Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 297

Sects gather in Speyer

Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons are Masonic sects!

The loyalty and loyalty of Jehovah's Witness consists in never learning again, and also in the regular proof of refusal to learn. In order to provide his Watchtower mistress with certain proof of his loyalty and loyalty, Jehovah's Witness repeatedly does something like: slapping himself in the face, touching the hot plate again and again, regularly putting two nails into the socket, and all that is perverse self-torment. It is about cultivating the most unnatural submission as a daily habit and offering it to the Jehovah "God".

Jehovah's Witness from Altpoertel in Speyer is a perfect master of this form of mental self-mutilation. He regularly proves to his Watchtower mistress that, despite the shame of his disgraceful departure, he repeatedly spreads the lies of the Watchtower Society to Jehovah's glory at precisely this time and place. He looks out for me and immediately disappears like a caught fraud when he sees me. What kind of damage must a person have to his soul in order to carry out this kind of self-mortification so pleasurably?

This self-mortification replaces humility and faith in Jehovah's Witnesses. This kind of submission to the dictates of the Watchtower Doctrine is a kind of rope ladder to the paradise of giant tomatoes and pumpkins. For Jehovah's Witnesses, the absurd silting up of one's own mind is a religious must that they cannot avoid. And highly respected in the Watchtower religion is the one who successfully manages to switch off his thinking. Like a tortured man who joyfully shows off his new wounds, Jehovah's Witness buys from his God, who has forbidden him to think.

Any self-inflicted brain injury elevates the Jehovah's Witness to a highly regarded position in his club and he can count on recognition in the Kingdom Hall. Submission (as it exists in Islam) is the lifeblood of Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Lady strictly watches that the spiritual wounds are deep enough. So it has become a rite that the Jehovah's Witness from Altpoertel in Speyer enjoys when he closes his Watchtower folder and seeks out the open space. Nothing can move him to see the constantly repeated demise of his "truth" as what he is. The reward of the Watchtower lie is the half-forced, half-voluntary disappearance that resembles quite a demon's drive-out.

After this prototype of the self-mutilising Jehovah's Witness had avoided every confrontation, I stood in its place for a quarter of an hour as a substitute and held up the signs: "Jehovah's Witnesses must reject bread and wine – Anti-Evening Meal – Antichrist". People were not astonished because there was someone who had an answer to the Altpoertel-Jehova rite and represented it.

At the scene of the confrontation between the Watchtower lie and simple facts, i.e. at the usual JW book table square, two Jehovah's Witnesses and a female Jehovah fan with an arrogant permanent grin suddenly stood. The lady must have been a new recruit, because her behavior was still crude, and the arrogance of Jehovah's Witnesses could not yet control her so well and sell her as knowledgeable. She really felt comfortable with the Watchtower doctrine's superiority, and she liked to show off her new state of mind to acquaintances who passed by.

The Jehovah's Witnesses and I kept changing locations, and I was happy to let them decide where to line up next. The audience was very nice everywhere and the pedestrian zone in Speyer filled up from minute to minute. A group of tourists stood near us for a long time and I received positive signals from many people. There had to have been Christians who had to reject the saying "Jehovah's Witnesses must reject bread and wine – Antipabendmahl – Antichrist" very well understood. Jehovah's Witnesses, on the other hand, radiated total boredom.

When the masters of mental self-mentedness then made efforts to leave the place of their exposure, the morning was already as good as over for me and I was looking forward to the way home. But the Watchtower Org wanted many, many Jehovah's Witnesses to meet and I had the choice of whom to accompany in his preaching service. I joined a man and two women, who again stood in front of the fountain where the confrontation between good and evil had always taken place.

A woman photographed me, not without asking me if she could. I explained to her that she could photograph anyone who went public to be seen. Whether it's Jehovah's Witnesses, politicians campaigning or me holding up signs, everyone has given up the right to their own picture. After a few questions about Jehovah's Witnesses that she didn't even let herself answer, she told me that as a Catholic she would always say of herself that she was Christian. One could no longer confess Catholicism these days. When I mentioned a few facts from the Catholic Church's kitchen of lies, this woman quickly left, so that I could only call after her: "The Pope is the supreme liar and the Watchtower Society benefits from the Catholic lies. Most Jehovah's Witnesses were once Catholic."

Shortly afterwards I was approached by a renegade and his girlfriend and it turned out that they knew my website. It was a celebration of joy to see a person who had found his way out of the Watchtower Society's spiritual self-mutilation ghetto. Encouraged and delighted, after the sad departure of the flown in Jehovah's Witnesses, I went on, frightened by the sight of an aggressive crowd of Mormons advertising. The young Mormon men radiated a tremendous self-confidence, which can only be explained by the fact that after the two years of duty of missionary work fat wealth and a fat position of power are waiting for them in their cult. From time to time I called out to the passers-by: "Do not let an American address you if he is Mormon!" My shields were: "Religion does not save – only Jesus saves!"

Two privately strolling Jehovah's Witnesses, who until recently had been serving their Jehovah "God" with their Watchtower Rollator, were detached from the crowd of passers-by. The man was amazed that I was standing in front of the Mormons, and scared when I called out loud: "Jehovah's Witnesses – – – and Mormons are both Masonic sects! And both lie like the plague!" The poor man was caught to the bone and X-rayed and hurried away. His stuck-up wife was after him.

It's hard to understand why Jehovah's Witnesses don't recognize their awful snootiness themselves. The arrogance of self-opinionatedness seems to have become so much flesh and blood that they no longer have a chance to feel their heightened self-exaltation. Where other people have a conscience, Jehovah's Witness is nothing but a peacock and a Bible wiseacre. These people stroll around in clothes that must have cost a lot of money, and you can feel that without this high-ranking equipment they would only be very small, poor watchtower sausages. This sounds quite disparaging to me now, but I confess that I feel very sorry for these people who are fixated on showing off and that I suffer from not being able to help them.

While the Jehovah's Witnesses are still beginning to deliver a certain Christian spectacle, the Mormons are chewing gum-dreist on their way and are only chasing success. Every single Masonic-invented book of Mormon that they distribute among the people brings these young men, brimming with naivety and youthful frivolity, high up in the hierarchy of their Masonic religion. Joseph Smith, the inventor of the Book of Mormon, describes an encounter with two human-like figures of light who called themselves God the Father and God the Son. But the Mormons have not yet noticed that only Jesus became man. They are not dependent on this either, because they do not care at all about the quality of their lies. They are looking forward to the Mormon wealth to be inherited in their homeland and laugh about those who still want to talk about facts.

The day in Speyer was brilliant again. And there is another factor that I suspect to be noticeable: Many wait for the embarrassment of the religions of lies. I only discovered the radiance in the face of an uninvolved man when editing the photos. In two photos this man can be seen watching me and enjoying the process. And I must say: It is a great pleasure to see the Watchtower seducers awakened from their hibernation in action again. For they are hopelessly bound to the lie and hardly anyone in Speyer still takes them seriously. The Watchtower Lie Rollators signal the nonsense of a Masonic religion to people from afar.

Why Freemason religions?

We can and must ignore whether and how the Catholic Church lives with the Masonic louse in fur or not. The Catholic Church was founded on pagan powers in the incorporation of Christians into the state and nobody can say anymore what has the upper hand in Catholicism: the open lie or the deception behind the scenes. The question to what extent the Catholic Church is Masonic infiltrated is not very interesting, because all traits of Freemasonry shine from within.

More interesting is the question why more absurd religions were founded and why some Freemasons always belonged to the founding staff. What is the characteristic that Catholicism has in common with all the religions initiated by Freemasonry? For a Christian, this question is answered quite simply. It is indeed the case that all these religions have in common to disfigure and devalue Jesus Christ and to present it in a false light, so that the members of these religions can no longer get to know Jesus personally.

After the installation of pseudo-Christian religions and abnormal Christian denominations comes the ecumenism, also founded by Freemasons, which claims that in the course of mutual tolerance no one is allowed to ask the question of truth any more. Angela Merkel shoots the bird of this egalitarianism by responding to the justified fears of the murdering Islam that one should simply sing a few more church songs.

Oil cannot be removed with water, but with an agent that combines with oil. Religions in general claim to lead people to God or something similar. This is the means to eradicate Jesus Christ successfully. After the establishment of religions, people are so hollowed out and superficial that they can easily be pretended that the standardization of the banana curvature is important and that nuclear radiation is an unimportant matter. In this state, all religion can be removed from the world in one fell swoop. And in a washing up with it – so Freemasonry hopes – Jesus Christ will be eliminated at the same time.

We can look forward to a Masonic world of power and money and to the open war against Jesus Christ. Today, believing Christians are only crazy, but then dangerous criminals.


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