Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 437

Jehovah's Witnesses still like caught thieves

Shouldn't they be starting to notice something after all these years?

Nice weather in Wiesloch. No climate. Only weather. At the entrance to the roundabout, which Jehovah's Witnesses like to populate, I saw the Heidi grin witness of Jehovah and her companion. They must have recognized me immediately, because when I got there again on foot, they disappeared immediately. But they were without a plan and crossed my path at the savings bank. There they acted as if they were looking at the shop window.

A few meters further on the bridge over the Leimbach stood two Jehovah's Witnesses. One is the toughest under the Wiesloch sun. After only a few seconds they stowed away their advertising material and walked away.

Up in front of the Volksbank stood a lonely Jehovah's Witness and disappeared just as quickly as he saw the signs from afar. These people must have stored two white dots on the horizon as an alarm signal. For even after months of undisturbed lying, the signs lead them to immediately put away their advertising material and walk aimlessly back and forth in the pedestrian zone. Like a covert agent, the man did not go directly to his sisters of conviction, but made a wide berth of them. From whom did he want to hide his affiliation? Probably his actions were a kind of shock reaction.

The whole hide-and-seek game went back to the way it was. The behaviour of caught thieves who want to conceal their crimes is no different from that of Jehovah's Witnesses confronted with their own lies. These people have learned nothing. And yet they have made progress. They have grown older.

The Wiesloch audience was more open and friendly than expected. At the end of the action, the two Jehovah's Witnesses walked very close to me. I said: "The six-year-old from Walldorf had to die because of your religion." The hardest Jehovah's Witness from Wiesloch turned to me and hissed: "You don't even have to talk to me!" I was happy that she showed a reaction. Have Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch learned anything about themselves by now? Fortunately, it is not yet a punishable offence to speak to someone about a fact. The companion of the hardest Jehovah's Witness of Wiesloch hopefully has more heart in her body.

Today's confrontation of Jehovah's Witnesses with their own lies and outrages felt like a pleasant walk. The fact that they disappeared so unsoundly made me very happy. Especially since I only walked up and down the lower pedestrian zone twice with my signs. All passers-by made it abundantly clear that Jehovah's Witnesses, like convicted liars, are looking for space as soon as clear words take place.

The mere fact that the majority of people in the Wiesloch public sphere are Muslims who have travelled to Germany makes things difficult. These people don't know anything about the Jehovahist murder lies. How this distance from the original culture will work is not even unclear. Jehovah's Witnesses will also gain a certain edge in seducing people here, because they have years of experience in dealing with Muslims.

It is with great concern that I observe the growth of the Muslim population. If the "Muslim Party" still to be founded gains political power, we will sooner or later have to forcibly adopt Islam as our religion. This is the end of freedom. At a certain power of Islam, moderate Muslims will be forced to extremism. In other words, if Islam gives the green light, Jehovah's Witnesses and moderate Muslims will be killed first. Then the Christians. Unfortunately, most Muslims are not informed at all about this part of the Koran.


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