Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 119

Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal advertise religious murder

... and smile over it

When Jehovah's Witnesses are confronted with the fact that in theory and in practice they advertise murder by bleeding to death, they smile and pretend not to notice. The text on a warning sign was the question: "Who other than Satan bleeds people to death for a religion?" Jehovah's Witnesses read the question and actually manage to stop dealing with it. Jehovah's Witnesses probably don't know that Jesus even broke the Sabbath to heal, because otherwise they couldn't say they were the only true followers of Christ.

Jesus reproached the Pharisees at that time for also saving the ox from the well, even if it was the Sabbath. So Jesus clearly pleaded for the deliberate breaking of any religious rule in order to save lives. Jehovah's Witnesses do the exact opposite and believe that they are not responsible for the organized religious murder by bleeding to death.

But the Watchtower organization leaves out the information that the biblical blood rule only applies if a life has been taken, especially for the possibility of murder by bleeding to death. When blood is donated, no life is taken, and for Jehovah's Witnesses, the embezzlement of this small piece of information from the blood ban becomes a murder regulation that God allegedly enacted. – Yes, someone has turned the blood rule into a murder rule, either the Watchtower Society or the Jehovah's Witnesses.

If the most talkative ethics, equally recognizable to all human beings, alone expose the Jehovah God as a murderer, it doesn't matter to Jehovah's Witnesses. Every normal person is immediately deterred by a God who has people killed for religious purposes. But Jehovah's Witnesses are so watchtower-trained that they can no longer feel this human normality.

A person who, however, can no longer recognize the lowest and most natural morality is really hardened to the finest veins of his existence. People without the morality that everyone knows have gone mad in their sense of morality. They have been perverted and have the moral obligation to leave people to die by rejecting blood transfusions. This Watchtower morality is anti-Christian, satanic, perverse. This anti-Christian and satanic perversion also manifests itself in the rejection of bread and wine at their anti-Cenacal supper.

Not that they reject Jesus like other unbelievers! No, they organize a worldwide celebration of the death of Christ. In this feast they solemnly refuse bread and wine. The people who physically kill people for falsified religious rules have a religious institution in their invented Anti-Cenacle, in which they surrender people to spiritual death. Jehovah's Witnesses are not only a sect, but in their teachings and works Satan's sticky hand is evident. Jehovah's Witnesses are Satan's hand puppets and smile bored when asked the question: "Who besides Satan bleeds people to death for a religion?"

No organization in the world is as skillful and successful in the perversion of people as the Watchtower Society. No real religion is so perfect at turning truth into lie and lie into truth.

Except the Catholic Church.


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