Arguments against the Watchtower Doctrine

  • Jehovah's Witnesses have two Gods

John 1:1 – the inserted indefinite article "ein" makes the Word that was God, Jesus, another God. This breaks the first commandment (you shall have no other gods before me). The Watchtower religion is thus in relapse behind Judaism, behind Islam and, of course, behind Christianity. The Watchtower religion is a multi-god religion of ancient Roman origin. If it is argued that Jesus is not God, but only an angel, then it helps to point out that John 1,1 irrevocably defines Jesus as God.

  • For decades, the Watchtower religion has been producing deaths worldwide through a self-invented religious rule

Anyone who deliberately misinterprets the Bible to kill people is a murderer. Every single Jehovah's Witness supports religious murder by allowing himself to be integrated into the Watchtower society. Jesus never killed a person because of a religious rule. Jesus even broke the Sabbath to heal. Jehovah's Witnesses are also highly anti-Christian on this point.

  • Jehovah's Witnesses are always receiving new light

There is only one light bearer who is known by name: Lucifer! A religion that is constantly given new light is subject only to this Lucifer. Jesus appeared only once in all his fullness. He is the light. Christians have in him all the light. They can only grow in the knowledge of Jesus. "New Light" is always a signal that Lucifer has crept in.

  • Who idolizes an organization is a fascist

With the glorification of the Watchtower Society as a saving authority, Jehovah's Witnesses conform with all Catholics who argue that the Catholic Church is the only blessing authority on earth. They are thus absolutely one with the Pope.

  • The Watchtower-Jehovah cuts off contact with Jesus

Jesus is the messenger of God, the messenger of God, the contact man, the connection. What kind of being has an interest in preventing human contact with this Jesus? It can only be Satan who forbids contact with Jesus under the guise of godliness.

  • Jehovah is a god of exclusion

Jesus says, "No one will take my sheep out of my hand." The Watchtower Society practices exactly the opposite to demonstrate that Jesus is a liar. It celebrates every day worldwide the exclusion of its sheep.

  • Jehovah's Witnesses did not have Jesus as their Lord

Every true Christian answers the question who his Lord is: Jesus Christ. Jesus says one cannot serve two masters. Jehovah's Witnesses have Jehovah as their Lord and must confess Jesus as their subordinate Lord if they do not want to be exposed immediately.

  • Catholics have a mother and Jehovah's Witnesses have a mother

Catholics actually believe that they have a heavenly mother. In parallel, Jehovah's Witnesses speak of the Watchtower Society as their mother.

  • "Exercise faith" is only works justice

Propaganda for the Watchtower Society (sermon service) is for Jehovah's Witnesses to practice their faith. A Jehovah's Witness will always say he is convinced! Personal faith in Jesus is an unknown factor.

  • The Destruction of Christianity is a Fixed Goal of Jehovah

As incredible as it sounds, you don't have to comment any further. Indeed, the Watchtower Society regularly speaks of the annihilation of Christianity.

  • Jehovah's Witnesses Celebrate the Anti Last Supper

The division of the Watchtower "Christians" into two classes causes Jehovah's Witnesses to demonstratively let the Lord's Supper pass by. In reality, they do not celebrate the Lord's Supper either, they celebrate the death of Christ! Their flyers always speak only of the memorial of the death of Christ!

  • The Watchtower Society propagates the annihilation of Christianity, but not the annihilation of Islam.

In the publications of Jehovah's Witnesses one often finds depictions of people from biblical times with turban. The word God-abasiveness (Islam) appears about 2000 times in the publications. This word does not exist in the Bible.


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