Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 302

Jehovah's Witnesses invite to Anti-Evening Meal

They want everyone to reject Jesus

If I always get the same result many times during an experiment, I have to accept this result sometime! With Jehovah's Witnesses it looks quite different. They line up at Walldorf-Wiesloch station and regularly pile up like outgoing demons as I emerge. What is striking is the complaint about being photographed. The "values" of the Watchtower religion no longer play a role at all at this point. Jehovah's Witnesses are permanently ashamed and do not want to be photographed.

Jehovah's Witnesses act like a child molester who holds a file in front of his face in court and hides his identity rather than his act. They probably don't understand the anti-Christian program of the Jehovah religion and its implications. However, they realize up close that they feel like criminals being shown off when being photographed. There is no other explanation that Jehovah's Witnesses hate identifying themselves like the plague!

Jehovah's Witness at Wiesloch-Walldorf station once again threatened me with calling the police immediately if I didn't stop taking pictures. It is a morbid characteristic of Jehovah's Witnesses to be regarded on the one hand as witnesses for something, but on the other hand to want to remain anonymous as witnesses even then. But what is a witness worth who doesn't vouch for his words? Nothing! Jehovah's Witnesses are not really witnesses. They are just extras who benefit from the "we" feeling of the Watchtower religion and do nothing else without having been manipulated.

Thus the Jehovah's Witnesses pile up from Walldorf-Wiesloch station in a way that suggests a strip of condensation. In order to photograph the departure of these Jehovah's Witnesses, you have to be pretty fast and you get the impression that you are either lucky or unlucky like an animal filmmaker. The incomprehensible thing is that Jehovah's Witnesses, after many, many repetitions of this process, still don't realize that they are attached to the lie. They can't understand that the permanent flight from clear facts means they have to be liars.

The existence of Jehovah's Witnesses is a protracted bankruptcy at the spiritual level. Those who dream a dream and refuse to wake up can only find the solution to their problem in a coma. Jehovah's Witnesses are indeed in a comatose state of not wanting to recognize. The drug, the dream, the conspiracy is so beautiful that one would rather not wake up. Better a coma without end than an awakening than a new beginning. Better endless collective self-deception than sobering sincerity. Rather the pleasure of recognition by a religious authority than the question of God.

Pedestrian zone – Pavilion: Here they could not just run away

Due to the obligation from above to invite people for the great, worldwide Anti Abendmahl on April 11, 2017 and to infiltrate the people in Wiesloch all day long, Jehovah's Witnesses in the Wiesloch pedestrian zone could not take the path of self-transference as Jehovah's Station Witnesses do. They had to survive the confrontation with the facts of their religion by looking away and by trusting their façade. And when I saw the next relief coming at 14:00, I went home. I can't stop that much penance of lies either. A plague is a plague and who am I to stop the organized tidal wave of Jehovah's Witnesses.

This trust of Jehovah's Witnesses in the superiority of the masses and the organization is the exact opposite of trust in God and is only trust in people. Jehovah's Witnesses trust in the mass of the successfully seduced – and the money they have already paid to the Watchtower Society seems to prove them right. The Watchtower Society is perfectly integrated into capitalism and society is going its money-heavy way. It is easy to take action against Jesus if one has secured a good position for oneself in this world. There is no difference between the Watchtower Society and the people who are well-behaved and incapacitated and who, following the mainstream, ignore the scientific refutation of the theory of evolution. Hard facts count for nothing in Jehovah's Witnesses and Mainstreamted.

After I had held up my signs for some time, my arms became heavy and I sat down on the nearby bench. I thought to myself, why shouldn't I at least show a sign when I was taking a break and so I sat on the bench like a beggar, only that I didn't ask for money on my sign but reproached Jehovah's Witnesses for bleeding to death. People were as attentive as before and I enjoyed the beautiful weather in Wiesloch without worrying about how long I would hold out. Basically most of the time I took a break and the relaxed sitting with the sign produced some funny situations.

Some women passed by and laughed. I called: "That's hard work!" The answer was: "Yes, at the supremacy ..." and we laughed heartily. Jehovah's Witnesses, observing the mere presence of this sign tearing down their entire facade, distorted their faces. I didn't have to approach the passers-by like a shaking preacher, but the people discovered the sign and in the freedom to look away or to look, let them see what they thought of the Watchtower doctrine.

Throughout the 5 hours from 9am only one young woman came to the stand of Jehovah's Witnesses and fetched some notebooks. She consistently avoided looking at me, so that it became quite clear that she was only showing organized interest. One wave of organized Jehovah's Witnesses after the other burned under the blue pavilion and one enjoyed this great superiority. But apart from their own sphere of influence, no one had the idea of approaching the invitees to the great Jesus rejection celebration.

The Great World Anti-Evening Supper of Jehovah's Witnesses

The Watchtower Society has turned the Lord's Supper to the left with its own tactic of consistently misinterpreting the Bible. The result is a ceremony in which only the death of Christ is celebrated. This has its counterpart in the Catholic crucifix, on which the corpse still hangs and which says: "This man is finally defeated." By now, according to the rules of the Watchtower, all participants are not allowed to take bread and wine from the symbols, because only so-called anointed ones are allowed to do this, a gruesome celebration of Jesus' rejection arises, which even Jehovah's Witnesses often do not see through themselves. Those who watch this spectacle do not shudder immediately, but only when they see through the consequences of this rejection of Jesus. And through the falsification of the celebration of the Lord's Supper, as it has long been practiced in the Catholic Church, people are so lastingly disoriented that the satanic variant of Jehovah's Witnesses is hardly recognized by them as a devilish rite. The Catholic Church abuses the Lord's Supper as a constantly repeated sacrifice, so that this perpetual rite provides the priest with a never-ending income.

In the course of time, after the ritual rejection of Jesus, numbers appear in the Watchtower literature which proclaim the pride of the Watchtower Society, how sensationally and gloriously many people were touched satanically by their participation in this celebration of death. Just as politics celebrates the believer in Europe and repeatedly shows him on television as an ideal, so the Watchtower Society celebrates the rejection of Jesus and presents him in its media as the ideal that could survive Armageddon. The anti-Christian Jehovah religion is on the same level as the evolutionary religion and the European dictatorship. The mild smile of Jehovah's Witnesses corresponds to the unwritten law that a Christian scientist cannot make money. And the good European thought in itself is placed on a dictatorial and covertly organized foundation, so that at the end the watchtower-like pressure of manipulation seizes humans.

As soon as people are manipulated to achieve a great social result, Jesus Christ must be rejected. This is the feature common to all projects set up by Freemasonry. While some organizations are satisfied with the simple godlessness or with the mixture of truth and lie, in the Watchtower Society the rejection of Jesus Christ is committed as a proper rite and solemnly presented to the people. What takes place as pressure to adapt in the world appears in the ritual rejection of Jesus by Jehovah's Witnesses as the adored face of Satan that immunizes people against all knowledge. One looks directly into the eyes of evil and yet does not recognize the fatal error to which the individual and all mankind fall into.

And in order to smoothly advance this development, the rejection of Jesus is endowed with humanistic ideals. All men become brothers! Good! But to whom do they belong in this great brotherhood? Who is their Lord? Certainly not God.

How people get used to their degradation

The Legal Committee of Jehovah's Witnesses in Secular Form



now it has become dark, the 4th of April 2023, the communion of the Jehovah's Witnesses is now celebrated. I used to be there a few times with my mother, I dismissed the passing of the bread and wine as normal.

Now I know better, now everything is different, now I can counter the Jehovah's Witnesses, because I already did that when I became a Christian again, I say again.

In another post I had already written my story. Jesus guided me when I was feeling bad again a few months ago, because of demonizing and so on, because I have been hearing that for exactly 50 years.

Ok, my mother was visiting me on Sundays, she came by cab from the home. I was able to explain to her many things from the Bible (Elberfelder) and make clear what the Watchtower Society is doing wrong. She came to think, started to cry and lamented that she loved Jesus so much, really loved him. It came from the heart, I could tell. But well, her brothers and sisters in faith will do theirs again.

This morning we talked on the phone, I told her take from the symbols, there is nothing in the Bible about there being two classes, etc.

She said: No! And I answered: You don't dare because of the others. Her short answer was: Yes. Hm, the JW peer pressure becomes clear here.

Now, every time the opportunity presents itself, I will make it clear to her that Jesus is our Lord and God.

All the best, Anita [April 04, 2023]

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