whom I knew from the Wiesloch arched cellar pub "Die Note". It passed me close by, quickly looked me in the eye and then approached the Jehovah's Witnesses straight away. Later, when I thought about how it could be recognized that the following play "How Jehovah's Witnesses Won an Interested Person" was just a stage drama specially rehearsed for me, I realized that no one was approaching Jehovah's Witnesses so unrestrainedly. The woman did not behave like a person approaching someone in a public situation, but reduced the closeness to these people so abruptly and naturally as if she had been acquainted with these people for a long time.

For the first five minutes they made disparaging jokes about me and the Jehovah's Witnesses and their interested audience were very pleased with the humorous interludes of the long blondes. Then the male Jehovah's Witness gave longer lectures in such a way that he repeatedly interrupted the speech of the long blondes. The Jehovah's Witness's part then consisted of confirming the Jehovah's Witness's lectures with open mouths and exaggerated nodding of the head. Later there was an unmistakable ceremony of exchanging telephone numbers. Jehovah's Witness even handed over a copy of a carefully packaged heap of business cards to the interested person. The show was good! It should unsettle me: Look, we can win an interested person directly under the public criticism, which usually hurts us so much that we always run away.

The only catch was that they didn't last 60 seconds after the play and made a quick run for it. The scenery dissolved so quickly after the departure of the Spaniards that I was surprised at first. Because the full hour was far from over. (Jehovah's Witnesses always do their sermon service in full hours in order to be able to "bill" it better.) Considering how beautiful the weather was, how crowded the pedestrian zone was, and how successful today's sermon service was, it was completely incomprehensible that the two Jehovah's Witnesses so quickly made off. The blonde Tall Hendrik hadn't even held a notebook up properly, so I concluded at the end that she had only joined this Jehovah's Witness because of the planned acting.

The photos I took after this Jehovah's Witness appearance show that apart from this Jehovah's Witness couple, no other active Jehovah's Witness appeared in the pedestrian zone. It was also noticeable that the allegedly interested people listened so attentively, as well as the behaviour of the one who had recently played the interested people in Bruchsal. The location of the scene was chosen so that I couldn't miss it at all. The scheme again corresponded exactly to the old cliché of sermon service photos, which can be seen again and again in Watchtower and Awake! I was very surprised by the fast sermon service break after the first so brave holding out of the male Jehovah's Witness. The rest of the morning in Wiesloch was Jehovah's Witness empty, the confrontation was avoided as usual. They had only taken the time to demonstrate the winning of the Interested Party. Then they disappeared in a restrained hurry.

Interesting is the question whether the Watchtower Society gives money to "interested" people for their performances or not. Has this show of the Spanish woman only been a service to friendship? Through what channels do Jehovah's Witnesses recruit this personnel, who should not be associated with them? I don't think this Spaniard is a Jehovah's Witness, because her behavior in Wiesloch speaks against it. I believe that she is not a Jehovah's Witness. But I don't believe her that she really spoke to Jehovah's Witnesses out of interest. That was too audacious and too set-up. Normal behavior looks different. She won't show up in the note tonight, because she knows me from this pub, too. The arched cellar pub in Wiesloch only opens on Fridays from 22:00 to 3:00 in the morning.

If such a public stage drama is to be successful, then the Watchtower Society has to be a bit more careful to ensure that the normal behaviour is credibly portrayed and that after the show the quick departure is not the most important thing and that the rehearsed character of this situation is not so noticeable. Despite all the good organization, what's fake always remains fake. And lies remain lies.


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