Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 344

Jehovah's Witnesses courageously promote serial murder

The worldwide devil's work

My friend Roland walks past Jehovah's Witnesses at Walldorf-Wiesloch station and says: "Tomorrow the Ruediger comes!" You have to let Roland describe the reaction to you himself. It's universally tragicomic. I've been playing the bull at Walldorf-Wiesloch station on Fridays for a long time and check to see if Jehovah's Witnesses are cavorting there. Today they weren't there again. It is their true suffering to be unmasked in front of many people. They stay away on Fridays because they know that I visit them on Fridays. The worldwide devil's work of Watchtower ministry cannot take place where Christians emerge and resist.

The preaching ministry of the Watchtower slaves is their highest virtue, the preaching ministry is for them the true worship in general and the basis for their eternal life on a paradisiacal earth. Mind you: CAN. It could be! This earthly eternity of the Jehovah's Witnesses is not timeless, but runs second by second or not. Jehovah's Witnesses are rewarded with infinite seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia, decades, millennia, millennia, millions of years and so on, which they can spend on earth because of their advertising for the serial murder. Mind you: CAN. The Watchtower Society has determined that there will no longer be a bowel movement in this earthly paradise.

They are not told that the preaching ministry of Jehovah's Witnesses serves only to recruit further death row candidates for serial murder by bleeding to death. But there is evidence that some of them suspect something.

In Speyer there is an announcer of the serial murder kingdom of Jehovah with a beige jacket, whose facial expression always radiates a certain friendly compassion. Then there is the announcer of the serial murder kingdom of Jehovah with a bald head at the Altpoertel in Speyer. He always looks as if he has already finished what he does to others. He looks boldly into the distance and fulfills his duty.

The two preachers of the kingdom of Jehovah, which of course will take the form of a world domination of the Watchtower Society, immediately disappeared when I visited them. A passing passer-by pointed to his watch and thus asked why the two stopped so early. I don't know what they told him, but after that there was a handshake among the Watchtower people. After this scene of general self-affirmation, I sat on the bench at the bus stop with the signs:

People didn't look bad. And a local resident, who had always expressed his aversion to the criticism of the proclamation of the Kingdom of Jehovah, shook his head once again despicably. He conveys the certainty that he will certainly not learn anything more in this life. Many people live like this. Even the public prosecutors, who must have investigated the serial murder in the Watchtower Society a long time ago, go this way. Dead people play no role for them as long as they are regarded as suicidal religious fetishists. However, the fact that all Watchtower murders were intentionally and planned to be part of this suicide religion remains unknown to the public prosecutors. How long do you think it will be before enough public prosecutor's sons and daughters have been murdered by the Watchtower Society? How many will it be before Jehovah's serial murder is also seen by the public prosecutors?

In Wiesloch the hard Jehovah's Witnesses stood in front of the Volksbank. Their greeting glance froze the blood in their veins, but they stopped. Whether out of pride or stupidity, is unknown. I used the time granted to me by their steadfastness extensively to demonstrate the serial murder hint. The people didn't look bad here either and the circuits of the synapses were apparently better than in Speyer at the Altpoertel. A woman who did not realize that I was not a Jehovah's Witness and did not advertise the serial murder in the Watchtower Society expressed her contempt and passed by. Then I explained the bloody connections that the Watchtower Society uses to murder people in series. Many listened. When I turned around again, the two hard Jehovah's Witnesses had disappeared. They could not bear the explanation of their bloody activity.

And maybe I'll vote after all. I choose the party. They seem to know what it is about. Time for NO more justice. That is meant sarcastically, but it hits the nail on the head a little bit. Because there is no justice. And the scythe for me points to the serial murder committed by the Watchtower Society.

Once you realize that there was and is no organization worldwide other than the Watchtower Society that commits serial murder, the situation becomes even more explosive. So far there have only been individuals who can be described as serial killers. Organized serial murder must be distinguished from the mass murder that Germany and some other states committed and sometimes still commit today and again. The serial murder as a hobbyhorse is alone a watchtower Jehova attitude. The fact that this religion has been getting away with this demonstrable serial murder for decades is a disgrace for all legal systems of this world. The so-called true Christians, the Jehovah's Witnesses, have more deaths in their cellars over the years than the so-called Islamic state.

And the recruiters who recruit new death row candidates for Jehovah and tell them the lie that the Bible forbids the drinking of human blood are standing unenlightened on the street. And the people who pass by don't give a damn about the fact that right in front of their eyes the ongoing preparations for the continuation of the Watchtower serial murder are taking place.


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