Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 330

Jehovah's Cannibalism Manifesto

The Basis for the Religious Murder of the Watchtower Society

Again and again people ask me about the circumstances that lead to my assertion: "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death". The clear justification for the Watchtower Society's ice-cold and planned murder is what I call the Cannibalism Manifesto Jehovah's. The murders of the Watchtower Society are the confession of the satanic orientation of all Jehovah's Witnesses. Many of them know nothing exact. But one feels again and again that they suspect something bad, but do not manage to become sincere.

The basis for the murders of the Watchtower Society – short and plausible:

The Cannibalism Manifesto of Jehovah

The Watchtower Society claims that it is the only faith community that interprets the Bible correctly. However, it misinterprets the Bible extra. The best or worst example of the deliberately planned misinterpretations of the Bible is the Watchtower Cannibalism Law – Jehovah's Cannibalism Manifesto.

  • There is no cannibalism law in the Bible.
  • By applying the Mosaic dietary commands not only to animal blood, but also to human blood, the Watchtower Society creates a cannibalism law for itself that does not exist at all in the Bible.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses don't drink human blood at all. Why do they need a cannibalism law?
  • The Watchtower Cannibalism Act serves exclusively to kill people by refusing blood transfusion.

There is no religion in the world except the Watchtower religion, which has a cannibalism law. This alone shows everyone that the Watchtower Society is geared towards human extermination. All public prosecutors around the world must uncover and punish the Watchtower Society's murders. The Watchtower religion has firmly built religious murder into its teaching and has even set up organizationally necessary components to prevent the person in question from actually rescuing the blood transfusion in case of doubt.

The global murder series of the Watchtower Society is systematic murder in the truest sense of the word. But the accused is usually only the hospital staff and not the murderer!

The zeitgeist says, "They only kill themselves."

The superficial, humanistic orientation of the people covers the Watchtower mass murder. Humanistically reasonable people do not interfere when fanatics harm themselves. This humanistically reasonable calculation, however, has a serious flaw!

Anyone who has someone in their circle of acquaintances or family who is seduced by the Watchtower Society must experience how quickly and brutally this person becomes inaccessible to everything else. The Watchtower Doctrine takes possession of the seduced human being and consequently and successfully withdraws him from his original environment. This new Witness of Jehovah is lost to all people around her so far. If this Jehovah's Witness is allowed to bleed to death, all acquaintances and relatives must watch as she dies unrescuably. Whether the assertion that she would only do herself harm is more than questionable. Not a single person from her clan or circle of friends will feel this way.

The Watchtower Society is a murder society and turns all the public prosecutors of the world into varicose monkeys who cannot set foot before the others. All the world's legal systems support and cover the Watchtower Society's murders by simply looking the other way.

Perfect example: Speyer's old men's witnesses of Jehovah from Altpoertel

Not even Muslims share the impertinence of repeatedly celebrating the amused arrogance of self-opinionatedness with Jehovah's Witnesses, despite all the facts that lead to the conviction. Ultimately, all Muslims are somehow affected by the shameful acts of the Islamists. Jehovah's Witnesses, however, always remain at the level of the very highest arrogance. Even if they lose out in every single confrontation and have to disappear like caught liars, the next day they stand again in the same place and pretend as if nothing had happened. Muslims are not that primitive.

Jehovah's Witnesses of the Old Masters from Altpoertel make fun of themselves and make jokes when they run away from the consequences of their religion. These people behave like young people who still laugh quickly at their work of destruction and then pile up. The murderous Watchtower seed has blossomed in them.


There were no Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch. I just sat on the bench with the sign "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" and had many refreshing conversations and encounters.

Hint: In case you're wondering that I always write "Jehovah's Witnesses": Google has put these pages on position 1,000,000 on the search term "Jehovah's Witnesses" and "Jehovah's Witnesses". Either Google collaborates with the Watchtower Society, or some Jehovah's Witnesses have access to Google's databases. It's unlikely that I've used these keywords too many times and am considered a spammer, but I have to take this possibility into account. Therefore I only use the term "Jehovah's Witnesses" on these pages.


Superstition and idolatry and mockery of Jesus Christ are rampant everywhere. People rely on religions. But they do not know Jesus.


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