Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 16

Bruchsal on 08 September 2012

Unobtrusive, boring, superficial

The server was down this morning. I was able to restart it via the administration interface. My first thought was: Do you want to prevent the Saturday morning routine by burdening me with the awareness that my site is no longer running? (In the afternoon the server was even completely shut down. I had to write to the provider to get them to reactivate the server. I have never experienced anything like this with a big provider.)

08.09.2012 Bruchsal – Today it was my turn a little earlier to accompany the construction of the bookstall and to confront Jehovah's Witnesses from the beginning with the cardboard sign "Jehovah's Witnesses propagate the annihilation of Christianity". A number of passers-by, who appeared to be uninvolved, gave the impression that they were checking the situation before the bookstall was set up. One of them was particularly noticeable. He was wearing a white shirt and a tie reminiscent of a dead black snake. He walked down the cross street to Kaiserstrasse, where the bookstall usually stands. Together with a young woman he then brought the stall material.

The operator of the telecommunication shop sold me shortly after 10 o'clock from the area in front of his shop. He threatened the police and I agreed to call the police. But what did I do? I held up a document like Jehovah's Witnesses do in many places in Germany. The shop owner was not calm and disappeared in his shop to call the police. I went after a few minutes to his shop to talk to him. I wanted to tell him that I wanted to go across the street. He could not be found. So I positioned myself on the opposite side of the street. Right next to the stand of Jehovah's Witnesses.

During the next two hours these people ignored me in the finest way. It must be psychologically very exhausting to look through a person even when looking directly. If there is a person in the same room who is apparently up to something and is finally getting on your nerves, a normal person will surely endure a few minutes to mercilessly ignore that person. But the perfection with which these people ignored the demonstration of their heresy was certainly very exhausting for them. Almost inhumanly extreme.

The man with the snake tie spoke away in one. With a buzzing voice, he spoke the whole two hours of trivialities, without even saying a word about his convictions. He told this and that and his comrades-in-arms probably had to have a lot of patience to endure on the one hand me with the cardboard sign and then also his gossip. (Remember that the Watchtower Society classifies the preaching of Jehovah's Witnesses as the only true worship.) The only success of the Jehovah's Witnesses bookstall was to ignore me and all the people who spoke to me and expressed very clearly their interest and approval. Until the process of this man passing me at the very end with a mild smile and a distance of less than a meter, without appreciating me, Jehovah's Witnesses kept up their prescribed tactics of strict ignorance. However, there was not a single person interested in Jehovah. Even the four or five Jehovah's Witnesses who appeared at the bookstall over time had no better topics to discuss than the gossip of recent days.

A ten-year-old boy stood in front of me and read my sign: "Jehovah's Witnesses propagate the annihilation of Christianity". At that moment a man approached me from behind on the right and said, "My son and I talked about you for a long time. Good thing! Many came up to me today and talked to me. Someone photographed me to spread the word on Facebook. A teacher took photos to use in class. This was especially interesting because Jehovah's Witness literature often reports that some teachers would use their notebooks in class on religious issues. I experienced this almost live and am amazed that Jesus, point by point, exposes the propaganda of the Watchtower Society. And this only because of the naming of clear facts in the confession of Jesus.

A woman asked me to which community I would belong. I said: I belong to Jesus. She: Yes then everything is all right. Jehovah's Witnesses should recognize from the many strangers who inform themselves about the false teachings of the Watchtower Society that the cheap cardboard sign with truth does more than the colorful literature and slogans of the Watchtower Society.

The ignorance of the Jehovah's Witnesses not only did not benefit the Watchtower Society, but the Jehovah's Witnesses left a sad, emaciated impression. When the joy of teaching and the joy of truth is exhausted in simply ignoring other people, an unpleasant light falls on these people. They harm themselves because they cannot handle facts and because they only avoid confrontation. However, the critical response from the general population was so great that my forced renunciation of the confrontation with the Jehovah's Witnesses was more than offset. Do people feel these vibrations? Anyway, there were a lot of people on that day who expressed themselves openly and bluntly. There were also many who just passed by smiling and greeted me.

The Watchtower Society has not yet found a strategy to deal with someone who honestly puts the facts on the table. It can't just give up its book table program because it has to reckon with a loss of face. In the confrontation, the victory is clearly on the side of Jesus, the messenger of God, to whom we should have contact. He beats the propaganda of the Jehovah's Witnesses so simply and clearly that from the very beginning they can see the continuing anxiety, even if they are trained to cover it up.

The two shutdowns of my server today, on which is located, are an indication that the Watchtower Society is already suffering quite severely from the proclamation of the truth. The annihilation of Christianity is an integral part of the Watchtower doctrine. The disclosure of Jehovah's Witness anti-Christianity is intolerable for the slave as long as he cannot manipulate the recipient of this information. The Watchtower Society teaches things that are worse than the animistic sacrificial ritual. Therefore, Jehovah's Witnesses must study the Bible for years with anyone interested, so that they do not notice the pagan, godless effect of their teachings. Interested people must be brought into line and blocked in their thinking so that they can take up the teachings of the Watchtower Society without immediately leaving the Christian-painted mother of Muslim godliness.


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