Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 72

Wiesloch: organized lie

In which way an artificial counter-religion, if not thoroughly organized?

When at a congress in 1931 the serious Bible researchers adopted the name "Jehovah's Witnesses" at the instigation of their president, it was already clear worldwide that the name Jehovah was not correct, but only a false vocalization introduced by a Catholic monk. Even in the folk encyclopedia "The Little Brockhaus", which had been available for a long time at that time, all people could inform themselves at that time that Jehovah was wrong as the name of God. Against better knowledge, however, the Watchtower Society sought to use the name Jehovah's Witnesses for the people who were to distribute the publisher's magazines as freelancers. This fact that the religion name "Jehovah's Witnesses" was deliberately chosen incorrectly proves that the Watchtower religion is a deliberately engineered counter-religion that absorbs as much falsehood as possible and is meant to destroy people. As much lies as possible are made, at the same time attention is paid to the fact that one can just still consider this false religion as true.

The deliberate wrong choice of name is a heavy indication for the fact that Freemasons have decided that beside Catholicism another religion mocking God has to be created. They assembled as many lies as possible and offered this construction as the true religion. In order to make this false god Jehovah as seductive as possible, iron loyalty, loyalty to this Jehovah God, was propagated as the supreme virtue of religious followers. In this way, the devilish side of this opponent God can and could be well hidden (bleeding people to death, destroying families, exploiting people by every trick in the book, destroying Christians, forbidding contact with Jesus).

The propagation of this religion of lies could of course not be realized through the hearts of the people. With Christians, the testimony of the heart prevails, Christians are not motivated by people. But Jehovah's Witnesses must be brutally put under psychological pressure to spread their counter-religion. Jehovah's Witnesses cannot draw from the power of God, but must be whipped by their organization. If the Jehovah's organization did not consistently exercise this permanent psycho terror, no "serious Bible researchers" would be on the street promoting false religion as Jehovah's Witnesses. The need for Jehovah's organization to use psychoterror is another sign that Jehovah's Witnesses are not Christians. As in Catholicism, everything in the Watchtower Society depends on the higher organization. Go to a free Christian community for once! There you will see that nothing is determined from above. You will see that everything happens from the Christians who are in direct contact with Jesus.

In Wiesloch, Jehovah's Witnesses like to stand opposite each other with their watchtower spat off from their bodies at a 90-degree angle, so that the passers-by are literally taken into pliers. As I approached Jehovah's Witness in front of Volksbank Wiesloch at about 40 meters and pulled my signs out of her jacket, she fled over to her husband, who was standing across the street from the store. I stood in front of them and showed the text: "Every single Jehovah's Witness supports the religious murder by bleeding to death". In between I changed the text. "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death for their God! – Religious murder!" Many passers-by paid attention to it and after 17 minutes of sermon service the organized liars cleared the field. A woman stopped in the meantime and asked: "And? brings something?" I answered: "Yes, that makes you think – and I pray for it too." She: "I have seen you here before." She smiled in agreement and went on.

People realize very precisely what is happening in the pedestrian zones of Wiesloch, Bruchsal and Speyer, and they are grateful for it. Many have told me that it makes sense to present Jehovah's Witnesses with their religious facts. For many people, finding a person who resists the lie is remarkable. Not that the reward I can receive from people is important to me, but it is a good thing to recognize something in the otherwise so uninvolved passer-by that lives spiritually.

When I join a club that kills cats, skins dogs, breaks small children's fingers, then I'm one of them and I'm responsible for all these infamies! Every Jehovah's Witness will have to answer to God for the murders and the destroyed families, because he has agreed to these things in general by entering the Watchtower Society. Can one become a murderer by belonging to a religion? With Jehovah's Witnesses you actually become a murderer, because religious murder by bleeding to death is part of the program of the Watchtower Society. This does not apply to Islam, because in Islam there is the niche of non-violent religious followers who are not bound to the terror program and not to the Sharia. With Jehovah's Witnesses, the external attitude is non-violent, but they must sign the entire murder and destruction programme in order to remain in that religion. People have to bleed to death and thousands of families are destroyed. 90 per cent of Jehovah's Witnesses are just blackmailers driven forward by psychoterror.

The organized Watchtower lie, which is already characterized by the false god name Jehovah, works and works in the members of the Jehovah foot people as the special, the only truth. As Islam simply claims that the Bible has been falsified by Christians, the Watchtower doctrine simply claims that the only true name of God Jehovah has been removed from all copies by Christians. However, if one realizes the logistical achievement of such an all scriptural change, one must realize that Christianity would have succeeded in this case in a perfect global action, while the Watchtower doctrine still suffers today from the fact that it is easy to refute and the evidence for the organized lie does not have to be sought for long. Had Christianity falsified all the copies, it would have been a hundred times better organized at that time than the so-called visible organization of Jehovah on earth. Such a falsification of all transcripts, which is attributed to Christianity, is an achievement which does not even bring about Jehovah's million-dollar, modern, technically perfectly equipped lie organization.

After the Witness couple had cleared the field after 17 minutes, two Jehovah's Witnesses appeared, one thick and not rolled up with the Watchtower in his hand, the other bald and with a very tightly rolled up Watchtower in his hand. I pulled my A4 sheets out of my jacket and the bald Jehovah's Witness read briefly and was immediately very unsettled, preferring to adapt his behavior to that of the fat Jehovah's Witness. The fat Jehovah's Witness had been my interlocutor at least twice before and whenever he didn't know what to do, he would always just say, "This is a false statement!" He gave no more arguments, did not justify anything, but only brought this statement in a friendly tone: "This is a false statement!" The stubborn ignorance of the fat Jehovah's Witness acted as a model for the protective behavior of the bald Jehovah's Witness, whom I had not yet seen in Wiesloch.

So I went after the two Jehovah's Witnesses, continued to hold up my signs, maintained the 10-meter safety distance arbitrarily set by the Legal Department of the Watchtower Society, and remembered the stubborn ignorance of the fat Jehovah's Witness, told my texts and explained them. Strangely enough, along the distance of about 100 meters, as I made my statements, the attention of the entire surrounding pedestrian zone was so high that one could hear a pin drop. I was really amazed, but I know blessing situations like these from my experience with Jesus.

Today much sermon service (organized lie) was prevented in Wiesloch and I hope that reporting on it will also cause the Watchtower doctrine to be recognized sooner or later worldwide as the organized lie it is. The repeated confrontation of the Watchtower lie with their own facts gives the people of Wiesloch a solid reason to think about the religious lies in this world in the long term. Praise and glory be to the Lord Jesus.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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